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Our Glorious Educational System

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13 September, 2007 a day I will never forget. You may ask why… it’s the date when the chairman of board visited our college, as our college showed the most worst result averagely in the first year examinations. Our college is the second best college in Lahore city. And the merit of entrance for last year i.e. when I gave my matriculation examinations was 86 percent. Yet after the first year examination these geniuses if you may call us that, got about 50 % marks averagely.                                                                         We of course were not satisfied with the way our exams were marked. So, we consulted our teachers. Some of them asked us to have our exams rechecked but it was of no avail. So, our college professors asked the board chairman (the former Rector of our college before denationalization) to come and deliver us a lecture on the marking system of our exams.                                                               

                                                                The Big Day

The board chairman was due to arrive to our college on 13 September.  The lecture was one hour long and was to be held between 12 o’clock to 1 o’clock. All lectures of second year during that time were cancelled. We went to Sinclair hall (The hall where ceremonies etc are held in our college) and at precise 12:10 the chairman arrived. He was a short bulky man with kind of a slow voice. Anyhow he started delivering the lecture how the question papers are stored in the bank and retrieved only an hour before the exam, and how cheating is almost made impossible. Anyhow he kept going on and on about in his view the most perfect system (I was not paying attention because to me it was pointless. We all there knew that our exams were not correctly marked yet we were so helpless). Then he started telling us how they eliminated “Booti Mafia” (one good thing they did to that I agree). Anyhow then he told us how it was impossible for exams once marked to be remarked. Now came the Q an A session. Some of the questions asked by students are given below along with their answers and of course what I understood.(Note: the answers were given by the chairman were very long so I cut them short to the main point he was trying to make.) 

Q: Is there an institute which trains or inspects teachers before they are allowed to check the most important exams in Pakistan?

A (a brief pause): All the teachers which check exams in Board are professors. They have lots of experience grading tests and exams in colleges. (My understanding: Yea so he is saying that no they are just people who volunteer. and the whole grading in colleges thing? Well don’t get your hopes up as colleges don’t hold many exams or tests and even if they are held no one asks about the marks the teacher gave.) 

Q: Sir, All the staff at board where do they get there training? 

A: They are highly classed professors. (So no training cool)

Q: sir all the boys in our center got less marks in chemistry. We couldn’t even cross the 50 mark limit in chemistry.

A: impossible the exams are randomly sent. (So all the 250 or above students in that center that got 90 percent and above marks in chemistry in metric just forgot chemistry in their first year examinations.)

Q: Sir, with all due respect, we have heard that the grading a teacher gives depends upon his mood. If he is in a good mood he gives good marks if he is in a bad mood he gives bad marks.

A: No, all the teachers before being allowed to check exams are told the marking procedure. Then they follow it and mark. After they are done the head checker checks 20 percent papers at random to see the grading. Then all the papers are sent to another random checker who also checks 20 percent papers. (So meaning only 40 percent exams get checked the right way the other 60 percent students should just pack up and leave.)

 Q: Sir, in my center the cloak started when the examiner the question paper to the first kid. There were 150 kids there. And the same examiner gave the exam to all in many cases it so happened that the last kid got the exam half hour late sometimes being me.

A: Impossible. There are three people who deliver these exams to the children. (So we are lying right? We are just looking for excuses? We are a bunch of liars and your system is perfect) 

Q: sir in my center the examiners took 150 RS and took the answer sheet of a genius student and gave them away for copying. I want to ask what actions would you take against them this year?

A: Your fault you didn’t complain. You should had complained so we would had taken some action. (So you won’t do anything now) 

Q: Sir, what do you do if you find that a teacher has marked an answer sheet wrongly?

A: He won’t be able to mark exams ever again. (Now the key point here is that once an exam is marked it can’t be remarked as by Supreme Court orders. So to remove a bad professor one life has to be ruined. Nice system.) 

At this time the students were asking the questions literally angrily and they knew that soon things would get out of hand. So we were asked to say good bye to the chairman. But before going he did add insult to our injury by saying, “There is not a question I can’t answer.” And this is our future. In the hands of the mood of the paper checker. So after giving your board examinations you should pray that the checker is in a good mood. GOD save our country.


Harry Potter 7 (Queries)

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July 3, 2007 the Harry Potter saga came to an end when J. K. Rowling’s last master piece came for open public sales on the market. Like always it sold like hotcakes. Making J. K. richer than she already is. But did the last book really held up its expectations? Well to many fans I am sorry to say that it was a disappointed. I was kind of impressed on how she linked the story with the past stories but there are still many queries which rose in my mind some of them being:

  • How come Harry managed to destroy all the horcruxes, a task that even Dumbledore, one of the greatest wizards, couldn’t accomplish in his life time?
  • How come Crabbe, one of the slowest wizards ever, was able to produce such a fire which could destroy a horcrux? (An insanely difficult fire to produce that even Hermione couldn’t produce mind you.)
  • Why the hell did every thing Harry did proved luckily good for him? (e.g. the stealing of Molfoy’s wand)
  • Didn’t the wand choose the wizard? As in only one wizard?
  • Why didn’t Harry die even when he wanted to? He possessed the hallows fine but the deathly hollows story state that the third brother avoided death as long as he wanted to then he choose to die and hence death caught up with him. Then how come Harry didn’t die?
  • What was that baby thing when Harry met Dumbledore?
  • How come Voldemort be so careless as to let his only last horcrux out of its cage?
  • How come Neville was able to pull the sword out of the sorting hat when it was millions of miles away?
  • If a true Griffindor can do it then how come a true ravenclaw just pull the diadlem out of the hat?
  • What happened to Harry and all his friends as in what professions did they take?


These are only some of the questions J.K. left unanswered and I do agree that I didn’t think of all the questions… so I give special thanks to Lustrous Thunder for this. Many of the queries given above are his. Now I have one last question did the story compared to the previous stories live up to its expectation?

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