Beyblade the ultimate quest

                                       Chapter 1The News

(This story is not for the weak hearted who are madly in love with beyblade. In this story it is assumed that all the Blade Breakers moved to Pakistan and started living in an undisclosed city.) It was a stormy night to end all stormy night. Every body was hiding in their warm houses praying for this night to end. The heavens were raining like hell. Every now and then a large flash followed by thunder would occur scaring the inhabitants of “River Lake”. In such a stormy night, the inhabitants of house# 420 were still their usual self. To the entire neighborhood they were known as idiotic moronic (censored) but to the world of beyblading they were known by the name Blade Breakers. “Kai open the damn door, I have to go you have been in there for over an hour man come on”, Tyson shouted for the umpteenth time while banging the bathroom door. “Boom” the clouds thundered, the light slowly dimmed and went off. The whole “River Lake” was in total darkness. Yes it was what we call load shedding. Kai came out of the bathroom and looked at Tyson. “U can go now sorry but I was real thirsty” he said softly. “AHHHHH on second thought I don’t have to go anymore” Tyson said. “Hey guys hey guys and [b]Kai[/b]. Have u heard the latest?” Max, Rey and Kenny came running towards them but max slipped on wet floor face first. “Why is the floor wet here?” Rey asked. “He He that would be my bad” Tyson said with a stupid smile. “Hmm tastes just like mustard” Max said. “Uhh sure max, mustard, liquid mustard so what was it you were going to tell us?” Tyson inquired.“Oh yea, there is a tourney happening in USA with the most ultimate prize u can imagine. It’s so secretive that I am gonna whisper the prize in your ears so enemy spies cant hear it.” So max whispered the prize in their ears while Kai whispered sweet nothings.“What did I do to become stuck with these morons” the computerish voice of dizzy sighed but then spoke again “uhh guys it’s a five on five team battles tourney and you are only 4 since Kenny cant beyblade anymore as he broke his glasses while dancing with Rey.” “I said I was sorry I shouldn’t had picked him up spun him around and tried to kiss him in the process.” Ray said. “Anyhow as I was saying you will need a new blader possibly Brooklyn.” Dizzy sighed again and then went into hibernation mode before Kenny could press any more buttons thinking she was a new portable juke box. Kenny used to be the brains of the team but ever since his glasses broke he had became the most dumbest of them. “Ok the guys what are we waiting for pack your bags boys and Kai we are going to USA but first we are going to call Brooklyn to come to the airport tomorrow so we can all go together.” I did dat already dizzy came outta hibernation and replied. Hmm I think I wanna listen to dis song Kenny said and put a whole lotta nickels in dizzys floppy rom and pushed a button. Hmm stupid machine doesn’t work. Kenny waved his fist angrily in da air and started punching dizzy.Well needless to say dizzy was no more.  

                                                Chapter 2The Departure

It was a beautiful day in the peaceful town of River Lake. But not so peaceful for the Bladebreakers. They were packing like crazy. After they were done all gathered in the living room. They all had one suitcase except for Kai. He had his suitcase inside another suitcase. “Kai why do you have a suitcase inside your suitcase?” Rey asked. Oh that is incase one gets stolen guys. Kai replied. Wow that makes sense we should do it too. So after putting their suitcases inside larger suitcases the BB were all set to leave. I’ll go get the rickshaw guys. Kai left but when he didn’t return for 2 hours the whole bb went searching for him. He was standing at the corner of the street. When asked why didn’t he get the rickshaw. He replied “well i stopped a rickshaw I asked him hey will u go to the station, the driver stared at me and then replied yes watch me and left. Now I m waiting for him to return.” I thought that planes flew from airports Kai.We r going to USA by plane? Kai asked in surprise.Just then a Tonga passed by Tyson being a horsy lover stopped it. Guys we can take this Tonga instead it will be fun. “I dun know Tyson, is it on CNG?” Rey asked. “hey hey where is the horsy thief prevention switch?” “U morons gonna ride or not?” the coachman asked..“Yea yea but I m riding on the horsy”, with this Tyson jumped on the back of the horsy. And they finally began their journey to the airport. Just as they started their journey a few of the neighborhood kids started laughing at Tyson. “What’s the matter you kids? Haven’t u ever seen a boy riding a horse before?” Tyson asked angrily. To which the kids started singing. “DEEKHA HAI PEHLI BAR GHORE PE KHOTA SAWAR.” Well don’t know how but Tyson felt ashamed and went sat in the back like a good little kid. “brr I am feeling cold can you please shut the windows” Kai asked in the middle of their journey. The Tonga driver just kept repeating its all for the money its all for the money throughout the journey while max gave him a long lecture on mustards. When they reached the airport bb got off and Tyson asked how much ? to which the driver replied how much what I am the horseman of apocalypse I don’t charge anything yehahahahhahahahahaha after saying this he left his horse an Tonga behind and ran God knows where. “aww and I wanted to ask him his cell number” Kai said. Ahh lets go in guys.“Hmm where is Brooklyn he should had been here by now…” Kenny asked after half an hour while trying to get some candy out of the payphone. Brooklyn approached them while Kenny was busy with the payphone with his hair all messed up and half of his clothes torn. “Sorry guys I am late it wouldn’t had happened if I realized that the new khan I was riding for half an hour was just a khan.”“Oh it happens, man it happens” Kai consoled him. By the way why are your clothes torn Brooklyn?Oh that well as I was entering the airport some guys came and started beating me up but I had the last laugh at themHow brook? Max asked while eating a mustard pop sickle stick.“Well the guy they came to beat up wasn’t me hahahaha” Brooklyn replied while rolling on the floor with laughter.“Hey lets eat something before the plane departs” Tyson suggested“Good idea Tyson. Hey look there is phaje ke pawe lets eat those.” “You guys wait here ill go get them” Kai said while walking towards the restaurant. Hey Kai wait up I m coming to, Brooklyn said while running towards kai.Flight number L-143 is now boarding at gate number 2 will all please passengers of the mentioned flight make their way towards GATE 2. A beautiful voice announced into the microphone just as kai and Brooklyn left. Hmm what should we do guys? Tyson asked after 5 minutes after no signs of return of kai or brooklyn looked imminent. I think we should board the flight they will come by themselves there is no way they can mess this up.On the other hand Kai was regretting to go into the resturant with brooklyn because he had had a very bad experience with pathans before joining bladebreakers and something in his heart wanted him to repeat that experience kai was thinking of ways to get rid of Brooklyn, But brooklyn had a stubborn ass so he ignored every sign kai threw at him and kept singing the song of fishy. Just after the announcement a girl crossed them whose socks smelled da same as tysons. Hey that must be Tyson going to board the flight. Kai said. Uhh Kai that’s a girl… Brooklyn said. No u see it is all tysons plan to get better seats in the plane by dressing up as a girl. See he can change his clothes but his socks still smell the same and smell doesn’t lie. So needless to say they chased the girl to a plane but while boarding on it Kai read that I LOVE YOU thingy written on the plane. He memorised his flight number which was 143. “These PIA ones are real genius” said Kai to Brooklyn. “Why?”, he inquired. “They wrote the code words of flight “143” on our tickets so that if they get stolen no one will be able to board”, he quickly replied. “Hmmm man you are a genius”, said brooklyn to Kai and kissed him. Kai slapped him while saying “You kissed my eye, but wipe”. Then they both boarded the plane. Now a lot of you must be wondering that there are ticket checkers etc etc so how did kai and Brooklyn succeed in boarding a wrong plane? Well lets just say its kind of pg rated… but here is a hint Kai started hitting on the male ticked checker [:p]

                          Chapter 3The End with New Beginnings          

Upon entering the cockpit Kai rushed towards the cockpit and sat in the pilots chair, put on his headphones and started pressing different buttons at random yelling hey I want to listen to Barbie girl by aqua… uhh Kai why Barbie girl? Brooklyn asked.“Because I feel that that song was written specially for me it really speaks to me”, Kai replied while pressing more buttons. Soon the Captain arrived and tried to get the both of them out of the cockpit but stupid Kai didn’t budge and started arguing with the captain that they paid money for the flight then how come the pilot gets to listen to songs… well this argument continued for 15 mins when Brooklyn got bored and whispered something in Kai’s ear that made him get up and go sit in his seat. “Son what did you say in his ear that made him get up?” the captain asked out of curiosity and he was replied, “Well I just simply told him that this seat goes to Peshawar not to Amreeca.”The Captain slapped himself on the head muttering something about how it was a bad day and how he should had been a marine instead because it would had been a more peaceful job. Anyhoo Kai started beating Brooklyn for no reason. The captain yet again approached them and asked them what was the matter this time to which kai said “Well we were sitting there and this moron points out the window and says wow they really say truth when they say that people look like ants when we look through the plane.” “Uh huh well they do say the truth.” The captain replied still unsure why Kai was beating Brooklyn. “Those were ants. The plane hasn’t taken off yet this moron is pointing towards ants.” The captain left them as they were and finally went to the cockpit to try to make the plane take off.            When the plane was taking off Kai went to the captain and shouted at him, “Don’t you know one wheel has been banned, you son of a HANDBAG.” The captain pushed Kai out of the cockpit and there stood Brooklyn with a stupid grin on his face. What do you want son?, Captain said. Sir, The traffic is pretty heavy I prefer if u take a right turn here, Brooklyn replied.
Captain grabbed the necks of both Kai and Brooklyn, took them to their seats, pushed them in and tied them down with the seatbelts. You morons better stay right here, said the captain angrily.
After the captain left Kai pushed the red button while saying, “Will pressing this button make me look more dark?” An air hostess approached them and asked sweetly, “Sir, how may I help you?”
Kai : Nothing I just wanted to check if you really come or if its just a myth [:D]
Airhostess : Yea Rite! (Turns her head towards Brooklyn) What would you like to have sir?
Brooklyn : A rickshaw when we land.
Airhostess : What Eva. (No Offence to the owner please). Here take a banana and shut your yap.
Brooklyn : Yay I love banana.
Kai : Hey wheres mine?
Airhostess : Owning the community. [:p]
(After saying this she left)
Brooklyn ate his banana and broke the window to throw the banana peel out saying it’s a crime to litter.
Well we all know what happened next [:p] but luckily the captain had ordered parachutes for this flight when he saw Kai and Brooklyn boarding the plane and had already announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen and Morons, I can sense that this plane would crash during its flight. I have informed the authorities and they will send cars to pick us up where ever we experience the slightest Dark factor by Kai or the Brooklyn factor”.
            After jumping Brooklyn was the first to open his parachute but unfortunately it didn’t open. “Kai, the parachute didn’t open, I don’t think that there will be any cars waiting for us down there”            Kai woke up with a jerk. The heavens were raining like hell. Every now and then a large flash followed by thunder would occur scaring the inhabitants of “River Lake”… And there laid Kai on his bed in his frilly pink nighty. HMMM I m thirsty… Ahh well better make the trip to the toilet then. 5 minutes later…….“Kai open the damn door, I have to go you have been in there for over an hour man come on”, Tyson shouted for the umpteenth time while banging the bathroom door.                                                            

                                                         THE END??????? 


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  1. have some decency! i…i.e. the Ultimate beyblade fan will sue u and take you to court for this! :p

  2. albusclosethedoor Says:

    haha whosse ur lawyer?:P

  3. would i know?
    be a good friend and find me one…thankyou. :p

  4. albusclosethedoor Says:

    oh oh oh pick me pick me pick me:P

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