The Captive

I slowly opened my eyes to welcome the new day but all I could find was darkness. “Oh that’s right.” I sighed and sadly looked at the room. It was covered in darkness with a pathetic attempt to allow light. Sadness, evil and pain seemed to seep out of the walls. I looked at my wet pillow. I slowly picked it up and threw it angrily towards the glass wall. The pillow struck the glass wall and fell on the floor. “Why? Why me? Why am I his prisoner?” I screamed with agony and hatred but I knew nothing would come of it. I got up from the bed and went to the washroom. As I brushed my teeth I looked up to see my reflection but was soon reminded of the fact that there was no mirror there only a black wall on which I have wrote different things to remind myself that I was alive. It took me almost half an hour to complete my morning routine. I silently ate my breakfast. It seemed tasteless as ever but then again nothing had any taste here. It was soon time. Time for me to put on a show. I silently put on the mask and walked towards the glass wall. It seemed to mock me like always. I tried to smile at it but all I could muster was an expression of hatred blended with helplessness. Soon, people started showing up near the glass window. Many of them had old faces but I could see some new faces in the crowd too. “Ah, well at least I have someone to take my frustration out on.” I smiled wickedly and started entertaining them. During their entertainment, whenever a new face would try to come close to the window I started to mock him and make fun of him. I still remember the first time I did that, it hurt me a lot but I could do nothing as it was “his” orders. As time progressed, I started to get enjoyment by this act. As a result, I was left with only a couple of regular faces. Those faces which never seemed to go away no matter what I did. They seemed impervious of my behavior towards them. They still tried each day to come near the window and some even tried to break it. Like always, today, they also gave me hope by just showing up. I soon packed up my show as they left one by one. Just as they were leaving one of them fell down. Instinctively, I stretched my hand to help him. It went through the wall like it was made of cloth. The glass of the wall wrapped itself around my hand as I picked him up and made him stand up again. A tear rolled down my cheek as I pulled my hand back. It saddened me to see them but not being able to feel them. I could touch them but all I could feel was the glass. Somewhere deep inside me I knew maybe that’s how they felt too sometimes. Just as they all left, he showed up. “Quite a show you put on today.” He jeered at me. I just stared at my captive and nodded my head. He was staring right back in my eyes. Except for him no one knew what my eyes had to say or wanted to say. “So, you want to break free? Pathetic, you still try to cling on to your retched life? You are not that strong as you seem. You are just a low life, just like me.” He said with a wicked smile. “SHUT UP! FREE ME NOW!” I yelled at him. “Oh sure,” He waved his hand and the glass wall vanished. “Go on, you are free.” I ran towards the place where the wall once stood. It was really gone, I was overwhelmed with joy. “Oh, but before you go, you should really remember the last time you were freed.” He whispered. His whisper seemed to drill through my ear and right into my brains memory. My past started to flash before my very eyes. For as long as I remembered I was his slave. That glass wall was always there. But once I persuaded him to let me be free. Those days I truly enjoyed as I had loved ones… But then… everything broke, I ended up hurting them all. It was … it was… My brain froze. I didn’t want to remember anything else. I looked down at the ground. Now I remembered, at first the wall was there to protect me but now it was there to protect everyone else. I was no less than a monster. He grinned evilly again. “I know you hate it, but admit it deep down you are slowly becoming me. Cold, uncaring and evil and once you become me this wall be gone. Then there will be no one to stop you.” He gave an evil laughter just as he finished his sentence. “Oh will you just shut up, this wall stay up for as long as I live. I shalt not become you. Even though I am becoming a little like you that doesn’t mean I will be you! Now just leave!” I waved my hand at the place where the wall was and it reappeared. I made my way towards him and punched him as hard as I could. There was a loud noise and the mirror broke. But I knew it will be repaired by tomorrow morning and my reflection would be back. Even though I hated my reflection I couldn’t live without it, for without it I was in solitude and solitude is painful beyond imagination that much I knew and had experienced. I, my own captive, picked up my pillow and soon cried myself to sleep for tomorrow was another day, another day to make people laugh and put on a show and I needed my energy for that.




4 Responses to “The Captive”

  1. salman Says:

    Nicely written man!Realli good!

  2. albusclosethedoor Says:

    uh but it has still many mistakes in it xD

  3. yea… dz….but its one ov ur finest bro…a lil confuesed though

  4. albusclosethedoor Says:

    its suposed to be confusing

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