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Posted in Stories. on July 10, 2008 by Dev!l

As the night/s zephyr gently rubbed against her lips, softly imparting a sweet kiss on them. She was reminded, she was reminded of him. She slowly picked her hand up and pressed her pink rosy lips just like his lips used to press hers. She was reminded of the moment when he first took her in his arms. It felt like she was in a castle in the sky. As if nothing could hurt her anymore. As if she was truly Immortal. She could still feel his warm breath falling on her neck and caressing it. He pulled her closer till their lips met. Oh, how his lips tasted, was indescribable. She was mesmerized by the sweet nectar that were his lips. She sighed. No matter how much she tried she could never forget her first kiss. She stretched her hand out into the air but there was no one to hold it. At that moment, descending from the heavens a gem dropped on her palm. It glittered in the moonlight like a bright diamond. Soon, more of its brethren fallowed. Yes, it was raining. Even the heavens wept at her bereavement. An unintentional smile came on her face, she loved the rain. For no one could tell whether it was just mere raindrops or her precious tears that wetted her eyes and face. But there was one assurance to her. The assurance that atleast he was happy where he was. She looked up at the skies and whispered to them confidently, “One day he will realize the value of my love. One day he will come back to me. One day… One day we will be together. Even death won’t separate us then.” With that she slowly walked into the rainy night with the hope that one day love will conquer all.