A Friendship Story…

“You back stabber.”, “You low life.”, “How could you? I didn’t expect this from you.”, “I don’t worth you.” These and many more sentences like these were zooming around menacingly inside his head. He was walking silently along a road, lost somewhere deep inside those sentences trying to figure out what he had done wrong or why were his friendships failing. His head was hurting and little tear drops were prickling his eyes. There were almost no people on the road that day, it was lonesome. Just the way he liked it a couple of years back, that was when he hadn’t met his friends. His friends brought color to his world and changed him completely. At first he didn’t like people snooping around in his matters and asking questions but soon he started to love it. He started telling them stuff he had promised himself that he would keep buried inside him till eternity. He started feeling feelings he had prohibited himself to feel. He soon fell in love with his somewhat weird yet fun friends and from what he thought they too loved him. That was till he started to discover their secrets.

                He took a deep sigh and looked around at his surroundings with blurry eyesight. At a distance he saw two friends walking with each other with no worries. “I bet they don’t hide stuff from each other or try to bury what problems they have with each other inside them.”, he thought as he watched them joke around with each other. The more he watched the more he felt a feeling of disgust for his friends build up inside him. He was starting to hate the word “friendship” all over again. His friends had changed. Were they the same people he had fallen in love with? They surely didn’t seem like them. They now fought fiercely among themselves for no sane reasons. They all were now bent on trying to make themselves look innocent while making the other person feel guilty. They were in other words exploiting each others weaknesses. His hatred for them would had had reached its peek if not for the fact that there were still some friends who proved that they were worth taking every blame for. They also suffered the same way he did. His mind kept telling him to turn back into the stone he once was but his heart stopped him. Maybe, it was for the reason that he loved them, but he wasn’t so sure anymore. He was sure of one thing that after seeing them now, like this that it would be next to near impossible to fall in love with these friends if he were made to start everything at the beginning. These people, they were not the people he had met. Those people shared their feelings, they shared what problems they had and worked mutually to solve them without holding any grudges or having any anger issues. But these new, changed people now held grudges, they talked to him as if they were doing him a favor, they ignored him. He could handle all that, for that was how the world treated him before he met these people. But he could no longer bear to see the innocent friends, who were still the same, get hurt by this. They were not of stone before, they were being hurt each day by new lies, new secrets, new blames and new fights. His friends were falling apart. They were letting their anger get the best of them. They in one word were becoming, “Callous.” Their callousness was affecting them more then it was affecting him. They were loosing more each day then him. “Be cold, be mean, be what you were and what you truly are!” His mind urged him again to take the easy way out. Some of his friends were taking that way out but not him. His heart always stopped him, after such a long time his heart was once again alive, it did not want to go dead again! It was a war between his heart and mind.

                He started to laugh maniacally after thinking this. The war was taking its toll on him. He was beginning to loose his sanity again. He was turning into a clown…. A Joker. He didn’t mind the new secrets everyone kept from him. He knew all they hid yet he never showed. He never bothered to help them now. His mind was winning little by little. He could feel it too and so could its heart. That was why he was loosing his sanity. He tried hard to sustain his wounds, he tried his best to patch up his broken friends but they were just too broken. All of his friends were becoming emotional now. Heck, they were emotional, they didn’t use logic. He tried being logical with them but they labeled him “Cold”. He couldn’t shut down his mind and do all his thinking from the heart. He just couldn’t. He could see everyone thinking from their hearts and as a result becoming madder, angrier and holding grudges for each other. Plan revenge for people who once were their friends. He knew his mistakes played a major part in their change. But he truly was sorry for what he did. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Perhaps, sometimes you hurt everyone while trying to protect them. His sorrow was something else and so was his anger. It was something that didn’t matter. His head started to spin again. He needed a solution to his predicament and he needed it now. Just then he thought of something he hadn’t tried and he was sure no one else had too. He knew what he had to do now. His direct confrontations had failed because they were perhaps too logical. He knew now he had to be half emotional and half logical. He had to show his friends what he felt for them and what they feel for each other. He took his cell phone out of his pocket to call all of his friends at a common point. Just as he had finished dialing a number, he heard strange skidding noises, as if someone had slammed on the brakes of a car moving at a high speed. “Strange ringtone”, he thought. BANG, a car struck his body and sent it flying. His head struck the pavement and everything started to become dark. It hurt. He heard his friends voice on the phone, lying next to him covered in blood. In great pain he picked it up and slowly spoke into it, “Tell everyone I loved them, tell them that the path they are walking on… ahh… is going to lead to nothing… they will … eh… turn into stone. Save them. Let the grudges out, let the love take its place, let …” he screamed in pain but then continued, “Let other friends interfere in your fights be logical yet emotional. Don’t loose your friends. You do not want to be alone, it’s not a fad it’s …..” he could speak no more. His blood surrounded him and he closed his eyes. It was over, he was going to die alone. His friends still angry with him, or thinking they didn’t worth him. They knew what they meant to him yet they said that, how could they? How could they be so angry? How could they not share their problems yet become angry when he didn’t share his? How could they let each other suffer? How could they cry and make others cry as well instead of letting them comfort them? How could they make issues out of the littlest of things? How could they hold so many grudges after saying I forgive you? How could…. He stopped thinking now, he looked up at the sky smiled and finally whispered “A lot more how coulds… I m coming and this time please answer my questions, because now only you can.” With this he departed from his mortal existence into a more permanent existence.

                As expected his friends cried on his death, they said good things… they repeated his words and promised to stick to his words. But it was too late… unknown to them they were the reason for his death. And of course as time would pass they will return to their normal, callous selves. Things always return to the way they were unless they put in a great effort not to…

Lesson of the story: Tell your friends what they mean to you, tell them what they are doing wrong, be emotional but don’t loose logic… I can continue giving you lessons from this story but that would be wastage of time as if you can’t reach a conclusion yourself; anything I tell you will be a waste of your and my time… So think about where you stand with your friends. Who knows when you stop existing as a mortal.




7 Responses to “A Friendship Story…”

  1. One of the best pieces of yours that I have read so far. 🙂

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