The scene was of absolute horror and I was its sole witness. There were three of them working on their three victims with their sharp weapons. I sat not so far from them, well in their view. But they continued to do their work as if I didn’t matter. They were strong, much stronger than me so I knew I can’t over power them, so all I could do was just sit and watch as they worked on their victims with extreme accuracy, as if they did this everyday. Who knew, maybe they did. Their victims, sat with their heads lowered. There was no sign of fear on any one of their faces. “How brave” I thought, as I searched for even a single frown on their face or some sign of fear in their eyes but was bitterly disappointed. They showed no emotions what so ever as cold steel was being operated upon them. The floor was getting messier by the minute. I knew soon they will turn their attention on me, and then it will be my turn. “Will I be as brave as they are?” I asked myself but before I could answer, one of them was done with his victim and pointed towards his empty seat. I knew what he meant so I got up and took the seat he wanted me to take. “So, what will it be?” he asked in a heavy voice. “Just a hair cut, no massage.” I answered as the barber started cutting my hair. 😛

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  1. good…now keep on writin whteva comes to ur mind…

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