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Slang and My Comprehensions

Posted in Articles on December 26, 2008 by Dev!l

Language… defined by the oxford dictionary as “the use by humans of a system of sounds and words to communicate.” It’s rather funny but all my life I believed this definition. That is, up till recently. Why? The reason is simple… with the advent of slang language and its use becoming common, I don’t think that any person can understand the other person completely. Now the major thing to notice is that language us a form of “Communication” which means “the activity or process of expressing ideas and feelings or of giving people information.” If slang language full fills this definition then sure I will call it a language, but does it convey to the other person what you want to say? I mean if you are not polished in slang language like me then I am willing to bet you 1 rupee that you will either make up your own meaning or ask for one. To be honest a lot of people use slang just because it sounds cool. Many of them don’t even know the meaning of many words they are using. The following are some slang words which I heard and for a long time thought there meaning to be something else, which felt that they conveyed the genuine meaning of the word uttered by the “COOL and HIP” guy in front of me.


Word: Burger Bacha

Meaning: Mummy Daddy Kid… A person who knows nothing much of the real world and views the world through the rich side. Their whole life revolves around hanging out at cafes, drinking things like sheesha and hitting and talking about the other sex. [Ok I am still unclear about the true meaning of this word!]

My Comprehension: Ok the first time I heard this term, it was a long way back but I will never forget it. My friend pointed at a fat kid and said “know him?” to which I answered “Nope” he then said “he is the biggest burger bacha I have ever met.” Now as burgers are round and heavy with fats and all, the meaning I comprehended this word meant was “THE FAT KID.” For years I went along thinking that Burger Bacha was a term which was used to refer to the fat kids.


Word: Cake

Meaning: Same as the Mummy Daddy Kid…

My Comprehension: My brother was the first one to utter this word. I heard it while he was talking to someone on the phone. His correct words if I remember correctly were, “Stop being such a cake man.” Now the first meaning that came to my mind was that the person was being really sweet and my brother like me was irritated by that person’s sweetness and hence called him a cake. If you look at this logically, then you will find I am 100% right. Cake = sweet, so if you call someone a cake, then by law of equality and all that crap you can say you are sweet.


Word: Mummy Daddy Kid

Meaning: I am still unclear about this words meaning but I tried to express this words meaning above and I will stick to it until someone corrects me.

My Comprehension: Hafiz was the first one to ever use that word in front of me. He called his cousin, and all the people studying in resource academia, “Mummy Daddy.” My first reply to his sentence was, “Kyon? Teray apnay man baap nae?” which means, “Why? Don’t you have parents?” Yes I know, I took the meaning of that word to be orphan. How was I supposed to know? If you go up to some adult and say you are mummy daddy … what will he say? No, I am not of any mom and dad? No! He will answer, yes I do have or had mom and dad, don’t you?


Word: Popcorn

Meaning: Stupid, idiot, dumb.

My Comprehension: As popcorns are usually puffed up, you know kind of light yet looking fat fat, I took the meaning of this word to be either a person who is totally absorbed in his ego and shows off a lot, you know gloats a lot. Hence, they term him as popcorn. Or a person who is not big boned but genuinely fat! But was I right? No. It had to mean totally different to what I was thinking. I mean what the hell, am I the only one who thinks logically here?


Word: Dumba

Meaning: Dumbass

My Comprehension: As we all know that Dumba means a goat in Urdu (if you didn’t know that and you are a Pakistani, then please I beg you stop reading this and go learn your Mother Language!!!) anyhoo as I was saying the first meaning that came to my mind was a person who is so gullible that he is made the catch of every prank and the butt of every joke. Or some one who stinks (as goats sometimes stink very fiercely). But I don’t need to tell you I was wrong now do I? Now the second meaning that came into my mind was that it meant something like the girl “dumbo” you know dumbo the flying elephant (a famous movie by Disney Movie Studios). But no, it meant dumbass… Clever you say? Well I say the person who invented this word is a Dumba himself, or herself for that matter!


Word: Scene

Meaning: Replacement of what’s up?

My Comprehension: Now not to sound too bold or anything but am I the only one who thinks the use of this word is totally idiotic. I mean the only thing comprehendible from the phrase, “Kaya scene hai?” is that either you are watching a movie and some one asks what’s the current on going scene or you go really into the depth of life and like Shakespeare term it as, a stage. We the actors and the world is our audience. But I don’t think many of us think that deep or even know Shakespeare even said that. But this word is now a days used everywhere e.g. in common everyday life, in media etc.


Word: Pappu

Meaning: Cute

My Comprehension: Now when I was young, pappu used to be a nick given to people for no apparent reason. I have an uncle named pappu and believe me he is nowhere near cute! Eccentric, sure, Chain smoker, sure… But, cute? Hell no. Anyhow as time progressed, rikshaw drivers painted stuff like “Pappu yar tang na ker” etc on the back of their vehicles. From there, this word found its way into songs like “Pappu yar tang na ker” and “Pappu can’t dance sala” etc. Now I don’t know how people made this word to mean cute… Often people refer to others as, “Aur suna pappu kesa hai?” and I just stand there thinking of ways to either bang my head on the wall or his.


Word: Mammu

Meaning: It means both mom’s brother or to make someone a fool (although all the people I know are ready made fools.)

My Comprehension: Now with the first meaning of this word I have no problem. I mean fine, it means my mom’s brother. Fine, people use it as an insult. But what the hell do people use it and think that people will understand the other meaning. They just play a prank on you and then come out yelling, laughing and saying, “Arey tun to mammu ban gaya ray.” I mean what the heck? You are making me your mom’s brother? How can it possibly mean that you made a fool out of me? Do you actually go around thinking your uncle is a total fool, with no sense what so ever and falls for your every prank? Or do you just play a lot of pranks on your uncle and he falls for every one of them? If he does, then please he needs a brain transplant.


Word: Theta

Meaning: A studious student

My Comprehension: Now, before I heard this term I only knew one theta and that was the one which came in mathematics and physics to add to my and many student’s nightmares. But this term, as I remember correctly, I heard first time in an Indian song called “Patshala” from the movie “Rang Day Basanti” I didn’t understand that term then. It was much later, when one of my friends called me a theta saying I study a lot. Now I can never get the concept behind this, I mean a theta looks like “Ѳ”. Its round and has a cute little hairstyle thing going on for it [I know it sounds gayish, but your reading that person’s essay who had a candlelight dinner with two other dudes and we all ate from the same bowl!”] Now, I neither had the hairstyle nor that much fat so, how can I be a theta? I mean fine if theta represents mathematics and all that then why the hell did they pick theta? Perhaps they picked it to show the extensive use of theta in mathematics and physics for angels but then again people who invent these terms do not think that deep!


Word: Plastic

Meaning: A super facial perfect girly girl

My Comprehension:  Plastic, made from organic materials, can be molded into any shape you please on heating either that or, it burns so if I were asked to tell the meaning of this word I would say it means something like “A person who changes his or her character while he or she meets with other people. You know like a chameleon.” My second definition would be, “A person who when gets angry totally losses all his or her composure and goes on a rampage.” This I derived from the standard definition of plastic. Now please do tell me, how the term “plastic” can possibly point to a girl who is extra girly. Perhaps the theory behind them is that Barbie is made of plastic and they are considered extra girly so people call such girls plastic but if that is the theory than shouldn’t such girls be called “Barbie”? But no! Why make is easier for people to understand?


Conclusion: In the end of this suckish article, all I can say is that slang is invented by people who are too idiotic to know or to remember the correct terms for things. Every one of these words described above can be explained in one word, in either English or in Urdu but no, we think that slang looks cool. We think by speaking slang we are actually looking important, but all we are doing is sounding like a dumb, idiotic person who sounds more idiotic then he looks. My advice is to try to brush up your vocabulary and try to remove some of these moronic phrases brought upon by limited vocabulary.

P.S.: I know I use some slang terms which do not appear in the dictionary too but believe me I am trying to eliminate their usage. But then again none of the terms I use sound as stupid or as dumb as some of the ones given above and if I do use some of the terms given above it means I am actually trying to speak at your level of understanding because I don’t want to feel like I am talking to a brain dead zombie. 😛 Thank You.:P