2008… An Overview


It’s a new year. Yet again time has passed away so fast that I still linger in the start of 2008. 2008 was a great year with lots of ups and downs along the road of my life. This article is to remember some of those moments and to share my losses and gains, my sad and happy moments with you people.

2008, as I remember had the worst start imaginable. I was on the breaking point. My closest friends were farther away from me than I could imagine. With a lot of breakups hanging like a sword on a thread over my head I started the first month of 2008. This month offered many hardships, which included the breakup with a close friend, hurting some people and so on. But as 2008 progressed things started to look up. Everything soon started to look normal once again, but as they say nothing is what it seems. Everything was calm on the outside but inside a storm brewed. Its after effects were more devastating then anyone could predict. Anyhow, that storm like all others came and passed, I stood still thanks to some of my very close friends. It was in the first cold month of January that I found some warmth in the form of love. Love, of my friends and family. Its rather funny actually, love often finds you when you least expect it, same was the case here. I wasn’t expecting any love after some things that had happened but it found me. Well, I guess life is funny like that.

As I said, the start of 2008 was bad but with time it started to get better. As the year progressed, I started to change, this change not unnoticed by my friends attracted much unwanted attention and at the end of this year I finally listened to the voice of reason and decided to be my old merry self. Yea, I know woohoo for me.

Anyhow, I really am getting quite confused by the dates so I will just tell you other events which occurred in 2008 randomly as they come in my mind from this point on.

One of the happiest moments was when “MUK” thanked me for actually holding a conversation on his birthday. It was the first time that so many people had wished him on his birthday. Although, I can take no credit for it but the way he said thank you (even though I hate the word between friends) I can never forget. The expression of happiness in his voice was that of a child who has just had his first taste of ice-cream.

Another happy moment was when for the first time in my life I met Salman Latif. The time he came for LUMS Olympiad. We made an unforgettable “What I have done” video and had a lot of fun. That get together was and still is an unforgettable one and I will cherish it for the rest of my life.

Then there was the time we met in sony’s university for a crappy lunch but a memorable time as we gave her, her birthday gifts and had a lot of fun teasing her with Crab’s name.

Another unforgettable memory was that of Mohsin’s birthday when he gave a grand fiesta in pizza hut. I still cannot believe he actually did that. Kidding, he really does spend a lot on food for us 😛

One more get together this year I still remember was when moh, usman and I paid our tributes to Bhagat Singh. Oh then there was also those memorable times when we made videos or had stupid photo shoots and also the concert we guys attended. Even though the concert almost sucked but we made the best out of it. These moments were not only funny but also gave us a memory which we could cherish for the rest of our lives.

Then there are my meetings with my old school gang. This included, hanging out at hafiz’s expense or bilawal’s weekly visit to my home and our weekly samosa breakfast/lunch. Oh and who can forget Imran’s stupidity. E.g. the time he went to give a MBA entrance exam in PU and actually passed it thinking it was an exam for BBA admission. Or the time when he went to buy a psp but ended up buying a Chinese made mp4 player saying now I have a camera and can listen to songs -.-‘ and there were also his usual dumb questions.

Oh then there was the time I went to give my ISSB test. Those 4 days I can never forget. Even though I failed that psycho test I will still remember those days.

Enough happiness for now, don’t you agree? Now the bad memories of 2008 I have well… let me see…

Let me start with waby’s and my fight. The first time any of my friends actually saw almost the full extent of my anger. The reason was quite silly but then again waby doesn’t have much sense:P and that neither did I. It was the same day that Tj and moh had a fight and a break up too. Funnily enough our fight was over that topic. Anyhow that topic is way to long and complicated to explain here but long story short it was STUPID! And that night was stupid too, as my brother dragged me down to the fish market at 12 in the morning and we stayed there till 5 in the morning.

Then there was my fight with nay, and by fight I mean a series of cold war which began in the start of 2008. The reasons are personal and I don’t wish to disclose them, hence I will skip this topic.

It’s rather funny, I usually don’t fight but this year I had more fights than I ever had in my entire life. I even fought with people who usually don’t fight like Anas. By fights I mean a verbal argument with a friend which almost or had a breakup as a result. I had lets see 4 to 5 fights and hurt I don’t know how many people and as this year comes to a close I am ashamed to see how many mistakes I have made and how many friends I have hurt. For now, I will digress from this topic as I will come back to it at the end of this article.

One of the saddest moment was (I don’t know whether I should write about it or not, but I really want to… so I m taking a chance.) when I heard the sad news of Salman’s father’s demise. Only a few things move me to tears in front of someone this was one of them.

This is becoming too sad, therefore I am moving again to some happy moments.

One rather silly moment was when I got up 6 in the morning just to go to a distant park and watch aj play soccer -.-‘.

A really fun moment was when we went for aj’s birthday party. The time we had there taking rides and chatting was one of the best times I ever had in an amusement park. I hated the stupid food aj’s friend ordered but still it was fun. It was the same time when I sang “Hey there Delilah” for aj in front of his friends and some waiters and the restraint manager. Another fun time was when we went to the same amusement park with soni and crab. The truth and dare session we had there still makes me laugh whenever I think about it.

A real happy moment was when waby went to America 😛 lol it’s a joke don’t mind. 😛 I am sure a lot of people missed you. We just have to track those people down because it wasn’t us. 😛 again a joke.

Moving on back to the sad moments

This year we saw a lot of break ups of relationships. Two of them were of Soni & Crab and Moh & Tj. Mohsins and Tj was kind of expected even though they didn’t see it coming. But soni’s and crab’s was the most unexpected one. These relations broke up as abruptly as they had formed but then again that’s life… unpredictable…

Another break up was of moh and waby, but they patched up again. Then they broke up again and then they patched up again. Then they broke up again …. Waited and then patched up again. It was like watching a rerun of a pathetic soap opera on some stupid Indian channel or something. My advice to both of you “GROW UP XD You both love and miss each other”

At the end of 2008, I met mughy [had met him before but that was more of a “mun dekhai” then a meeting] he fed us pizza and took me to his Mom’s Cousin’s Son’s wedding. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful memory.

If I continue to write about all the sad and happy moments I had in 2008 then seriously it will take too long and would be a waste of space. What I am trying to say is, I remember each and every moment I felt some joy or felt sadness. I remember almost all the times when my friends fought or the times they became cold for some stupid reason.

In shorter terms, 2008 was an ordinary year… made special by my friends, family and of course how can I forget myself 😛 [narcissistic I know :P] but then again that’s the great thing about life, if you wont strive to achieve what you want it will always move against you.

Anyhoo, 2008 was a year with lots of ups and downs, some of them I mentioned here, the others I hid because they were either too personal or I was told to keep my mouth shut.

Moving on, as I look at the past year I like always wonder… what did I gain? And what did I lose? Reviewing the past year closely I see a lot of things I lost… I lost some of my friends, drifted apart from some others, lost my heart [for pizza :P], lost more of my senses, lost some trust, lost some blood if you come at that [well you know regular accidents and all that :P], some eye sight [lol], some tears, some smiles, some songs too -.-‘ putting jokes aside I lost quite much this year but why fret over things I lost? They are gone for good now… the only thing that matters is what I gained during the past year doesn’t it? I mean with every loss leads to some gain… from every loss you can derive a lesson that will help you further in your life. We call it experience.

So, during the past year I  gained the trust of some friends, grew more closer to some of my close friends, learnt new ways to be extra annoying, earned new titles, regained some old, found the true identity of some people, learnt who was my friend, learnt how gullible people are, how people manipulate other people, what true love really means, what is unrefined and pure hatred, how to stumble and fall but then get back up before people can kick you, how cruel this world truly is, how we all are puppets of our own wishes, how worldly we truly are, I also gained some insanity and a lot more things… but the one thing I truly gained was the love of my friends and family and how much they really understood and loved me.

The actual list of what I have gained and what I have lost is also way too long so these were just some bold things which came to my mind while I was writing this essay.

Well this is almost the end of this boring essay, and as I recall today is a little to late to say “Happy New Year.” So, I am just going to thank you all for giving me one of the best years of my life. I can think of no better way to have spent my year. Thanks for sticking by me through my thick and thins. It has been a hell of a fun ride and I really hope to make this year just like the previous… only just to take out the sad parts. But then again as they say excess of everything is bad so a little bit of sadness always adds to life. It brings friends and families even closer and helps to differentiate between true friends. Yes I know this essay is too mushy but don’t worry I am not going to say I love you guys hugs etc. Because if I do I am seriously going to kick myself later for that I mean seriously saying I love you to you ungrateful brats?:P Joking actually… thanks for such a wonderful year guys/gals/50 50’s xD.

In the end, I would just like to come clean and openly apologize to everyone [friends only:P] that if I have hurt them in any way in the previous year, I am deeply sorry for that. I am an idiot. So just consider this fact before you start acting all angry. 😛 Now please don’t go all like “HEY =@ NO SORRIES AND THANK YOU’S IN FRIENDSHIP” because half of your happy new year messages included thanks or sorry and I even though didn’t like them but accepted them with a smile. So, THANKS A LOT FOR THE YEAR 2008, I wish, hope and pray to see many more years with you guys by my side [as my slaves :P].

P.S. this is a real mushy essay so just shut it -.-‘ and if you even think of leaving a mushy comment I will slaughter you x.x 



9 Responses to “2008… An Overview”

  1. ok now thats what i was toking about…XD

  2. Wahabna Says:

    Ahem! Mushy eh? :p more like our lil hp was about to cryyy and his biiigg teeaarss were about to come out :p but awwww =P
    lol um this was an interesting essay…but it didn’t even cover half of what happened during this year :p nor you can ever cover it…but the heck anyway! a gud attempt :p

    Thankyouz waleed khalid for mentioning me in ur essay (in whatever sense :p i dun care :P)…appreciated it :p

  3. @usman ty:p
    @waby just shut up and go away:P back to the usa xD:P
    and u got one thing right… i could never cover what happened throughout the year even if i try my hardest… but i did try to cover the big events … but like i said if i skipped some that is because i have my reasons and not because i forgot em

  4. Wahabna Says:

    I am not talking about that event about which you have got reasons to not to cover…infact more important things happened than that thing anyway.
    lol there r more stuff which you can’t cover up in words…
    nyhow…back to your blog…..

  5. sweet one hp 🙂

  6. Lol, that was a nice essay whalloo =D it seems you were determined to show yer sweet side =D I really loved the last part .. it is beautifully written xP Tho you did mention me, it would’ve been far more better if you would’ve mentioned me more xP lol but still it was a good read ..

  7. @waby kyon hassan ghar say bhag gaya?:P
    @anas yea i did mention u was supposed to be a surprised XD and yea could had mentioned u more but had other plans 😛 so had to cut this essay short -.-‘

  8. salmanlatif Says:

    Nice reminiscence.

  9. u just wasted 20 mins of ma life -.-; shame on u
    and yea u could have mentioned me more

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