I laid there in the darkness feeling sad, lonely and scared. Yes, I still was scared of the dark then. It was quite ironic, as the more I feared darkness the more my mind was being engulfed by it. The more I tried to run away from it, the more I found it hiding at every corner I turned. It was as if it was playing with me, taunting me on each step I took, it and all its unknown monsters! They were driving me insane. I knew they were out to get me. I shivered in fear at the thought of those unknown monsters watching my every move, waiting for a chance to strike. I, like the stupid pigeon closed my eyes in the vain hope that if I don’t see the cat, it would cease to exist. It’s all in my head, I told myself this the umpteenth time as I started to clear my head. It seemed… well… like the only option I had. My mind soon took the initiative and started to eliminate each thought and feeling. Funnily enough, like every other day I just couldn’t seem to forget that one thought. That one thought which always led to other of its kind and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make myself forget it. That one thought one feeling, that… that I loved you. I just couldn’t turn callous to that one fact, I just couldn’t ignore how my heart kept thumping loudly, screaming, “I Love You!”. The fear that the monsters would hear my heartbeat aggravated my fear. My heart… it was stoping me… stoping me in achieving peace… in achieving my nirvana. It wanted control of my body, it wanted to take over my brain. The brain fighting back for the sake of helping me out of the darkness and telling my heart to shut up for the monsters might hear me in my state of weakness and attack. But my heart wasn’t listening, they both fought fiercely, it was logic versus raw emotions… needless to say my heart won, it won and the thought, the feeling took control of every part of my brain and that was when everything… everything started to change. I could remember nothing but your magical smile, the way you talked, the moments we spent together… good or bad it didn’t seem to matter anymore. A strange aura, growing stronger each time I thought of you, of our love, surrounded me as I watched the monsters around me starting to cower from me. They now feared me more than I feared them. That was when I realised how stupid I was trying to achieve something that I already possessed… my nirvana… my peace… my ultimate weapon. Yes! my love for you was the nirvana I sought all my life. It was the eternal peace people said you must die to achieve. It was the light in the shadows of sorrows. It was the sword that was cutting through the darkness around me. It was the shield protecting me from creatures of the unknown… In short it was… my definitive strength. At that moment, one monster, the bravest of them all… representing the darkness, dared to come close to me… “What if she went away?” it whispered menacingly in my ear licking his lips as it watched my strength and aura fading with an evil grin. “What if she left me in the darkness like everything else…” That was when my heart and mind for the first time in my life collabrated with one another, that was when I realised it… “Foul monster” I yelled as I raised the sword forged in the heat of love in my hand, “even if she goes away, even if she doesn’t love me, even if she hurts me… none of it would matter as even if she goes away she will only take everthing that had or has a physical existence but my memories… Yes my memories are something that she could never take away… she or anyone else in this world! and those memories for me… well those will be enough to protect me. Make me happy, peaceful and most importantly…” I slashed away the of the monster with a single blow and whilst it took its last breath, I closed my eyes, imagining your awe-inspiring smile and whispered… “STRONGER.” Slowly, I opened my eyes to welcome the paladins of light decending from the heavens. As they buggled the sound of a new day, I smiled and whispered to the air, “Go tell her, I love her… always had and always will…”

Writers Note: I know it seems senseless, pathetic and boring but well even i have no idea why i wrote it … just came in my mind and i wrote it …


3 Responses to “…..”

  1. u need to put some more emotions or the ‘feel’ and its not pathetic but yea its sort of sort of…boring…yet nicely penned i’d say..XD

  2. actually i didnt want to put in more emotions… the way they are its more than enough 😛

  3. and you know i have found one thing about such kind of articles… they are only interesting to those who seek help in the love department or those which it is written for… unfortunately mine is written for none before u go and start implying it is 😛

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