Our Journalism…

Click… “Scooby doo where are you?” click… “If you like it you better put a ring on it” click… “I just heard another *pant* boom *pant*” I was in one of those moods in which I didn’t feel like doing or listening to anything but this particularly caught my attention. A fat guy panting for breath after running what seemed like a distance of 20 meters was holding a mike and standing in front of the cultural theatre. Yes, another bomb blast had taken place followed by a small cylinder explosion as the Police termed it later on. I turned up the volume to see what he had to say, as this really amused me to see a field journalist who couldn’t even run 20 meters without panting like a thirsty desert dog. “A bomb has just exploded here and it is followed by another bomb.” The interesting thing here to notice was that the second “bomb” as he was calling it exploded it and he had no source of telling what it was. It could very well be a cylinder as it was later found out to be but he was continuously putting stress on the word bomb as if he was the one planted it in the first place. There are only three ways you can be that sure of something and one is that you, yourself were the one doing it or witnessed it or the other is that you are psychic. Now as it was plainly obvious he was not the one who did it or he didn’t witness it in reality and I was almost 80% sure this guy had never ever heard a real bomb go off in his lifetime, so that only left the fact that he was psychic. I mean wow to say so surely that the boom we all heard was from a bomb just told everyone who had some sense in this world that this man was psychic. His business will soon flourish and he will live an easy, rich life.
This man was trained in such a way to captivate the audience by any means necessary, may it be hook or crook just boost up the channel ratings. This makes much more sense than my past theory doesn’t it? Wonder why? Well it’s because of a simple fact… that is… IT’S DAMN TRUE. Today’s journalists only care about how to boost their channel ratings, their only goal is like almost every other human… to gain more riches… they like the rest of us are drowned in the bottomless river of avarice. They will do anything and I do mean anything just to be the number one news channel. Don’t believe me? Lets go back a little, every bomb blast that occurs, doesn’t every news channel show explicit images of blood and gore with the caption “Not for children and faint hearted” now my question is “Is the showing of such images really necessary?” aren’t they scaring the people more by these images? Aren’t they encouraging the societies who plan or do such atrocities? Aren’t they just promoting extremism? The answer to all these questions is yes… In the quest to promote their channel ratings they do all that and a lot more which have devastating effects in the long run. They don’t even hesitate in going against the government in international crisis even if it could result in a terrible war… By this I do of course mean the recent Bombay blasts. One of your most esteemed news channels published a report on one of the terrorist caught, telling stories about his history and how he taught other people different deadly arts in Pakistan after returning from Iran. Whereas in the official report Pakistan government clearly stated that the terrorist caught was missing from Iran and his whereabouts after Iran were unknown. Now if I were the opponent country I would definitely use this against us. Deadly arts… hmm maybe he taught his students how to make bombs, how to fire weapons… Hmm maybe he trained a whole army… Hmm maybe he has more accomplices who are still teaching in Pakistan. I know, “Hey Pakistan, give me permission to come into your country and hunt these terrorists down. If you deny then you will be standing in the way of my safety and supporting terrorists.” Now I do wonder, on whose side were the news channels were with again? Still, many of us believe that these journalists are the “think tanks” of the nation. Just because they can shut up an illiterate politician with some points doesn’t mean that they are the think tanks of anything. Heck, I would be surprised if you couldn’t do that. The way our politicians do things it’s not that hard. The research that they do is often not their own but usually done by some underhand and even if they do it on their own, you can easily find it on the web or from your sources. Now, their sources… ever wondered how do they get these sources? Well they get more than half of their sources by blackmailing them or buying them. Some journalists even extort money just so they won’t blab about some news. Think thanks of the nation indeed… wait people do say that we are a corrupted nation so perhaps the think tanks would be corrupted too… NO! We are not corrupted; take a look at the ordinary man, he works hard each day. He tries hard just to make both ends meet. Now tell me how can such a man be corrupted? Oh wait now don’t go like they steal etc. the only reason people revert to crime is due to the fact that they can’t earn their livelihood through any other means. So are we corrupted? NO! We are not corrupted but our higher ups… the people we crowned think tanks and the kings are the one who really are corrupted! All I know that these news channels have nothing to do but to dream up more ways to spice up their news just so they can make more money… and last time I checked this was not what journalism was all about… at least not what I always read.

P.S sucky article I know, but I was bored 😛


2 Responses to “Our Journalism…”

  1. you’re true yara…the way these channels do things…i some times wonder…that they are just controlling the minds our public…they seem way too powerful than our government…there must be a check…but then again…as said in digital fortress ‘who will guard the guards’……i mean whose gonna check the checkers…

  2. lol we wouldnt need any checker if we listen to our built in checker… that is our consciousness.

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