An Interview With Waby

Writer’s Note: This interview is heavily edited; it may sound bogus to you. But to me it’s a link between me and the friend I conducted the interview of. Anyhow, by editing I meant, the answers of some questions are shuffled to make the interview fun but rest assured I didn’t answer any of the questions myself I just took his answers and pasted them as the answer of some other question. Also, I have censored some random words with beeps as well. And as always in the bracket you will find what I truly think.

Ladies and Gentleman, Madams and Monsieurs, it brings me great pleasure to be hosting this show for the people. (Yea now please all of you go jump off a cliff) Anyhow today it brings me great delight to be taking the interview of the one the only, the glamorous, the gorgeous and the simply divine … oh wait our intended guest for this evening couldn’t make it so we have the not so glamorous Miss Wahabna Ehsan Malik instead. Sucks, I know 😛 but ah well I gotta keep the show going. So please give it up for Miss Wahabna. (Wouldn’t blame you people if you don’t go all ecstatic :P)

Me: Madam, what is your name


RD: full name? (Well news flash sweetie… This is an interview, SO YES I WANT YOUR FULL NAME!)


Me: Yes

RD: Wahabna Ehsan Malik


Me: And what do your friends call you as?

RD: all of the nicks?

Me: unless they changed the English language nicknames used to mean more than one

RD: I have countless. I’ll tell u the recent ones


Me: tell the top one instead.


RD: Chu Chu, Waby, Wahab bhai, Wabz


Me: (Waiting for the so called infinite list to get over…) Huh wow what a long list of countless nicks you have. Moving on, who dubbed you as Wahab bhai?


RD: My class fellows, Male ones. I hate them all!

Me: Ladies and gentlemen please give a big hand for her class mates for their unprecedented creativity.




Me: you are full of so much hatred. Why?


RD: hatred for? (Yes, we know your slow but you actually don’t have to prove it -.-‘)


Me: well first you hate your class mates, then you hate me and God knows what else.


RD: oh you mean people? (No, I was talking about cars -.-‘)


Me: yes


RD: I hate people usually


Me: I asked why not who (I always thought no one was this dumb… I stand corrected now.)


RD: okay first…I usually hate the people who’re my friends. On a personal level… I like it when people are on my opposite. In fact, sorry, friends.


Me: Oh I am dark love me I am dark -.-‘


RD: (still continuing to blabber :P) so if they can’t stay on the opposite and chipkofye I’ll help myself then!


Me: Uh, I didn’t ask for your life story, moving on, Miss Wahabna Ehsan Malik, tell me, what is your age? Because there are a lot of controversies on this issue


RD: x.x officially… ITS 17! Seventeen! S-e-v-e-n-t-e-en (Wow you know how to spell, whoop de doo for you. Another contender for the Nobel Prize -.-‘)


Me: and unofficially?


RD: woh you ask other bongay log! Who are actually bothered by my age!


Me: in these 17, so to speak, years are there any accomplishments worth talking about? (17, yea right :P)


RD: yes, maybe many…


Me: Please share some

RD: okay! ^^ I made this drawing and the topic was what makes me happy… I won the first prize. I was the youngest one in the competition.


Me: so what did you make?


RD: I made my friends


Me: wow that is sweet. boohoo I need a tissue now. So who hosted this competition?


RD: Red Crescent society people hosted it. So as a youngster… I did something.


Me: so how did you feel at that moment?


RD: when I drew the thing…I never knew I was going to win something. (So, usually people know in advance they are going to win? Wow) but when I got the calendar over which the drawing was actually printed…I felt proud! I still have that Red Crescent calendar ^^ *whispers* winners drawing had to get printed on a calendar.


Me: Everyone isn’t as dumb as you, so I think they can figure that much out by themselves. So, any other accomplishment you are really proud of?


RD: yes, I ate 4 apples today!


Me: truly an astonishing thing to do. However did you manage it?


RD: ______u. Fill in the blank.


Me: No, need to get angry. So ever been on stage other than to sweep it clean?


RD: yes! x.x


Me: oh what for?


RD: it was for a patriotic thingy. Paki thing (well you are a Pakistani, so I am thinking if you do a patriotic thing IT WILL BE FOR PAKISTAN AND NOT FOR INDIA -.-‘) I was the MOM! x.x


Me: I wonder why they picked you of all the people…


RD: b/c I was loud and bossy! (What do you mean was?)


Me: any moment in your life that you felt really happy?


RD: I dun remember. Recent, please?


Me: sure why not -.-‘ it’s not like I am taking an interview here.


RD: when I was sending a birthday card to a friend….for the first time in my entire life! woh bhi outside city! I’ve never done that ^^ (uh so do you want a Nobel Prize for that now?)


Me: I hear you have a so called “lovely” sis, so with what nicks does your sis call you by?


RD: CENSORED, bitch, Kamini.


Me: uh, this is a family show so let’s just skip this. So, what do you call your sis by?


RD: ullo ki [beep], khoti, darling (wow darling lmao xD)


Me: I hear you collect some “things”, so care to tell the audience what do you collect?


RD: Barbies and their clothes! ^^


Me: Now, lets move on to your personal life. How many people have proposed you?


RD: in school 15-16 people… on net… umm…. 8-10.


Me: I hear some of them were girls, so how many girls are we talking about here?


RD: umm….16 (wow o.o amazing :P)


Me: So did you say yes to any of those girls?


RD: duh!                


Me: Oh to whom?


RD: tj, soni, bushy, mano…


Me: Uh why 4 girls?


RD: I love em! ^^


Me: So how do you find them looks wise?




Me: uh ok. So you are saying you love 4 girls?


RD: Well… screw the third one


Me: Ahem, so kissed any one of them?


RD: nae woh nae bataun gi! Personal hai! x.x


Me: Well my sources clearly say you did.


RD: CENSORED. nae bata sakti


Me: Oh wow. So what did you say after the kiss was over?


RD: Ouch. (uhhhhh)


Me: Okkk… Just a fun question ever found a guy sexy in lingerie?


RD: dah!


Me: Who?


RD: crabbie


Me: No further fun questions from you. So what is the most fun moment of your life that u can remember?


RD: fun? Many, I’ll tell u three


Me: Sure, I wait with baited breath.


RD: one that convo (sure that convo, everyone knows that convo -.-‘ moron)T n T(she means

truth and truth not tri nitro toluene). Me and my friends played it till 7:00 am in the morning.

One fun moment was the excursion which I had with my school recently had a lot of fun!

^^3rd… collecting barbies and their clothes! ^^


Me: I hear you have visited many countries, so just out of curiosity, who are the most stupid of

people you have ever met?


RD: karachiites (Just because you are stupid doesn’t mean they are :P)


Me: Speaking of travelling, I hear you visit beauty parlor on a regular basis.


RD: duh!


Me: Uh, why?


RD: there’s a thing called having FUN


Me: Sure that does explain a lot, moving on to the end of this interview, do you have any thing to say to your friends?


RD: I hate you and umm… I am [beep] stuff


Me: Thank you, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Please, give a big hand for Miss Wahabna Ehsan Malik for this interview. Join us again next time. Until then, goodbye. (Jack asses =D)


22 Responses to “An Interview With Waby”

  1. acha that specailly wo crabbie wala…

  2. mughees Says:

    uh umm >|

  3. u5man4 Says:

    ;| mughees’s interview was more hilarious

  4. well only if u saw the orignal interview xD

  5. Wahabna Says:

    riiite u didn’t put the stuff which shud’ve been put! -.-” DUFFER!

  6. ROFL. hilarious xD

    oh n yay u luv me, thankie waby 😛

  7. Mansoor Says:

    uhhhhh ok xd

  8. Kashif Says:

    it wz kinda lame =| …. gta sy DS’s wz much btr =p

  9. YAY xD

  10. original interview is available on request xD

  11. AsJaD Flutter Flutter Flutter Says:

    *Requests* I need the original one. =P

  12. LoNeLy AsH Says:


  13. original plz!!

  14. Lol .. well it was gud =D nt bad =D

  15. you were well .. very modest in dis interview xp

  16. dude that interview was soo funny i couldn’t stop laughing !! nice job waleed !! :))

  17. it was really fantastic

  18. afnan rao Says:


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