Just another senseless rant…

“I was at an expo and there was this board on which it was written ‘Write one positive point about Pakistan’ it was the end of the expo and the board was still clear…” My friend finished and I couldn’t help cracking a smile… It was another Saturday night and I was talking to my friends. One of my friends, being truthful and honest said, “That is not funny, it is really shameful.” At that exact moment that sentence really penetrated deep into my conscious. Are we truly that callous that we laugh at others misfortune? If something wasn’t related to us directly then it was entertainment for us? I did a little research and the sad answer was… Yes, to us everyone else’s misfortune is another excuse to laugh our hearts out, or sometimes just get amusement out of it. Now, before you start your rant on how you “FEEL” for others and how you try to help everyone in need, read my rant first so you can actually know on what basis do I base these conclusions.

Experiment 1

An everyday experiment, someone is descending from a flight of stairs, he slips and falls with his butt kissing two or three steps in rapid succession.


Almost more than the half people who don’t know him, start laughing. The other half gather around him to watch the show. Only two or three people rush to see if that person is ok.

Experiment 2

A car accident occurs, people in their cars actually slow down to watch the show…


Traffic jam, People gathering to see the injured, only a few helping the others watching the freaking show like its reality TV, LIVE! Then there are those who are actually helping, some of those low life actually don’t care about the human suffering their fellow is feeling but are just there pick pocketing the injured! Good going, jerks! How can you actually live with yourself is beyond me…

Experiment 3

A natural disaster strikes at some… no any place…


TV crews gather there to film the event rather than helping the poor souls trapped in this calamity. Now, I know those idiots are doing there job but the last time I checked wasn’t human life placed above money? At least that’s how people with actual moral SENSE rate things… Then there are those IDIOTIC TV new casters who sit at their desks asking dumb questions over and over again just to watch their ratings increase. We get it a hurricane/flood struck, we get it that people got injured now stop pressuring your freaking reporters to keep asking the police/rescue squads stupid questions so they can I don’t know maybe save some HUMAN LIFES? Then there are those who actually open some NGO and actually rip those people off who want to HELP their distressed brothers and sisters…

Experiment 4

Forwarded this message to many people

“Obama and Bush were sitting in a bar. A guy approached them and asked, “Hey fellows what are you doing?”

Bush replied, “We are planning to kill a million Muslims and a beautiful girl in one strike.”

The guy got confused and asked, “Why the beautiful girl?”

At hearing this Obama turned to Bush and said, “Told you we could get away with killing a million Muslims.”


More than 80 percent thought the same thing, Why the beautiful girl? Are we so wound up with what is happening around us that killing a million Muslims is something common? Or have we just accepted that as long as they don’t kill us nothing else matters, but the girl? Yes she matters. Why and How? Wasn’t the phrase, “For the needs of many the needs of the few should be sacrificed?” or am I just in a different space time continual?

Experiment 5

That expo example at the start


My friend was right, we should be ashamed. This country provides us with safety, with dignity… with freedom and above all with honor. It is we who don’t have any positive points left in us not the country. It is we who made this country what it is today. It is we who are gnawing on the roots of this country’s economy just to satisfy our gluttony. It is we who put the people in charge at their places! So, how can we say that this country is negative? Are we just so freaking blind that nothing matters to us?

These are only some of the experiments, observe all around you and you will see many more. We are turning more and more unfeeling day by day. Each day we grow more EVIL! We take pleasure in hurting others for our own selfish gains. Now I am not saying everyone is like that. There are those who still feel sometimes. But how do we treat those people? We crush them with our bare hands. We probe at their sweetness until there is nothing left in them, in short we suck the life right out of them. We teach them that to survive in this world, you should rather eat or be eaten… I am sorry, but the last time I checked we were a civilized society, not some barbarians. Heck even those effing barbarians helped their comrades in need. So, what are we? Humans? Not in my books we aren’t. No matter how we justify it, we are worse than anything known to this planet.


7 Responses to “Just another senseless rant…”

  1. mughees Says:

    yawns ? kk all fine
    gtfo now

    • Dev!l Says:

      uh sweety so sorry to burst ur lil bubble but this is my blog so please show urself the way out now ^^

  2. *sigh*
    SPOT ON!

    It’s so easy for us to blame our leaders and so on for where we stand today! If just once every single one of us analyze our deeds and what we have been doing to make our country a better place, it won’t take a lot of time to be actually something!

    Someone has to bring a revolution and it couldn’t be you or me. It has to be “US”, the Pakistanis, but unfortunately, we are too occupied with other things in our lives.

    The worst part is that we watch all those videos of the western comedians in which we are the subject of harsh humor and still laugh instead of feeling shameful at what we have done to the dream of Quaid.

    • Dev!l Says:

      western? you should sometime watch our “new” eastern comedians they are doing the same thing and we laugh even more harder with them =P maybe its cuz of a simple fact that almost 90% people can’t read between the lines and jsut think that this comedian is talking about some person or a group of people in some far away town or city or part of the country and just not them.,…

  3. Dev!l Says:

    wow i cant believe people actually bother to read that crap =P uh ok before people imply something YES i took this line from RYAN STYLE’s line “I cant believe they are gonna drink this crap” 😛

  4. *yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanzzzzzeeeerrrr*

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