Memorable Compliments

Well, as the caption suggests this is one article in which I will try to include every compliment I have ever received. Now, by compliment I don’t mean the “Hey you’re looking beautiful” etc but I mean those words of others that they have said about me to others or to me that have been engraved upon my mind, heart and soul. I could go on and on into boring explanations of what I think is a compliment to me but then I would be digressing from the topic. So, here goes and as always in brackets are the things I really thought of the happenings.

Compliment 1

Compliment by: Astha Mehta

“One funny joker he is. Wonder what is tucked up inside behind him..”

(Thank you for calling me a joker ^^ and what I have tucked up behind anything is none of your business so your just wasting a good wonder kiddo :P)

Compliment 2

Compliment by: Muhammad Usman Khan

“You are so mean.”

(Thank you, I feel so happy reading this over and over again:P it means I must be doing something right:P)

Compliment 3

Compliment by: Almost every other girl

“Rude obnoxious jerk”

(Now tell me isn’t this the best one of them all?:P )

Compliment 4

Compliment by: My English Teacher

“Ah, of course you, the contemporary genius, are done with your paper I see.”

(XD, lol this one is just for fun. Don’t consider it as a compliment.)

Compliment 5

Compliment by: My Communication Skills Teacher

“Waleed, you seem like that sort of person who does not love anything”

(You have no idea what this means to me:P It means I look exactly the way I want.)

Compliment 6

Compliment by: My Communication Skills Teacher

“You have a very strong personality.”

(Uh, I know I am getting a little cocky but hey everyone praises their own self so why can’t I do it x.x)

Compliment 7

Compliment by: Farhan Zeb (most recent) and many other of my friends

“Tun kabhi nae sudhray ga.”

(who waleed hi kaya jo sudhar jaye :P)

Compliment 8

Compliment by: Arfat Zafar Rathore

“Beghairat hai, is ko joh marzi keh lo is ki gherat nae jagnay wali.”

(Khalid… Waleed Khalid … Professional Beghairat)

Compliment 9

Compliment by: Unnamed

“I wish you would just die”

(How everyone wishes the same thing 😛 but it ain’t happening :P)

Compliment 10

Compliment by: Muhammed Usman Khan

“Hp, you are a jerk!”

(The funny thing, he says that to me almost every week xD)

Compliment 11

Compliment by: Unnamed

“I hate you!”

(Yes, I know you have an idea who says that but ah well I didn’t name anyone because the list would be too long xD)

Compliment 12

Compliment Ghania Syed

“I loathe you too.”

(Yes I said I loathe you first xD)

Compliment 13

Compliment by: Unnamed

“You existence is nothing but a burden…”

(This quote is kind of translated but ah well xD watch out I’ll crush you with my weight XD)

Compliment 14

Compliment by: Unnamed

“I love you.”

(Uh, no it ain’t the one you are thinking of dumb ass xD)

Compliment 15

Compliment by: Myself

“Keep moving forward even if you have to crawl on all fours…”

(Yes! I do talk to myself 😛 and yes I talk to the walls to 😛 any problem?:P)

P.S. This post might be updated on regular intervals as i find or remember some other compliments…


5 Responses to “Memorable Compliments”

  1. Wow xD

  2. mahn00r Says:

    ha haw 😛 gud thing maine koi compliment nnahi dia xD

  3. mughees ilyas Says:

    😉 none is mine

  4. m i any of those 1s who say i love u

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