An Encounter…

Sometimes we all get tired of life and want to run away… sometimes we all want a little time ‘alone’… a little time to be with no one but our loneliness and thoughts… It was one of those times, that’s why I ran out of my home towards the only spot where I knew no one would be at that time. It was almost midnight and I sat in the corner of the park under the lamp, staring into the slowly blurring darkness. My cheeks were wet with tears but not a single sound came out of my body.

That’s when I saw his silhouette, running towards me. I had often come across these kinds of situations before so I knew what I had to do. I wiped my tears, turned my back towards that person and started talking to an imaginary person on the phone happily.  Soon, he was standing at a little distance from me. Just like every other time I knew that this person will soon leave me alone but my heart thumped hard giving me the strange feeling that there was something weird about this stranger and as the stranger calmly walked towards me, that feeling only aggravated. “Hahahahahaha, yea right man yea right.” I said faking the conversation.

“Excuse me, but it’s rather impolite to ACT like you are talking on the phone with someone just so another person like me wouldn’t sit with you.” A calm yet firm voice spoke.


“Don’t huh, I know you are trying to fake this whole thing so I wouldn’t interrogate you as to why be you sitting at such a secluded location crying your heart out.”

At that exact moment, I was taken aback by the abruptness of this man. The only thing crossing my mind at that time was, how can he see through my almost perfect routine? How does he know me so well?

“Ever heard of minding your own business?”

“Well, right now my business is helping a fellow human being.”

“Well then go help someone who actually needs it!”

“Ha… Now where is the fun in helping those who show they want help…? There will be plenty of people to help such persons. The real fun is helping people like you.”

“Me? Dude look, I am perfectly fine and I am enjoying a late midnight stroll. So just leave me alone.”

That feeling of strangeness coming from that person grew stronger with each passing moment.

“Sure, I’ll leave you alone.” He said as he sat next to me.

Now, my impression of this person was turning out as if he was mentally slow.

“Look buddy!” I said angrily and turned my face towards him.


He simply said with a smile… His smile… I’ll never forget that smile. It was so soothing, so calming that for a moment every thing seemed to come at a stand still. It was then when I looked at his face closely. He had a face almost similar to mine, though his eyes were beaming with happiness and care freeness yet I could sense seriousness in their depths. His hairs were spiked making him look… well not to sound gay… but cute… Just one look at his face turned that weird feeling into warmth… It felt like I was with a long lost best friend, like I was around someone I could trust with everything I had…

“Cat got your tongue?” he broke the chain of my thoughts with a mischievous grin.

“uhh… No! I am fine”

“Doesn’t look like it. So, care to tell me now what’s wrong?”

Now it would be good to mention here that I am an introvert sort of person. I never share my problems with anyone but today I felt different. I felt like I could tell him everything.

“Yes, life has got me down.”

“Life?” He laughed, “Funny, so tell me, what do you feel life is?”

“Me? Well I think life”

“Stop! I didn’t ask for what you think, I asked what you FEEL life is! Don’t think just close your eyes and tell me what you feel”

Strangely enough I understood what he wanted to say and for the first moment in my adult life I stopped thinking and closed my eyes. That is when I started to feel… I started to feel the darkness around me, I felt the distant sound of insects in bushes, and I felt the warmth all around me… in short I felt life…

Then I spoke with my eyes still closed, “Life is… life is love.”

“Oh really how so?”

“Well, you live when you have someone or something to love, something to attain, you lose all your fears and fight anything that stands in your way… you stop at nothing to attain what you want and in the process even if you lose your life, you feel you have lived… That is why I say life is love…”

“Really? Interesting. Now tell me, do you have something to attain? Someone to love?”

His question probed deep into my mind… Although the answer was really obvious yet I felt the need to actually utter it, “Yes… Yes I do!”

“and what those things be?”

“Well, my friends, my family, my hopes, my aspirations, my nirvana… my Avalon”

“Oh, what exactly is your ‘Avalon’?”

“My Avalon is the place where there are my friends and family and all of my dreams are realized.”

“Ah… you do know not all dreams are meant to be realized…”

At that moment my Avalon did break for a second but that’s when my heart kicked in.

“Well, even if they are never realized, I will always have the satisfaction that I tried my best to attain them, that I never gave up and even though I failed my heart always did had the desire to obtain them.”

I could feel his smile broaden… My answer, it seemed had satisfied him.

“So tell me, King Arthur… have you selected a queen for your Avalon?”

“Ehh… Well I am not sure.”

“Really, about what?”

“Whether its love or just another teenage feeling…”

“Hmm… tell me how does she make you feel?”

“Like, I am on top of the world.”

“And how do you feel when she is sad?”

“Like… like, I will do anything just to make her smile…”

“How would you feel if you see her loving someone else?”

My body froze… and after what seemed like an infinite moment of silence I replied, “I would be happy knowing that she found the one she loved.”

“Haha, then my boy, you are in love. Tell me do you feel that you are not the right person for her? That she deserves better?”

“What’s to feel? I know she does.”

“They all feel the same, aye crumba. So, now that you know you love her, tell me how much do you feel you love her?”

Even though I had had no trouble feeling and answering his questions before, this question bewildered my senses. I was feeling yet I couldn’t express what I was feeling. I wanted to say a lot but even that seemed to less.

“You know, you don’t have to say it. I can feel it.”

I silently nodded.

“So, now tell me why are you here?”

“I felt like I was loosing my dreams, my hopes… I felt as if I was loosing everything I ever loved.”

“Those which you love never go away, they will always be there… in your memories.”

“Memories aren’t good enough sometimes…”

“Well, memories are the best we have. Instead of frowning over the past why aren’t you making the present better? Why aren’t you making the future bright?”

“Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it again.”

“Ah, but you take the wrong meaning my friend. Learning from the past doesn’t mean giving up your present and future. It means to take your past with your present.”

“Isn’t living in memories living in the past?”

“Well, I never said that memories were the solution, now did I?”

“What the hell… you just said that your loved ones will always be there in your memories!”

“I did, but tell me if you stay here, crying over what you lost instead of cherishing what you have then will you have anything other than memories?”


“Precisely, nostalgia is an amazing feeling yet a curse if not controlled. Learn to control it and instead of reminiscing, go tell your loved ones you love them, go to those who you have lost and apologize. Go to those who you love to tell them, you are sorry that you were away reminiscing when you could had been there with them. Go tell them you are sorry for…”

“Ok ok I get it…”

“Really and what do you get?”

“I get that I must learn to balance my logic with my love, I get that even though I get hurt or even though I hurt others yet I must always try to remain by their sides just for the fact that I simply love them. I get that even though I think I don’t deserve someone I am no one to judge whether I am good enough for them or not…”

“Good, but the last one I didn’t teach you. That one you learnt on your own… My friend.” He said as he got up and slowly walked away from me. “Take care of yourself, and whenever you feel like the world is against you and you are alone… always remember, there is someone in this world who will always love you for who you are, no matter how bad you treat them. There always will be people who will forgive you just because you say I am sorry and I love you.”

His each word was being engraved upon my heart and as I watched him go away, my mind slowly started working again but this time I was calm. There were no more tears rolling from my eyes. There was nothing but internal peace…

“Wait who are you?” I asked before he could go far.

“Me?” I heard his cynical laugh. “Well I am… YOU!” he said as he vanished into the dark as mysteriously and silently as he appeared.

Writers Note: This article is dedicated to everyone (and by everyone, I mean only my friend) I behaved badly with… everyone I never took the side of… even though I wanted to… everyone who I let down or couldn’t understand… everyone who thinks my apologies mean nothing. Everyone who I love. No matter what happens I will always love you and always will remain here waiting for you ^^.


13 Responses to “An Encounter…”

  1. *smiles* not dev!l but ‘waleed’ at his very best… i’m jealous now… AWESOME WORK!… and i love the way you ciphered it

  2. Nice one!!And very right.
    Nostalgia is indeed a curse if not contained.
    And having dreams is what’s most important..

  3. Loved it… Awesome… Touching 😀 Great work HP xD well ofcourse we know that you are good at pros 😛 lekin please poems na likha kar xD

  4. Beautiful! Really beautiful ..

  5. Dev!l Says:

    wow thanks guys o.O

  6. mughees ilyas Says:

    o.o k i really wana hug u right now xp
    seriously 😛

  7. just a reader Says:

    this is an amazing post. seriously

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