Finally back!!

YAY I am finally back after having my net fixed ^^.


30 Responses to “Finally back!!”

  1. Salman Latif Says:

    Kongratz xD

  2. Anas Shafqat Says:


  3. Welcome back 😀
    P.S. I’ve no idea when you left and when you returned 😛

  4. Dedication
    This week’s posts are dedicated to well every single tear anyone ever shed due to me… I truly am sorry for doing what I did to cause that tear…(Sunday – August 9, 2009)

    That’s sweet.

  5. P.S. I finally found the link to your blog 😀
    I always used to wonder (after viewing your comments at Salman’s blog) whether or not you’ve one too 😀

  6. *me wonders if MM is feeling ok o.O* you hate me o.O 😛

  7. I do? Why? o.o

  8. *confused*

  9. But why do I hate you?

  10. x.x I don’t know you tell me xD:P let me cite examples xD
    i come on salu’s circle u leave :p
    i go u come back Xd
    i come again u go again xD

  11. You’re at his circle? I didn’t know *confused* :S
    I thought you’d be, but I wasn’t sure.

  12. I am waleed khalid x.x the guy u hate x.x

  13. Oh 😀
    I hated that guy at FB… I never hated him here 😀

  14. darkswordpublishers Says:

    nice show xp

  15. darkswordpublishers Says:

    no =p go ahed i am enjoying =p

  16. I don’t know what to say :S

  17. darkswordpublishers Says:

    =p yea we all wana hear that

  18. I just didn’t like the way you’d argue regarding NUST. Nothing else (:

    • lol well nust is like my dream university -.-‘ its not like i hate it or anything 😛 i mean seriously its one of the best uni’s in Pakistan… Always dreamt of studying there but ah well 😛

    • btw ur blog is private nwo? o.O

  19. Really? o.o
    Ahan… okay… you aren’t my enemy anymore 😀

    And yeah, I put it on private. Due to a couple of reasons. I won’t be blogging much either ):


  20. Damn T.T i lost an enemy T.T waaan this is a sad day T.T wait since ur not my enemy that means ull treat me to a pizza o.O no? o.o

    and uhh ok o.O as u wish but u have a beautiful blog with some amazing posts…

  21. darkswordpublishers Says:

    i want pizza too x.x

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