Another Love Story…

It was an hour after his classes had finished and he was sitting silently in a corner on the steps to the department. He was a student of BBA and a good one at that. Lots of people usually surrounded him to ask for his consultancy in different assignments or class lectures etc. So, this was the only time of the day he enjoyed alone at the campus. His name was Raz. He loved to help people but at the end of the day he usually grew weary of people trying to take advantage of his good nature and loved to sit alone on these steps in the quiet and savor the day before heading home.
“Ah, another day bites the dust… Thank God I don’t have any work for tomorrow, so might as well enjoy a little quiet time here.” He thought to himself as he watched the clouds on the sky slowly pass by. He enjoyed trying to discern different cloud shapes. Yes, he knew it was pretty childish and it was all in your own imagination but he enjoyed it nonetheless.
He heard someone say something followed by his name, as an instinct his head turned. It was Fami. She was his batch mate. “Excuse me?” Raz said silently with a stern expression clearly showing that he didn’t like being disturbed in his cloud gazing session.
“I asked are you Raz?” she asked in a prudent tone.
Now normally batch fellows know each other by name but that doesn’t mean that they are friends. Same was the case here, Raz being the contemporary genius in his batch was well known yet he had only a few friends and Fami wasn’t one of them. Fami on the other hand was the resident beauty queen with a very strong financial background. Her beauty was a thing of awe and often aroused many thoughts in the minds of people as she used to walk by. Her father was a rich business man and Fami enjoyed every single penny of her father’s hard earned money as she came to the university in different cars 5 days a week. People used to humor her by saying that she matches the color of the car she is going to use today with her suit. But all and all, Fami was a very nice natured girl who didn’t talk much to the boys. She kept to the girls only and was smart enough to glide by her semesters without any difficulty.
Raz obviously knew who she was and that she knew him too but just to complete the formality he answered in a calm voice, “Yes, I am. How may I help you?”
Now to many people this may seem a little rude but apart from Raz’s close friends, which happened to be really few, people only approached him for help. So it had kind of become his usual greating.
“Hi, I am Fami. I was wondering can I have some of your notes for microeconomics class. I had some trouble trying to understand the professor and missed a few points and would be glad if you could lend me your notes so I could copy them.”
“Take that register on the bottom step. Oh and kindly, return them by tomorrow I have to give them to another ‘friend’.” His emphasis on the word ‘friend’ made Fami smile. That was when he concentrated on her face. Now, don’t get me wrong but Raz was that kind of the guy who usually didn’t pay much attention to girls and to him Fami was just another spoilt brat who had missed a lecture and wanted his help. Frankly, he loved staying in his own world. But her smile acted like a magnet for his eyes. He scanned her facial expressions and found them really soothing. No wonder she was dubbed as the unofficial beauty of the department.
After taking the register Fami said the ever so courteous thanks and left him to stare at the clouds again.
The next day Raz didn’t encounter Fami all day long but he got his register through someone else. He of course did not mind.
It was the day after that when Raz was pursuing his regular hobby of watching the clouds go by while sitting on the steps when Fami approached him again.
“Hey… Can I have a seat?”
“More like a step, but be my guest. It’s not like I am the owner.”
“Righttt… Well thanks anyways.”
“Your welcome?”
“Do you even know why am I even thanking you?”
“For letting you sit?”
“NO! For the register. It really helped me out. Seriously, and they call you the resident genius.”
“Well, they call you the resident beauty queen but look at you sitting on the bottom step alone without anyone to stare at you.”
“I would had said you but I see that you are busy watching the clouds go by.”
“Yea. It calms me.”
“Really? Interesting. Do tell me.”
Now as sarcastic as this sentence may sound Fami said it in a serious tone and showed genuine interest. Therefore, Raz silently started telling her about the different things he used to imagine. Many of them no doubt made Fami laugh but when it was her turn, it made Raz laugh out as well. It was a new experience for both of them. The beauty queen finally had a person of the opposite sex who just wanted to talk to her without having any lustful thoughts of proposing her in his mind whereas Raz finally had someone who just wanted to talk to him about something else than studying.
This was the beginning of their friendship. It was her second year in BBA and it took him one more year to realize that she loved Raz. No doubt, she had appreciated Raz for a longer time than that but his attitude towards girls always made her feel a little awkward about him. Honestly speaking there was a point in her first year when she thought that Raz must be a gay. As for Raz, well he was quite surprised when the most beautiful girl on the campus proposed to him and told him that she loved him. Raz didn’t actually care about the beauty but it was Fami’s magnetic smile and her personality that had attracted him. He too had silently fell head over heals for her. He accepted her proposal and the years of their commitment began. They enjoyed 4 years of commitment and studying together after that as Fami being the rich girl got admission in the same place Raz got admission. They enjoyed long walks together, their cloud watching sessions, having an occasional cup of coffee etc. Now a lot of you might think that they would have had their first kiss or must have held hands in these four years, but you are wrong. For you see, Raz was a perfect gentleman, he treated Fami with respect and never thought of touching her. She too had responded in the same way and not like the girls of today who jump on their boyfriends if they don’t touch them, had been a perfect lady. Their feeling of love grew each time their eyes made contact and this surpassed any feeling of contentment they might have had by touching.
Yes, by the rate this story is progressing you might have had guessed it, its time for the society to come in between the two most purest of lovers and make them part. This time it was Raz’s mother. Fami’s parents never had any objection as they only wanted her happiness. But Raz’s mother wanted to marry him into her own family. Now, I don’t know much about the marriage customs of any country but in our country this battle often takes place as the mother and father fight tooth and nail with each other to marry their son into their own family. The father wants to wed his glorious heir with his relatives while the mother wants to marry the star of her eyes in her family. Raz’s father had no objection to their wedding but Raz’s mother didn’t cave in. Raz being the obedient and loving son did cave in however and decided to sacrifice his love. Fami’s parents respected his decision and didn’t blame him though they were awfully quick to engage Fami to another guy and make her go abroad. Now comes the irony in the story like all other love stories, Raz’s mom, after seeing how much Raz cried each night in solitude for Fami finally caved in but it was too late. It was the date that Fami left for U.K. Now it became clear, although Fami’s parents showed no objection but they did have them and as soon as Raz’s mother showed the slightest chance of having cold feet they engaged Fami to someone without asking for her approval.
Needless to say the pain of separation was too much for Raz for everything reminded him of her. He wanted to leave the city in which his heart was burnt and left to cry tears of blood, he wanted only one thing… to be with her. The only thing which made him go on was the fact that she must be happy. He soon skipped the city and found job in an international bank. The bank after seeing his potential sent him to their head branch in Scotland. Here, as fate would have it, one of Fami’s uncles lived. He owned plenty of apartments and flats all over Scotland and after hearing that Raz had come to Scotland offered him one. Raz denied stating the simple fact that even her uncle reminded him of her. He did exchange the common courtesies of exchanging numbers and promising to contact if he ever had any trouble and needed something.
Five months later, Raz had settled down in Scotland and had drowned himself completely in work. He had become a workaholic just so he could forget her memories. Now, a lot of you might be thinking of criticizing his love by saying things like how can you forget the one you love blah blah, well truth be told those who love know that it’s impossible to think about someone 24/7. You think about the person you love only when your mind is at ease and finds some space and time to think, if you drown yourself in work and concentrate on nothing else there would be a point when the only thing going through your mind would be the work at hand. Yes, if you would stop working and let your mind wander then your mind will think. Your mind will remind you of what you lost and what you gained… For I too agree that one can only temporarily forget his true love. Anyhow, it was then when it happened… It was just another holiday with Raz working his ass off when his phone wrong. He picked it up. From the other side a voice that was forever burnt upon his heart spoke in an accent that made him want to… well… die. It was Fami and she was crying… Of course she didn’t say that but he knew how badly she was crying when she said Hello Raz? Two tears from both eyes rolled down Raz’s cheek. “Yes?” he said controlling his voice… A long silence followed and then a voice broke the silence… a silence Raz would never forget… A teary voice crackled through the speaker saying, “Raz, I still love you!” Before he could reply the line was dropped by Fami and Raz just sat there crying like a baby for the rest of the day.

Writer’s Note: Now a lot of you would be like, hey what’s new in this story? It’s the same old love crap we have grown up reading about. Well the only thing different about this story is that it’s a true love story. Of course I have conjured up the starting dialogues between Raz and Fami but I was told that Raz and I had the same personalities. This is the story of one of my university friend’s brother. Of course I have changed the names but the rest is cent percent true and I have just narrated the story (with the exception of the starting dialogue, mind you the concept of the dialogue has not been changed) as it was told to me. Although I wanted to tell the original ending told to me in which my friend just said that his brother cried for a whole day after that call but I just felt it would suffice to not to push the imagination of those people who have never loved and would dub the feat of crying a whole 24 hours impossible.

7 Responses to “Another Love Story…”

  1. darkswordpublishers Says:

    touching ?
    is it really a true story ? ^_~
    and if girl still love the boy
    the marriage fails so she should take divorce and marry raz… the mystery continuous

  2. Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  3. aalaa o.o

    @mughy: serusly, cant u guess that its a true story? :p frm the writer’s note atleast? 😛

  4. darkswordpublishers Says:

    nope o.o

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