Unnamed Justice…

The room was well lit. It belonged to a certain boy who by the looks of the room loved to read. There were books everywhere the eye could see, on shelves, on bed and some even on the floor. The layer of dust on the shelves clearly stated the absence of care yet the books on the bed proved to be of those kind which were read recently. One could easily discern from the pattern on which the books laid on the floor and the bed that their reader was an intent one. Speaking of the devil, he was also in the room, sitting at a corner of the bed neglecting all his belongings. His quivering hands hid his face as his tears wet them. He was shaking but no, it wasn’t due to fear or excitement. It was an epiphany. He had finally realized the value of things of which he already knew the price of. He had finally learnt the hard way what it meant to dream and how it felt when those dreams were ripped from their engravings in the organ we humans associate our every feeling to. Something inside of him was dead… Something he always preached about, something he always read in those books he oh so loved. Hope. His hope was no more; he was tired of facing the norms of society with a smiling face and pretending everything was alright. He wanted to scream right at everyone’s face and tell them what pain his heart was in. He wanted to cry in public, he wanted to tell everyone how monstrous they have had become but he couldn’t. All because of the norms of the society he lived in. He always preached against them in the hope that one day people will realize what he preached was the truth. He always preached in the hope that one day the wickedness would finally be begone and good will triumph just like in one of his books. But what he failed to realize was the fact that what he read in those books was what we writers call pure fiction. It may be a good time pass but it is never the truth. His hands still shaking were now drenched in his tears. His bodily temperatures had risen dramatically while his mind had slowed down at an alarming rate. Something inside him was cracking and with each tear that escaped the sanctity of his eyes aggravated the crack.

It all burst… The patience, the last remnants of a failing hope, the desire to do good in a way that people may actually listen. His crusade against the society had failed. His hands suddenly stopped trembling. His temperature cooled down and that was when his mind broke loose of the fetters of reality and preaching good for the sake of good by being good. Suddenly he felt a sudden urge to laugh… “Hahahaha” His laugh soothed his pain and stitched close the wounds etched upon his soul by the demeanor of society. Oh how he laughed… His tears no longer were visible due to excess of sweat being caused by his lunatic laughter; his hands’ trembling was no longer noticeable due to his jerking movements. His hope no longer alive yet his spirit ready to fight again. He had lived long enough to see himself become what he fought against. He had become wicked for the purpose of fulfilling a good.

He stood up and looked at his collection of books. “LIES” he yelled as he threw flammable liquid upon them. “You never were my savior; you are just another excuse for a living just like them. YOU SHOULD AND WOULD ALL DIE!!! HAHAHA… Justice has come… HAHAHAHA… Justice to all those who oppose the way…” He threw a match on to the books and watched them burn while he laughed madly and screamed only one word… “JUSTICE!!!” Justice for the poor and the rich the justice for the hypocrites, the utopian justice we always read about but never could attain, the justice that was… and still is… unattainable.

The house burnt as he made his way out of the main gate and watched the people gather around to see the show. “JUSTICE HAS COME… JUSTICE HAS COME FOR YOU PEOPLE… YOU ALL OBSTRUCTED IT THE RIGHT WAY NOW IT WOULD OBSTRUCT YOU THE ONLY WAY IT HAS LEFT… IT WILL PUNISH YOU… IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO PAY FOR YOUR SINS AND BE REDEMPT!!! IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO DIE!!!” He yelled as people horridly watched him attack a bystander with animal like monstrosity. They tried detaining the attacker but he was too ferocious, so they did the only thing we human’s can do when we are scared. They ran. This only seemed to aggravate his anger and his laughter as he brutally hunted them down. Soon, people regrouped and this time they did manage detaining the attacker. Even though he was detained he kept laughing madly and shouted “You may take me down but there will be others like me!!! Those who will stand and show you the errors of your ways… They will show you the ways with the only language you speak… the language of the animals, the language of brutality… Alas, long gone are the days of yore when people listened to logic… You aren’t people… you are just mere pathetic souls clinging on to your wretched encasements… Your souls want freedom but you tie them to this world for your own pleasures… You shall all be relieved… Serenity will come to all… You, who are beyond the treatment of any medicine… will all be treated by the only cure left… DEATH… FREEDOM… DEATH!!! DO YOU HEAR ME??? HAHAHA…”

“What the hell happened to him?”

“I don’t know. Always was an oddball, teaching morals and values and all that crap no one gives a damn about. They say he was real intelligent.”

“Guess all that studying must have gotten to his head.”


Two days later the newspaper ran a short story on it’s second page about an intelligent boy who was driven to madness by excessive study pressure and how he was found dead in the asylum. No one bothered reading it pass the first 5 lines except those who had nothing to do… Just another boy… another psycho off the streets, they all thought not knowing it was they, themselves that had driven him to his insanity.


16 Responses to “Unnamed Justice…”

  1. darkswordpublishers Says:

    uh get a hike -,-

  2. mahn00r Says:


  3. darkswordpublishers Says:

    its too long to read XP

  4. no.da ppl din drive him to insanity..he choose to perfect da society all alone n da pressure aggravated him n caused da insanity…every1 lives deir own lives n find there own utopia..if we were given an utopia den wat wud we fite for???
    da child needed a friend to open up to rather dan close himself to da world thinking himself to b abve da rest of dem..par u wun catch ma drift so nvm

  5. Yea you are right… Its our goals and dreams that make us who we are… that thrive us to achieve more and more… The topic is how a child with no friend dealt with the fact that his dreams were broken… the only goal he set his eyes upon was taken away from him… I never said that I would want someone to tell me what is right or what is wrong… I would like to experiment or judge by my own logic if its right or wrong… that is what makes me human atleast…

    Lol opening up is something i never could understand and you know that better than anybody mate… so yea i won’t catch your drift…

  6. darkswordpublishers Says:

    okay now i get the theme i suppose

  7. darkswordpublishers Says:

    and did u think i will read even if u say so ? 😛

  8. @mughees
    y r u even msging hea????
    i dun knw it betta dan ne1 else.u cudnt understand it coz u cant think ne1 will understand u..stop thinking o oders as lower dan u..dere is more to em den u think..

  9. n da child set his dreams way too high..u cant change da world alone..nt unless u can do a kamehameha or can bcome a super saiyan 4 atleast

  10. Y dream small xD why not super saiyan 5 xD and well i think of people the same way they think of me xD

  11. darkswordpublishers Says:

    arfat : why should i not ?

  12. @waleed
    i dun think any1 wud think dat ur lower dan em.i think ur a coward though…no offense
    tu mu dho ja k

    • yea i am a coward so what:P i dun want to be an idiotic brave person xD:P and they do xD u havent seen the people i meet 😛

  13. darkswordpublishers Says:

    arfat : dhula hoa ha
    waleed : 😛 wow still -,-

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