Kwik Quote IV

“I submit to you that if a man hasn’t discovered something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”
Martin Luther King Jr. – ‘Speech in Detroit, 23 June 1963, in James Bishop ‘The Days of Martin Luther King’ (1971) ch. 4’

Now ask yourself… are you fit to live?


8 Responses to “Kwik Quote IV”

  1. so u want us to judge ourselves thru his perspectives nt ours??
    forget da shit he said n temme is ur life worth living??r u fit to live??

  2. ehhh??? …. ~_~”

  3. @arfat its just a perspective… like u said… i am not judging anyone i am just sharing a quote i found worthy of sharing with anyone who is willing to read it… And i asked you are u fit to live? i never said judging from his perspective… cuz living has a different meaning in different cultures and different souls… religiously living is different… society wise its different… spiritually (if your not religious) its different… its all a matter of perspective…

  4. darkswordpublishers Says:

    shut up waleed -,-
    ur comment is too big for reading purpose -.-
    and yes i am fit to live

  5. it is indeed par it is a person to think if u write a quote dat judges n den ask urself to b judged by urself..wun a person think dat u want him to judge himself according to dat quote??n living is da same thru out da world…concepts abt it may differ buh in da end its same old life which will end eventually wat happens after it is a different matter…buh dats getting off topic.m just replying to ur quote

  6. I will not respond cuz this will get no where 😛 i respect your opinion so let it be

  7. lol
    such a diplomatic answer..par its nt supposed to go newhere.dats y we r doing dis arent we???

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