Dev!l’s Retrospect I

Writer’s Note: In this category, I will ask, answer (or try) and would look forward to you answering those questions which were ignored and dubbed the mindless bablings of a lunatic in the past… These questions may seem funny or sometimes simply idiotic but to me they made a lot of sense and revealed the psychology of many people, me being amongst those people. Oh, since many of these so called lunatic questions would be personal so I don’t expect you to answer them all but you people are free to answer these questions if you see fit otherwise you would have to quench your thirst with the provided answer, no matter how lame it is.

Question: Why are most of the girls so self centered that the only misunderstood ones they could see are themselves?:P

Answer: Simple, its called being a woman. (Remember i said most not all.)


3 Responses to “Dev!l’s Retrospect I”

  1. Well, I agree with the subject. But, to answer this question I will refer a video if you don’t mind. – Jeff Foxworthy describes what being a woman really is 🙂

    She just listens to you to hear her own opinion in a deeper voice.

    I would also like to refer you a video of chris rock on relations ships and satisfying women, but its PG rated cuZ of the truth spoken :p You can find it on youtube though or you may probably have watched it already on waleed’s profile at facebook which is xD

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