Nostalgic Quip III

Waby: Crab, waqar bhai say kaho na ik match tumhe khelnay day.

Crab: Nae, unhun nay subha say nae kheli unhein khelnay do.

Waby: Nae un say kaho na. Tum a ker khelo meray saath.

Me: *rolling with laughter* Aur phir tum log kehtay ho mera ganda zehen hai.

(NO OFFENSE meant to anyone xD:P And if any of the involved parties mind, I’ll be happy to remove it but I don’t think they would as Crab himself was telling this as a joke to soni. and uh the excerpt of the dialogue was the same as I don’t remember the original dialogue.)


One Response to “Nostalgic Quip III”

  1. Anas Shafqat Says:

    ROFLMAO :p

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