Lunatic Experiment I

What is “lunatic experiments and theories”?

As I have grown, I have learnt that the scientific method that is taught to us in early classes not only implies to science but to real life as well. There are a great many times when our hypotheses go awry and we are forced back to the thinking chair. Guess I got bored of sitting on that chair and formulating one hypothesis after another just so I can have one solid theory that will not fail. Well I guessed something cracked and I was forced to leave that chair and come into the practical world. Was it the ever monotonous job of formulating hypotheses in fear that if one is proven wrong I have another one to fall back too or was it the simple fact that I grew bored of sitting and watching? I don’t know nor do I care. For me, this just meant to conduct a series of experiments and share my findings with you people… Hey, you might be getting a little bit serious here, don’t forget this blog’s name is ruminations of a lunatic so my experiments and theories are totally crazy and have no concern with the reality. =P So, here I shall share some of my loony experiments and whacko theories. =P

Anyhoo, this experiment was conducted on Saturday, October 10th 2009. It was just after 1 am I believe when I sent one same message to everyone on my message distribution list via my cellphone. That was a total of 16 people. After that I sent another message taking my experiment into the next stage. This also aggravated the experimental conditions along with confirm to many that perhaps a reply to my previous message was needed. The experiment is as follows.

Note: Due to the loss of my log file I would not be able to provide exact information about some factors but I would try my best.

Message 1: I want to hug and kiss you o.o

Message 2: No that was not a wrong message and I am not sleepy.


Asjad Saleemi:

Message 1: The fuck?

Message 2: Is it a dare? Tell me in code words if it is. (The subject behaved in the manner of a friend and knew there might be something wrong. Acting on instinct he told the prime subject i.e. I, to tell him if something was wrong in code words.)

Wahabna Ehsan Malik: Excuse me? (This subject however seemed to go into a state of anger and shock.)

Arfat Zafar Rathore: I think that was a wrong message. (The subject went into a state of denial.)

Humza Emmad: WTF? X.x (Another subject going into a state of denial, anger and shock.)

Ziad Shafi: I love you too o.o (Subject appeared to take to the randomness well.)

Zartaj Hameed: Faltoo kay msgs na karo (Subject was in a state of denial along with anger for no apparent reason :P)

Mohsin Hameed: Aur kis kis ko kia? (Subject read through the experiment easily. Scary ain’t it :P?)

Anas Shafqat: Just saw your message ^^ Well you can hug me anytime. (Subject responded with sweetness and love.)

Mahnoor Munaf: Ok. It’s nothing big or wrong 😛 after all I am that loveable. 😛 (Subject acted as she was a beauty queen 😛 False hopes we live in no? :P)

Sonya Butt: You are an idiot ^^. (Subject was in state of denial.)

Salman Latif: Oye ja ja ker so ja (Ok I admit I forgot the exact wordings but his reply was somewhat like this and he also saw through my experiment. :P)

Zahir Malik:

Message 1: What for, psycho >.< (So if I had a valid reason he would had allowed it? o.o)

Message 2: Is it because of me uninstalling dota? (Subject was too absorbed in himself to think about anything else :P)

Alright so this was the start. After I told them that it was just an experiment I asked them their exact expressions when they read my messages.

Sonya Butt: I felt like killing you. (Wow, kitty cat wants to fight :P)

Anas Shafqat: Hug pay o.o Kiss pay O.O (Lol, as expected but still I always said I was random)

Asjad Saleemi: The fuck? (Yes, the fuck. What a way to express what you felt man -.-‘)

Arfat Zafar Rathore: Ahh… (It sounds like you enjoyed it instead of being shocked o.o)

Zahir Malik:

  1. It just confirmed my theory that you are a psycho, so now it’s been established as a law.(Lol thank you. :P)
  2. I didn’t care because I know you are gay. (Yes, after all that is what I always do right? Hitting on you or trying to seduce you. Jackass)
  3. I thought you were expressing happiness over me uninstalling warcraft. (Yes, the world does revolve around you sweety… too bad it’s only in your dreams)
  4. I would’ve told you to kiss my ass in case I didn’t have the former three reasons. (Well I am telling you after hearing all your reasons to kiss my ass.)

Wahabna Ehsan Malik: Eyes wide, mouth open. (You sure no fly flew inside your mouth? :P)

Mughees Ilyas: Jab tu nay sms bheja tha tab bhi mein so raha tha jab aj sms bheja tab bhi mein so raha tha so meray view sona achi baat hai. (Wow, you just won yourself a free trip to dream land. But ah well, this was my kind of reply.)

So, what did I get by doing this experiment? Well, I got the satisfaction that I annoyed people and caused chaos and for me that was more than enough. Furthermore I gathered data about how my friends react to random situations especially when the random event is out of the ordinary.

Writer’s Note: No offense is meant to any of my friends. The term “subjects” is used just for fun and I do not take them as some lab rats to experiment upon. 😛 P.S. Further experiment ideas would be appreciated =P lol joking or am I?:P hahahahah 😛 Sorry once more.


4 Responses to “Lunatic Experiment I”

  1. darkswordpublishers Says:

    uh 😛 sona achi bat ha ^^

  2. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Lol, I was probably the sweetest 😛

  3. I just came across this post 😛
    Ziad Shafi: I love you too o.o (Subject appeared to take to the randomness well.) Yay me 😀
    Mohsin Hameed: Aur kis kis ko kia? (Subject read through the experiment easily. Scary ain’t it 😛 ?) LOL. Imbah xD

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