Mutantur – Change

Writer’s Note: This article was written in a state of extreme drowsiness and extreme boredom, so sorry in advance for boring you and talking absolutely no sense at all 😛 but wait isn’t that what I always do?:P

It was in Greek when I first read it, “Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis.” Which when translated means, “Times change, and we change with them.” Change… one of the only constants in this world… one of those constants, which all humanity experiences undeterred by race, creed and even time itself. Some say change is the second name of time itself… I? Well, I say time is just the instigator of change and not change itself.

To be quite honest I never gave it much thought when I first read that Greek quote. Back then it was just another quote in one of my books. It was an article by a friend of mine upon the way how her friends had changed that made me remember this quote and ponder upon one simple question, “How have I changed from my childhood till today?”

Well physically, yes I have changed and that change is highly noticeable (Da’h)… No point in thinking and wasting my time on that but personality vise, how have I changed? Looking back the first change I could remember is the fact that I became more introvert as time progressed and started to loathe crowds and/or anything to do with handling a lot of people at a single time. I still remember those days of my childhood when I used to tag along with my father or mother and go to markets just for the fun of visiting new places and meeting new people. No longer do I have that sudden urge to go to the market or to simply roam within people, now the wish to lock myself deep within a vault of my thoughts has prevailed.

Moving on, as I have grown my views on many topics certainly have changed. The most noticeable of these views include my perception of love, friendship, humanity and even of my own self as well. No longer do I shed a tear on lose of a friend or as I watch the human kind walk down the path of its own destruction. Long gone are those days when I used to sit and wonder what love is? No more do I need to know who I am or who I want to be… For me all of these questions were either answered or I learnt their answers the hard way. Either way, my experiences concerning these thoughts, have changed many noticeable things in me. E.g. I do not stand for rudeness even from a friend anymore, no more do I stand by and pity the deadly plague that is our society… No more have I the need to discover who I am, for I have learnt that to truly come to terms with, who or what I really am I would need every little experience of my life and that will come in a long run. Therefore, I have came to terms with my own broken definition of my own existence and as time progresses this definition will automatically improve itself and again in a way change my view on who I am… Ironic isn’t it?

I still remember the time when I used to lie on my back and watch the stars fill the sky. Soft songs used to pour into my ear but I always was too busy noticing different constellations to even notice the song that was playing. Now it’s different, I do lie down and watch the sky now but this time I enjoy each and every note that is being played along with the joy of identifying different constellations. In a way what I want to say is that I have started to enjoy each moment of life fully. No more is the old me who would focus all his attention on one thing so much that he would forget the rest of the world… (There still are times when I do that) but even while concentrating no longer do I lose focus of the things around me. Even though their existence may annoy me beyond reason sometimes but I have grown more observant of others’ existence…

I used to be logical… but yes I have changed in that aspect too… No more am I that old careful, logical self. Now I am more impulsive than logical. This is one of those changes that I have truly grown to love as this sudden urge to do things has made my life very interesting indeed. Of course I still do plan ahead and often think of the consequence of my actions but no longer do I worry about the what if’s.

Apart from all these changes, I know I may have gone through many changes… some not even noticeable to me but change is inevitable so as long as it is a good change I have no problem with it. I know, some changes that ARE worth mentioning but due to my own privacy and the fact that I still don’t feel secure enough to come out of the shell, which I have constructed around myself, stop me from doing so. But wait I guess I will mention one of the changes that I do remember… That now I always am joking about everything… To me nothing has a serious value anymore… at least that is what someone told me… Guess I may seem that way often but in my heart I take every single thing very seriously and to me a joke is only worth a smile on a person’s face and not on my own. Guess, if you people still feel that change within me then I truly apologize to you for being so heartless…

Speaking of heartless, hiding my emotions was something I always did, so I guess something’s haven’t changed. Though now I often do show how I truly feel but that too happens once in a blue moon. Apart from that I still have the habit of annoying people and sleeping a lot. Change may be inevitable but to me it is something that you your own self govern. It is just your experiences that change you and if you are strong enough to tackle those experiences head on then you would always remain the same… but to do that there is only one condition… you should be sole and heart less. You should feel no pain, no remorse, no regrets and even no love… In a way you should be a stone… heck even they also change as they aren’t perfect either…

Change is not a curse… nor is it a bad thing, it’s just a part of life… its just accepting the good change and weeding out the bad one that makes you rise above the rest and keep you and the people around you truly happy.


7 Responses to “Mutantur – Change”

  1. oye inna luma article… baad mein parhun ga…XP

  2. mughees ilyas Says:

    sahi bat ha =,= shoro se he boring ha

  3. this post was.. weird o.O the sentences were confusing.. and uuh mixed up 😛

  4. Uh i couldn’t use any easier english then this but then again i write for myself so who cares what you think =P

  5. Anas Shafqat Says:

    It made me wonder, this article of yours. I loved the way you associated “change” with your life and expressed it so. You’re a great writer but you don’t show it.

    And I’m not drunk :p

  6. I think u are x.x and so many comments? x.x

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