Nostalgic Quip VIII

Alright this is more of an incident of my how bad my luck is rather than someone being stupid or witty.

Me, Ehsan and Farhan were standing outside my department in the grass and Farhan was constantly asking Ehsan to treat him to a biryani from the canteen while Ehsan was constantly bugging me to treat them to one. Trying to be witty, I took out a coin from my pocket and said, “Head aya to Farhan hamay biryani khilaye ga ager tails aya to Ehsan khalaye ga aur ager sikka seedha khara ho gaya to mein khalaun ga.” I flipped the coin into the air and it landed in the ground… and yes you can guess what the result was… There stood the coin stuck in the mud… IT WAS NEITHER HEADS NOR TAILS INSTEAD THERE STOOD THE COIN STANDING ON IT’S FREAKING EDGE!!!

Now, do you doubt me when I say I am having a bad time now a days???


6 Responses to “Nostalgic Quip VIII”

  1. mughees ilyas Says:

    rofl xp

  2. Anas Shafqat Says:

    WOW O.O your bad luck makes me laugh o.o :p

  3. lolzzz hey next time have a bet with me.. chances r u will win đŸ˜›

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