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2009… An Overview

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2009… hard to believe that when I wake up tomorrow it will be over and 2010 will be here. The smell of the first rose of 2009 still lingers in my mind and it’s already time for it to go away… Can’t really believe how time passed and how I still remember so many details of this year like it was as if they happened yesterday… This post is more of a diary post… An overview of some of the events which made an influence in my life in 2009…

2009… This year had a good start as compared to 2008… but then again every year in my life would have a better start than 2008. Right in the start happiness came to me through mail and through the sweet wishes of my friends on my birthday… Now, even though to all others they are nothing but pieces of paper that said happy birthday, to me, they were a source of great pride… happiness… still I have those cards saved up right with my official certificates and degrees… extreme? Well to me they are more important than papers identifying my academia and my birth records… (Besides all of that can be reissued for a fee :P) Now, I am not saying those who sent me something to remember them by were my only source of happiness… I got all I asked for on that birthday… sweet wishes from all my friends… and a birthday I don’t look back and sigh upon.

2009 was off to a booming start and from there it only got better… at least that is what I thought… It was March I believe, when troubles ensued… (Apart from the constant pricking of things I did in 2008) these troubles started when my grandmother passed away. Though in some sense it did make me happy seeing how sick she was… I always believe that the dead are in a better place so I can never shed a tear on someone’s death… But soon after family problems started and once more hell broke lose… but like every bad time… just like dawn must follow a night… happiness followed…

I was an uncle. My little nephew was born and it seemed as if every pain I ever felt was taken right away from me the first time I saw his angelic face. It was as if God had sent an angel on Earth for me to give my pain away to.  It was one hell of a moment. Though my happiness wasn’t apparent I was happy less for my own self but for my family who once again was bonding with each other…

Happiness… You know what screw the dates and the chronological order… I am going to share my happy moments… at least for the start…

Well 2009 had a lot of gatherings of friends. Not to mention the experiments we did with foods. Viva la mochu for becoming a chef. We experimented whenever we met and almost always the result was delicious except for that one time when we tried “knorr” Chinese Manchurian or went to try “tao yuan” instead of the usual Chinese restraint we eat at. During this year we also got to taste the expert cooking of Mr. Zahir Malik. Not a bad baker and a pizza maker I must say. Lots of memories were made at each gathering and needless to say enjoyment followed.

I had the honor of making new friends and spending time with them. Some of those moments include meeting Talha at Crab’s place and the once in a blue moon breakfasts I shared with Agha Asad Haroon. Though we met Talha more at different gatherings and my only regret about meetings with my friends was the lack of meetings with Asjad… But I guess that was bound to happen.

The meeting with Sony, Moh, Muk, Lusty, Crab and Trix on trix’s birthday was also one of the most prominent happiest gatherings we had. Even though that meeting ended with sonya visiting my home it was one hell of party. Good times we had and even though sonya’s sucky camera screwed up every picture we still have some pictures of those moments to reminisce upon. (Now, sonya will kill me :P)

And lets not forget the time I spent with Mohsin and Usman in his village in Narowal about which I wrote a detailed article as well but I forgot one important part and that was to thank Usman and his parents for the memories and making our visit truly marvelous. I thank you all now.

Oh and how can I forget the moment and time I spent in making sonya and mano a birthday present. Damn it was hard work for a lazy ass like me but fun nonetheless. It was my first gift to mano and well I hope she appreciated it (she better had or kill kill kill :P.) And even though she made fun of my writing and my signature I was happy to see a friend smile because of me. Oh and I bought sonya jewelry. One of the worst experiences of my life, I have no idea how women do it. Seriously, the condescending shop keepers were literally provoking me to attack them with a series of abuses. It was like “You don’t know anything about fashion and jewelry and only we can tell what you or your friend would like.” And I still thank God my university friend was with me on that faithful day.

Speaking of university, university was lots of fun this year as well. I went to GIKI with my seniors for a science competition and even though we lost the quiz round we won second position in the science exhibition. But it was not about winning or loosing it was about the time I spent there with my seniors. Those were some times I shall never forget as long as I live. Hats off to you guys, thank you Aqib, Qaiser, Salman, Afnan and Jabir bhai for the memorable experience.

Apart from that I won first prize in a debate competition in my university and even though no team was declared the winner a student was honored above me. Not because she was good but because the judges were biased. But the most memorable part was getting to see the backing of my class for me and winning respect in the eyes of a professor I truly respect and honor. I still remember his line, “And in my view he is the winner of today’s competition.” They all stood by me and only said, “You are our winner mate.” Now that I think about it, it was really an amazing feeling moving people to their feet… heck even my opposition stood up and cheered for me. I loved seeing the drops of sweat coming from the other team’s captain.

Now, I made new friends in university and well I am really glad to say at least one of them is really loyal. For that I am glad to name this a happy moment.

Apart from all this the usual happiness came from my friends and family… The moments we shared were truly amazing and memorable. They truly helped me become a better person and look at life from a better and a different perspective.

Well, like always with happiness in your midst… sadness can’t be far behind…

Some sad moments I mentioned in the start… other sad moments was not being able to go to my dream university after getting admission there second time in a row. Heck, I even made my parents sad but I know they had my safety in mind and I am truly sorry for hurting them if even unintentionally I did.

Now, moving on the saddest of moments included hearing that crab’s engagement had been broken. No matter how we try to move on and no matter how we love someone, the future doesn’t really care.

Apart from that it included a time having to see some of my friends cry in front of me. Even though I understood their pain and felt a greater pain I just couldn’t … wasn’t able to show it… But after 2008 I had turned a little callous and this callousness truly made me pay.

Another sad moment was getting to see my friends hurt… even today… but at least I tried helping and that was something that made me happy.

Another event was to see Muk and GS fight… Truly there is nothing worse than two friends fighting and having to see others get enjoyment out of this. Apart from that other Usman fights were also very disturbing… It’s hard to see two of your friends fight.

Ha… But I guess the saddest moment was uncovering a whole web of lies weaved by my friends. Now, I know they have the rights to their privacy but they just didn’t have to lie to me… Not to mention being misunderstood by the person who I once thought understood me the most. It was like going through the ancient Chinese punishment known as “Leng T’che” or more simply known as “Deaths by a thousand cuts.” It was like that at the end of this year for me (not to mention the whole of 2008 and 2009 too)… Little cut by little my friends killing me.

But I always smiled back… but the lies were more than enough. Needless to say I lost two of my close friends at the end of this year… Friends to whom I had a lot to say… Friends to whom I wanted to explain a whole lot but I never could… Heck I couldn’t even say what I wanted to say to them when I said my final goodbyes to them… Guess some words really go unsaid, unheard and unfelt by anyone but yourself and no matter how hard you try you never can bring them to your tongue… I also learnt the crude fact that everything that ever happens is my fault… (The rest of the events I am cutting as I have been sworn to secrecy)

Ah well guess I should grow up…. After all this is the real world…

Ah well… I guess I would end this essay right about now… As the events that happened in the last couple of weeks took away a lot from me and I truly wish to forget them and move on therefore I would like to forget and move on… (Even though I can never forget)

Well let me just do the verdict of this year…

Hmm… since I was on the topic of friends lets start with the verdict on them… I made some new friends; I guess in this year and got closer to some old ones. With the new ones I look forward to start the New Year with and with the old well I like having them around. 😛 (yes, see I am giving your life a purpose xD thank me.) Some people walked in and out of my life during this year… don’t know whether to call them a friend or an acquaintance but the memories we shared were truly unforgettable and I truly thank them for that. I lost some friends I never thought of losing but ah well that is how life goes. Even though I lost them this does not in any way mean that I shall forget them and won’t be there if they ever need me…

Guess this is a new year so I should look towards the future… Well, I don’t know what the future holds but all I can say right now is… “Through thick and thin the show will go on…” And if I have the support of my friends and family then come what may I shalt stand tall and battle it out till there is a single breath in my soul… Till my body is completely drained of blood I shalt fight. (Filmi :P)

Oh, and I Thank you all for the memories… Truly unforgettable… No matter what memory you gave me I am thankful to you for it made me grow stronger, it made me shape into a better person. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is almost the end but I do have some things to say… “I rather start the new years with the friends and family I have rather than spending it with the entire world.” Oh and also… “I wish and pray to see many more years with you by my side… (After all a man needs his servants :P)”

At the end of this essay, I would like to truly apologize for my callousness, my inability to express my emotions, my thoughts and how I feel and any pain that I have caused you. I am truly sorry for that and if you want I am ready for any punishment that you want to give me. And well thank you for always being there… (Get some other work to do than to spy on me you jackasses :P)

P.S. What I have said here is well only a small overview of 2009… I am truly sorry if I missed some sad moment or happy moment that I have shared with you guys… But it does not in any way mean that I forgot it… I just have a lot on my mind right now… And please ignore any grammatical mistakes yo come across. Thanks xD oh and “Sara kasur mera hi hai” 😛 Kashi tun bhar mein ja xd mera kasur hai xD:P


The Life of a Comedian

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“Nice… Wait awesome show, Mr. Rex. You had me crackling with laughter; I swear I have never laughed so hard.” Rex heard his understudy say for the umpteenth time… Sometimes he just couldn’t tell whether he was lying or was truly admiring Rex’s talent of making people laugh. “You know you are getting good at false praises timmy, keep it up and soon you will replace me on the big stage.” Rex said with a smile as he made his way outside signing autographs towards his car. This was Rex Maclain. One of the best comedians in the business. He was truly a born entertainer, one of those which come once every century. His show was a spectacle to watch. From his funny clothing to his mime like mask to the part where he would act out every situation with such grace that it felt too funny to be ignored. As Rex walked towards his car, he took another look at timmy. Young, vibrant and cheerful, Thomas really was a good entertainer but he wasn’t the class ‘A’ comedian Rex wanted.

“Yea, Rick. Look the new understudy is great but I think you should assign him to Maxwell. I have talked to him and he will take him under his wing.” Rex said rapidly to his agent after they were alone in his car. “But why Rick? He is one heck of an entertainer! He is funny and he can put on a good show.”

“Look Rick you have been with me for 10 years now… You know my past, my present and possibly my future. You know where I draw my energy from. The only reason I am the best in the business is because I know how to convert sadness into happiness, I know how to make something as grim as someone’s mother’s dying and making it the joke that makes people laugh like asses.”

“That you do… That you do Rex.”

“Well, trust me that kid can’t tackle the aura of despair and sadness that surrounds me. Rick you have been my friend ever since we were children. You know the pain I went through. The pain that made me what I am. The pain that made me wear this silly mask so people won’t know when I start crying during the show. I am the person who can work under any pressure. Timmy on the other hand just isn’t like that. What if he suffers some trauma? His work will come down and I don’t want to take the blame for that. I have taken enough blames in my life mate and you know that. I work solo now!”

“But Rex, come on he looks up to you.”

“That is why I will handle the transfer. All you have to do is to handle the legalities of the whole matter and that is all. You know no joke stealing etc etc.”

“But Rexy come on, think about it… This is the fifth kid you have transferred to someone else as an understudy. What if something happens to you? Who will put on a show if you are not able to make it?”

Upon hearing that Rex smiled and simply removed his mask, under his mask was the handsome face of a young man whose cheeks showed clear signs of dried tear drops and whose eyes were as red as virgin cherries. The limo halted to a stop… Their destination had been reached. Rex stared in the eyes of Rick, “My jokes come from my own life… My life is a big joke and I am making others laugh it up. This is what makes me go on each day Rick. So, no matter what happens to me…” Rex slowly placed his mask before his face again and walked out of the car in to the paparazzi waiting to photograph the famous face of Rex Maclain without his infamous mask on before he vanished like always. But before vanishing Rick heard Rex repeat something he had heard ever since they started in the comedy business…

“No matter what happens Rick… I will put on a mask and the show will go on…”

The Last Entry in the Journal of a General

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“As I tried to stand before the massive horde of the enemy, I couldn’t help but laugh. There they were packing up for the night. They thought they had won but a battle isn’t over till the last man stands tall. My wounds prickled like fire and my war torn armor tattered apart. I was reminded of a book I read when I was a child. It was titled “The three musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas. The book gave lessons of friendship, loyalty and trusting one’s comrades.  To be quite honest I can’t quite remember what the characters were, or how they saved the king from the crooked cardinal. The only thing however I remembered was, “All for one and one for all.” The motto of my life. I always believed in that and even though life tried to teach me otherwise, I being stubborn always clung to my childish beliefs. Now, I know I was no saint and I committed the most atrocious atrocities anyone could commit in this life or the next but I suffered greatly for them too. I always believed that the pain I took was enough to atone for my sins but today I was wrong once more. It wasn’t all for one and one for all. It was all for none and none for all. But still I stretched out my hand in the hope someone… my comrade will hold it and help me get up from my knees but all I could catch was the web of lies. The web that was spun before my very eyes, the web I always chose to ignore but today this web had gotten so thick that it completely engulfed me. I chuckled. Where are you now, my comrades? Where are your promises of always being there with me through thick and thin? Where is the loyalty you swore to me? Why didn’t thee stabbed and yet not aimed for my heart? Where art thou? Thou who forgave me and gave me retribution? Nothing but silence answered my chuckle. I slowly grab hold of the web and started to weave it apart careful not to damage the thread or hurt its true weaver in any sense. As I did so I stared at the land being wetted by my tears… tears which made the retreat tracks of my traitorous comrades more visible. Tears which prickled my wounds and reminded me that is what happens when you take your armor off and trust your comrades. But those tears didn’t weaken me. For the time of weakening was long but gone. They gave me strength; they gave me the hope that for once perhaps I was wrong about my retribution. I slowly put my sword before me and pushing down on it stood up. I took a look at my tattering armor and slowly started to mend it with the threads of deceit that my comrades had entrapped me in. My wounds stopped hurting as adrenaline slowly started to pump through my veins giving me the edge I needed to fend off the horde of enemy that stared down upon me. And as I picked up my sword and stared death in the face I couldn’t help but remember the first thing I was taught when I chose to become a warrior, “In the warriors code there is no surrender, his body yells stop but his spirit cries never!” With that I charged towards the enemy with only the thought, “With or without you, I would fight… I will fight on even though my loss is eminent… Forgive me my comrades for I wasn’t worthy of your loyalty.”

General Maxwell… Known to his comrades as grasshopper.

Equality Rant…

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You know I am sick and tired of the preposterous misconceptions developed about boys and girls. Don’t know what I am talking about? Well then let me state an example, if a guy walks up to a girl and says, “Hey, I love you.” The girl would look up and if she doesn’t like what she sees would just simply say, “How dare you, don’t you have manners? Haven’t you got a mother or a sister at home?” The result, the society dubs the guy as a flirt. Now on the contrary if a girl does the same thing and a guy answers, “No, sorry not interested get lost.” The society dubs the guy as rude! Now, I grew up in the 21st century, the century in which the equivalent rights movements for girls had won its battles and girls are given equal rights everywhere. Or are they?

Let us take a look at another example; guy makes a sex joke… Bastard… Doesn’t know his limits… Girl makes a sex joke… Oh look what an open minded girl…

Not convinced yet? Let me continue

A girl walks up to a guy, “Hey, sorry I am sick can I have your seat?” A guy HAS to get up and give her his seat. Vice versa if a guy does that the response he gets is, “How rude!!! Asking a girl to get up… Where are your manners?”

Still want me to continue?

Guy plays a prank; hurts a girls feeling… He doesn’t have a heart, SOB, doesn’t know how to treat a woman… On the other hand a girl plays a prank; hurts a guys feeling… if he complains… Be a man suck it up… Look how funny she is…

Now halt everything… I am sorry I missed the class where they taught us to be callous and not get hurt! They didn’t teach us that you can’t complain to a girl… I was taught equality and fairness to all… So why is that when I stand up for my rights against a girl I am the one who is always shunned aside? Why is that I always end up being the rude and assholic bastard who has no idea how special a girl is! Oh and it gets better if you treat a girl special, they dub you a SEXIST!!! (Out of which I have been given the status of all of them, as I believe in equality for all)

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not saying that it’s all the fault of girls (Though nothing would please me more). This is also the fault of our own society… The society shaped by those in power and the rest just following them in hopes of getting some drops of power for themselves. It is also the fault of men that the image, “Men don’t cry” is strongly publicized in the media and even in our own homes… It ‘s the first thing a little boy hears when he is crying after getting hurt, “Hey, come on sweetie, big boys don’t cry.” Now what the heck is that? I mean when you grow up you are just supposed to throw away your heart? Throw away the part of you that compels you to cry and just show some emotions which cannot be in any case be RANDOM!!! And the irony of all this is those who don’t learn to cry on the inside are dubbed as “IMMATURE” by both genders.

Now girls may be special but remember they were the ones who fought for equality. Now when it is given to them why can’t they just accept the reality that they aren’t poofy princesses in their gaga land and give up their throne? Why do they still manipulate the other gender for their own means? (That is another thing I strictly despise those who are manipulated so easily by girls.)

Since, I am back on the topic of girls let me get to a related topic… Commitment and girls… Now, ever since I was a child I have always heard a man proposing to a woman. Now if there is equality tell me why is it always the unfeeling, callous man (as every man is according to girls) who should tell his feelings? Then woman actually bitch about the fact that chivalry is dead… I am sorry but weren’t you the ones who literally took a knife and stabbed chivalry till its blood soaked the land red? Look around you; you want everything to be exactly the way you want it to be… Those people who are that puppet are the chevaliers otherwise they are just another piece of garbage you find on the street.

Now, I am still confused where is the equality I was always taught to give? Did the girls take it away? Maybe… Did we the boys gave it away? Maybe… Did the society we both help shape up took it away and sucked us dry of every right against a girl? Hell YES!!! It’s the fault of both that today a guy is blamed for everything that goes wrong with a girl. A guy is an inglorious bastard whereas a girl is a little princess of some far away land expected to be treated with pure respect and every right you ever had should be given away in front of her.

Not all girls are like that though, there are many who prefer equality of genders over all this crap but the majority of girls  are often like that… and it pains to make me say that majority of the boys are those who enjoy their rights being taken away… Listen if you are a masochistic son of a beep it doesn’t mean you can go out and ruin it for all of us just because you think a girl might like you!!! You are a freaking loser!!! GET OVER IT!!! Oh, and if you are a girl and enjoy manipulating guys, well then princess you need to get over the fact that you are the center of this universe! You are not the princess of any ga ga land to me so take of that fake frou frou you wear of oh so nobleness and get the freaking equality you always speak of. If you can’t, then stop freaking saying, “Sigh, girls are never treated fairly!” GIRLS ARE TREATED MORE FAIRLY THAN BOYS!!! GET OVER IT!!! YOU ARE NOT A BEEPING PRINCESS YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER PERSON IN THIS WORLD!!! We were created EQUAL!!! If you take a knife and stab a girl and a boy both will bleed!!! Both have a heart and have rights!!! Give them both equality and stop with the prejudice!!!

Nostalgic Quip IX

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This story begins with me visiting Hafiz’s home. It was early in the morning so Hafiz loaded us (Me, Bil and Imran) in the car and went to gourmet to get his breakfast and something for us to eat. Now, Hafiz wanted a fruit bun (It’s a bun with chunks of fruits in it) and unfortunately the bakery was out of them and only had your normal plain buns so Hafiz decided to go to another gourmet and we had to follow him (like we had a choice). So at the next gourmet he asked the same question and they were out of fruit buns too and had the plain ones. So, after fighting with the gourmet staff  (Hafiz did the fighting) we went to another gourmet. We finally found fruit buns at the fourth gourmet and went home. Now, after reaching home we sat down to eat what we bought and Hafiz finally took the bun in his hand… (The same bun that took us an extra hour to find!!!) and started taking out the fruit chunks out of the bun and started eating it stating, “I don’t eat the fruit chunks in the bun.”

Things to do when you are Bored

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Writer’s Note: Actually I am quite bored so I am doing this… guess that is my no.1… Oh before stating anymore things to do when you are bored, here is a suggestion to you all… to get the maximum pleasure out of them do these things as frequently as you can!!!

  1. Write something. (like I am doing right now)
  2. If you are too dumb or just too callous to pour out your feelings through a pen, draw something.
  3. Paint something… (Though I am pretty sure you are no Pablo Picasso)
  4. Read something… (No, reading is neither gay nor dumb… People who think it is are…)
  5. Get a game to play. (There are plenty of games out there so why not give them a try… if your pc doesn’t support the new games well then there always is pong!)
  6. Laugh like there is no tomorrow at exactly 1 o’clock and stop exactly at 1:01. I recommend setting an alarm for that.
  7. Run around in the house dressed in black whispering, “I am a ninja you can’t catch me.”
  8. Run around in the house wearing a towel around your back yelling, “Tan tan tada… Superman to save the day.”
  9. Battle ant crime!!! (Show those pesky ant thieves whose the law around here)
  10. Hide and wait for someone to pass near the main gate of your house. When they do run out of the house counting down from 5 manically. After the countdown is over duck for cover of course nothing will happen that is when you go back in the house yelling loudly why didn’t the bomb go off?
  11. Sing the most annoying commercial songs you know and if you really want to go over the top start acting along as well.
  12. Start smsing random crappy messages like crazy. (I wouldn’t recommend talking to someone as they won’t get annoyed by that. So it’s better to hunt two birds with one stone.)
  13. Same as 10 but this time run out yelling, “Agassi, Agassi, I have the secret documents… Now the recipe of fudge cake is forever ours!!!”
  14. Sing the Barney song at the top of your voice!!! (You know the one… I love you, you love me… Go freaking die you purple dinosaur!!!)
  15. Plot different ways to kill that purple sob dinosaur!!!
  16. Listen to songs.
  17. Start cooking.
  18. Two words… AIR GUITAR!!!
  19. Call random people say Hi and cut the call.
  20. Or alternatively call random people saying, “I love you pizza boy, can I get a free pizza now?” And cut the call giggling.
  21. Start repeating, “What to do” again and again.
  22. Go to a friend’s home… (If you don’t have one then a relative would do as well… Clean up their messy fridge!!!)
  23. Go to a friend’s home and use their washroom continuously… (That is after every 5 minutes)
  24. Go to a friend’s home… after that just one word… flatulence!!!
  25. Go out for lunch or dinner.
  26. Run around in your home screaming, “Look mommy, me pretty!” (most recommended for girls)
  27. If you are girl then two words… MAKE UP!!!
  28. Take pictures of yourself and upload them on facebook… (After all the entire world has a right to laugh as well!!!)
  29. Watch a movie and act along.
  30. Take a bath… (No it won’t kill you but if you don’t then I m pretty sure it might kill us!)
  31. Start making random couple of your friends and ask them what they think about them!
  32. Start Photoshopping!
  33. Go to salu bhai’s blog and read the interesting conversation between salu bhai and his gf. 😛
  34. Similarly, go to salu bhai’s gf’s blog and watch him act like a “joru ka ghulam.”
  35. Plan Mughees’s and Mahnoor’s wedding!
  36. Feel sad after watching make muk an attempt at a joke.
  37. Watching television.
  38. Dance around in the washroom.
  39. Jump on your bed.
  40. If you drive a car go to the busiest parking spot you can find and sit in the car, with the and car in the reverse gear and start counting the number of the people waiting for you to go.
  41. Go to a hardware shop and order a chicken burger.
  42. Call a random friend burp on the phone and cut the call.
  43. Deliberately sending people each other messages.
  44. If you are in the company of more than one person, repeat everything everyone says in indirect tenses :P.
  45. Narrate everything you are doing to any person you can find. (works awesomely in person to person)
  46. Stare at a person continuously. When that person notices you, raise your finger and say, “I shalt have my revenge or die trying” and run away.
  47. If your friend is having their exams continuously make them aware of that fact by counting the exact time in seconds before their exam begins.
  48. Sleep!!! Like there is no tomorrow. Sleep like your life depends upon it!!!
  49. Watch people do stupid things in love.
  50. Start asking people how to get to a certain place, if they don’t know then tell them yourselves :P.
  51. Watch Playhouse Disney and sing and act along!
  52. Make everyone join the fun of Playhouse Disney!
  53. Listen to the radio and forward every commercial you hear to your friends.
  54. Listen to people like you actually care.
  55. Think up awesome quotes and watch Sonya steal them from under your nose.
  56. Watch and laugh at people who are, “Oh, look at me I am dark, love me love me I am dark.” (More of a dork but who cares.)
  57. Go to facebook and watch your friends join the most stupid of groups on the net possible. Not to mention the fact that they never bother looking at the groups a second time!!! MENTAL RETARDS!!!
  58. Tag random photo’s of people!!!
  59. Make whacky bets with your friends.
  60. Get whacky friends like mine, who are not afraid to show their love in public… i.e. in front of you… e.g.

Kashif: waby i love u 2

Kashif: XD


Talha Naveed: me 3 😛

Kashif: where r u my love XD

Kashif: dnt tell me dat u love mano mre thn me

Kashif: oh nd thla is sying that he’ll fight wit me for u

Kashif: ur knight in nude armor

Wahabna Ehsan Malik: mainay aankhein band karlein hai

Wahabna Ehsan Malik: 😛

(This is where I asked, “waby are you feeling shy after reading all that?”)

Wahabna Ehsan Malik: han m feeling v shy

  1. Clean up the mess you just made while throwing up after reading that!
  2. If you are me, then make your escape plans as you are now on the hit list of the above three people!!!

    Alright well then that’s that… I guess I got over my boredom… and not to mention the fact that I have to go and do step 62. So, see you later people. Oh and if you are thinking of trying any of the above given methods then I do suggest that you get health insurance and after that go WILD!!!

    Kwik Quote XV

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    “No man dies for what he knows to be true. Men die for what they want to be true, for what some terror in their hearts tells them is not true.”

    Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)