Things to do when you are Bored

Writer’s Note: Actually I am quite bored so I am doing this… guess that is my no.1… Oh before stating anymore things to do when you are bored, here is a suggestion to you all… to get the maximum pleasure out of them do these things as frequently as you can!!!

  1. Write something. (like I am doing right now)
  2. If you are too dumb or just too callous to pour out your feelings through a pen, draw something.
  3. Paint something… (Though I am pretty sure you are no Pablo Picasso)
  4. Read something… (No, reading is neither gay nor dumb… People who think it is are…)
  5. Get a game to play. (There are plenty of games out there so why not give them a try… if your pc doesn’t support the new games well then there always is pong!)
  6. Laugh like there is no tomorrow at exactly 1 o’clock and stop exactly at 1:01. I recommend setting an alarm for that.
  7. Run around in the house dressed in black whispering, “I am a ninja you can’t catch me.”
  8. Run around in the house wearing a towel around your back yelling, “Tan tan tada… Superman to save the day.”
  9. Battle ant crime!!! (Show those pesky ant thieves whose the law around here)
  10. Hide and wait for someone to pass near the main gate of your house. When they do run out of the house counting down from 5 manically. After the countdown is over duck for cover of course nothing will happen that is when you go back in the house yelling loudly why didn’t the bomb go off?
  11. Sing the most annoying commercial songs you know and if you really want to go over the top start acting along as well.
  12. Start smsing random crappy messages like crazy. (I wouldn’t recommend talking to someone as they won’t get annoyed by that. So it’s better to hunt two birds with one stone.)
  13. Same as 10 but this time run out yelling, “Agassi, Agassi, I have the secret documents… Now the recipe of fudge cake is forever ours!!!”
  14. Sing the Barney song at the top of your voice!!! (You know the one… I love you, you love me… Go freaking die you purple dinosaur!!!)
  15. Plot different ways to kill that purple sob dinosaur!!!
  16. Listen to songs.
  17. Start cooking.
  18. Two words… AIR GUITAR!!!
  19. Call random people say Hi and cut the call.
  20. Or alternatively call random people saying, “I love you pizza boy, can I get a free pizza now?” And cut the call giggling.
  21. Start repeating, “What to do” again and again.
  22. Go to a friend’s home… (If you don’t have one then a relative would do as well… Clean up their messy fridge!!!)
  23. Go to a friend’s home and use their washroom continuously… (That is after every 5 minutes)
  24. Go to a friend’s home… after that just one word… flatulence!!!
  25. Go out for lunch or dinner.
  26. Run around in your home screaming, “Look mommy, me pretty!” (most recommended for girls)
  27. If you are girl then two words… MAKE UP!!!
  28. Take pictures of yourself and upload them on facebook… (After all the entire world has a right to laugh as well!!!)
  29. Watch a movie and act along.
  30. Take a bath… (No it won’t kill you but if you don’t then I m pretty sure it might kill us!)
  31. Start making random couple of your friends and ask them what they think about them!
  32. Start Photoshopping!
  33. Go to salu bhai’s blog and read the interesting conversation between salu bhai and his gf. 😛
  34. Similarly, go to salu bhai’s gf’s blog and watch him act like a “joru ka ghulam.”
  35. Plan Mughees’s and Mahnoor’s wedding!
  36. Feel sad after watching make muk an attempt at a joke.
  37. Watching television.
  38. Dance around in the washroom.
  39. Jump on your bed.
  40. If you drive a car go to the busiest parking spot you can find and sit in the car, with the and car in the reverse gear and start counting the number of the people waiting for you to go.
  41. Go to a hardware shop and order a chicken burger.
  42. Call a random friend burp on the phone and cut the call.
  43. Deliberately sending people each other messages.
  44. If you are in the company of more than one person, repeat everything everyone says in indirect tenses :P.
  45. Narrate everything you are doing to any person you can find. (works awesomely in person to person)
  46. Stare at a person continuously. When that person notices you, raise your finger and say, “I shalt have my revenge or die trying” and run away.
  47. If your friend is having their exams continuously make them aware of that fact by counting the exact time in seconds before their exam begins.
  48. Sleep!!! Like there is no tomorrow. Sleep like your life depends upon it!!!
  49. Watch people do stupid things in love.
  50. Start asking people how to get to a certain place, if they don’t know then tell them yourselves :P.
  51. Watch Playhouse Disney and sing and act along!
  52. Make everyone join the fun of Playhouse Disney!
  53. Listen to the radio and forward every commercial you hear to your friends.
  54. Listen to people like you actually care.
  55. Think up awesome quotes and watch Sonya steal them from under your nose.
  56. Watch and laugh at people who are, “Oh, look at me I am dark, love me love me I am dark.” (More of a dork but who cares.)
  57. Go to facebook and watch your friends join the most stupid of groups on the net possible. Not to mention the fact that they never bother looking at the groups a second time!!! MENTAL RETARDS!!!
  58. Tag random photo’s of people!!!
  59. Make whacky bets with your friends.
  60. Get whacky friends like mine, who are not afraid to show their love in public… i.e. in front of you… e.g.

Kashif: waby i love u 2

Kashif: XD


Talha Naveed: me 3 😛

Kashif: where r u my love XD

Kashif: dnt tell me dat u love mano mre thn me

Kashif: oh nd thla is sying that he’ll fight wit me for u

Kashif: ur knight in nude armor

Wahabna Ehsan Malik: mainay aankhein band karlein hai

Wahabna Ehsan Malik: 😛

(This is where I asked, “waby are you feeling shy after reading all that?”)

Wahabna Ehsan Malik: han m feeling v shy

  1. Clean up the mess you just made while throwing up after reading that!
  2. If you are me, then make your escape plans as you are now on the hit list of the above three people!!!

    Alright well then that’s that… I guess I got over my boredom… and not to mention the fact that I have to go and do step 62. So, see you later people. Oh and if you are thinking of trying any of the above given methods then I do suggest that you get health insurance and after that go WILD!!!


    13 Responses to “Things to do when you are Bored”

    1. wow -.-” *kicks u* 😛

    2. What happened to “Tumharay mun mein ghi shakar” ?:P

    3. trixmaster Says:

      awesum!! 😀

    4. excellent work waleed khalid.. i do admire you a lot as a writer…

    5. mughees ilyas Says:

      “Plan Mughees’s and Mahnoor’s wedding!”
      wat about waleed’s and waby’s wedding 😛 ?

    6. not really… just being different

    7. Anas Shafqat Says:

      Actually what mughy says makes sense, u knw waleed :p

    8. nope doesnt make sense xD how about anu and hira xD

    9. Anas Shafqat Says:

      your’s make sense :p and dat is just balderdash :p

    10. lol:P

    11. Nice…
      Thank you !!

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