The Last Entry in the Journal of a General

“As I tried to stand before the massive horde of the enemy, I couldn’t help but laugh. There they were packing up for the night. They thought they had won but a battle isn’t over till the last man stands tall. My wounds prickled like fire and my war torn armor tattered apart. I was reminded of a book I read when I was a child. It was titled “The three musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas. The book gave lessons of friendship, loyalty and trusting one’s comrades.  To be quite honest I can’t quite remember what the characters were, or how they saved the king from the crooked cardinal. The only thing however I remembered was, “All for one and one for all.” The motto of my life. I always believed in that and even though life tried to teach me otherwise, I being stubborn always clung to my childish beliefs. Now, I know I was no saint and I committed the most atrocious atrocities anyone could commit in this life or the next but I suffered greatly for them too. I always believed that the pain I took was enough to atone for my sins but today I was wrong once more. It wasn’t all for one and one for all. It was all for none and none for all. But still I stretched out my hand in the hope someone… my comrade will hold it and help me get up from my knees but all I could catch was the web of lies. The web that was spun before my very eyes, the web I always chose to ignore but today this web had gotten so thick that it completely engulfed me. I chuckled. Where are you now, my comrades? Where are your promises of always being there with me through thick and thin? Where is the loyalty you swore to me? Why didn’t thee stabbed and yet not aimed for my heart? Where art thou? Thou who forgave me and gave me retribution? Nothing but silence answered my chuckle. I slowly grab hold of the web and started to weave it apart careful not to damage the thread or hurt its true weaver in any sense. As I did so I stared at the land being wetted by my tears… tears which made the retreat tracks of my traitorous comrades more visible. Tears which prickled my wounds and reminded me that is what happens when you take your armor off and trust your comrades. But those tears didn’t weaken me. For the time of weakening was long but gone. They gave me strength; they gave me the hope that for once perhaps I was wrong about my retribution. I slowly put my sword before me and pushing down on it stood up. I took a look at my tattering armor and slowly started to mend it with the threads of deceit that my comrades had entrapped me in. My wounds stopped hurting as adrenaline slowly started to pump through my veins giving me the edge I needed to fend off the horde of enemy that stared down upon me. And as I picked up my sword and stared death in the face I couldn’t help but remember the first thing I was taught when I chose to become a warrior, “In the warriors code there is no surrender, his body yells stop but his spirit cries never!” With that I charged towards the enemy with only the thought, “With or without you, I would fight… I will fight on even though my loss is eminent… Forgive me my comrades for I wasn’t worthy of your loyalty.”

General Maxwell… Known to his comrades as grasshopper.


5 Responses to “The Last Entry in the Journal of a General”

  1. aida tu general.. 😛

  2. WoW
    btw wat was the point ?

  3. Anas Shafqat Says:

    The post is absolutely brilliant. But m worried now 😐 is everything okay, waleed?


  5. This brings me to an idea:…

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