The Life of a Comedian

“Nice… Wait awesome show, Mr. Rex. You had me crackling with laughter; I swear I have never laughed so hard.” Rex heard his understudy say for the umpteenth time… Sometimes he just couldn’t tell whether he was lying or was truly admiring Rex’s talent of making people laugh. “You know you are getting good at false praises timmy, keep it up and soon you will replace me on the big stage.” Rex said with a smile as he made his way outside signing autographs towards his car. This was Rex Maclain. One of the best comedians in the business. He was truly a born entertainer, one of those which come once every century. His show was a spectacle to watch. From his funny clothing to his mime like mask to the part where he would act out every situation with such grace that it felt too funny to be ignored. As Rex walked towards his car, he took another look at timmy. Young, vibrant and cheerful, Thomas really was a good entertainer but he wasn’t the class ‘A’ comedian Rex wanted.

“Yea, Rick. Look the new understudy is great but I think you should assign him to Maxwell. I have talked to him and he will take him under his wing.” Rex said rapidly to his agent after they were alone in his car. “But why Rick? He is one heck of an entertainer! He is funny and he can put on a good show.”

“Look Rick you have been with me for 10 years now… You know my past, my present and possibly my future. You know where I draw my energy from. The only reason I am the best in the business is because I know how to convert sadness into happiness, I know how to make something as grim as someone’s mother’s dying and making it the joke that makes people laugh like asses.”

“That you do… That you do Rex.”

“Well, trust me that kid can’t tackle the aura of despair and sadness that surrounds me. Rick you have been my friend ever since we were children. You know the pain I went through. The pain that made me what I am. The pain that made me wear this silly mask so people won’t know when I start crying during the show. I am the person who can work under any pressure. Timmy on the other hand just isn’t like that. What if he suffers some trauma? His work will come down and I don’t want to take the blame for that. I have taken enough blames in my life mate and you know that. I work solo now!”

“But Rex, come on he looks up to you.”

“That is why I will handle the transfer. All you have to do is to handle the legalities of the whole matter and that is all. You know no joke stealing etc etc.”

“But Rexy come on, think about it… This is the fifth kid you have transferred to someone else as an understudy. What if something happens to you? Who will put on a show if you are not able to make it?”

Upon hearing that Rex smiled and simply removed his mask, under his mask was the handsome face of a young man whose cheeks showed clear signs of dried tear drops and whose eyes were as red as virgin cherries. The limo halted to a stop… Their destination had been reached. Rex stared in the eyes of Rick, “My jokes come from my own life… My life is a big joke and I am making others laugh it up. This is what makes me go on each day Rick. So, no matter what happens to me…” Rex slowly placed his mask before his face again and walked out of the car in to the paparazzi waiting to photograph the famous face of Rex Maclain without his infamous mask on before he vanished like always. But before vanishing Rick heard Rex repeat something he had heard ever since they started in the comedy business…

“No matter what happens Rick… I will put on a mask and the show will go on…”


18 Responses to “The Life of a Comedian”

  1. mmm-hmm.. yeap it was gud.. ^^ not one of ur best.. but certainly well-written.. infact, better written than all the previous ones ^^

  2. Nice 0ne Hp! 😀

  3. -sigh- the show must go on
    thats the bitter reality

  4. @mano lol it was the concept xD i love the concept of this one ^^ and try reading in between the lines ^^
    @ds The world is a stage and we are merely actors. SO don’t worry the show will go on

  5. @ash ty mate

  6. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Awesome. It seemed as if I’m sifting through the pages of the life of someone who is very dear to me :] Superb concept.

  7. i know i love the concept ^^

  8. show must go on
    but its upto us wat we are putting in it anyway 😉

  9. my show goes on for myself and for anyone willing enough to watch it ^^ all rights reserved ^^

  10. hacking and pirating is common ^_^ so right reserved in this era means nothing

  11. yes after all i am a mere reflection from a broken mirror… Forgot have no rights what so ever… Thank you for reminding me of that again ^^

  12. u are getting a lil too dramatic -,-;
    come to reality waloo

  13. Welcome to my reality

  14. hello ^^
    how are you ?

  15. dead

  16. need incarnation ?

  17. the state i am in u cannot incarnate neither dead nor alive

  18. -.- aha sai ha
    set ja raha ha

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