A Long Lost Speech… :P

Writer’s Note: The following I always meant to publish with the total incident that took place… that is the along with the whole story of the whole competition but frankly that article was too long and it would well would had been boring for you. Now, since Anas asked for me to upload this I am doing this for him and dedicating well a victory of the past to him :P. Some words may have changed since the original debate got deleted by mistake but its pretty much the same as I delivered. Guess having a good memory has its advantages. Yes, I wrote all of it myself and yes I know it sucks but who cares. 😛 oh and there will be many mistakes… as i said the original got deleted… had to edit the original about 5 times after writing and about 3 times after printing it xD Worked for the team then now have other things to do so guess this speech with its mistakes would suffice. Thank you. 

*closed eyes… muttering something under my breath… a deep breath… followed by a smile and with that I open my eyes* Asslam o Allikum and Good Afternoon honorable judges, respected teachers and my respected colleagues. Ladies and gentlemen the topic of today’s debate is nuclear weapons our saviors or destroyers. I speak of them as our destroyers. Now, ladies and gentlemen I won’t stand here and bore you with the facts as the people before me have already done so and frankly I have no new facts to add. So, I am here to present the human perspective of the topic. For that to happen, I ask you to please close your eyes and imagine. Imagine ladies and gentlemen, a young kid of about age 7 playing in the garden of the suburbs. It’s early in the morning; his mother sits at a distance watching the joy of her life play. The child smiles and waves to his mother. His mother waves back. The child hears something flying overhead. He looks up. There are 3 planes flying overhead in a perfect triangular position. One of those planes drops something… The child impervious of the fact plays on. The object is hurdling towards the ground… 3 2 1… BOOM… Ground Zero. Everyone near ground zero dies instantly… of course they are the lucky ones. How so? Well ladies and gentlemen, imagine that child again… imagine the child being blinded by the nuclear blast… imagine him hearing the scream of agony of his mother as she slowly gives her life away… Imagine that child trying to scream in pain but his vocal chords don’t respond… Imagine debris from the buildings raining from the sky all around him. Imagine if you can ladies and gentlemen the child desperately trying to breathe but his lungs have failed and as he desperately tries to draw his last breath his mind only asks one question… “Why me?” 

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to August 6, 1945; Hiroshima, Japan. Now my respected opponents state that nuclear weapons are our protectors… If they are our protectors then please enlighten me what was the fault of that innocent child? Enlighten me was it his fault that his country decided to wage war? Enlighten me please, why was everything that child cherished, dreamt and loved wiped off in a single moment? ENLIGHTEN ME as for how did that blast protect for from where I stand I see nothing but death, pain and suffering of the highest degree. From where I stand I fail to imagine the suffering of that child… and if you can do that without any regret and pain then I am not so sorry to say that you… are dead inside. 

Ladies and gentlemen, how can something so destructive possibly protect you? I am sorry but how I was raised I was taught to value human lives… to value and protect all those who are innocent. How does slaughtering innocent protect you? If this is called protection then let me say today in defiance I DO NOT NEED SUCH PROTECTION!!! I DO NOT NEED PROTECTION THAT PROTECTS ONE LIFE BY TAKING THAT OF COUNTLESS OTHERS!!! 

Nuclear weapons are not our protectors… their only purpose is to destroy but in the wrong hands they can wreak havoc among the human civilization. Now, the news of anti matter research is dawning the arrival of more destruction. I do not need to explain anti matter to you all as you all are physic students, teachers and researchers and are very well aware of the phenomenon. Anti matter bomb research… Let me give an example of their destruction… Think small… how small can you go? 20 kilos… one kilo?? Think small… one gram of anti matter no matter even if it is dubbed impossible to attain for now has enough energy equivalent to that of a 20 kiloton nuclear warhead. Protection indeed. 

In the end all I can do is to share a quote by Albert Einstein… 

“I do not know with what weapons the third world war will be fought with but the fourth world war would be fought with nothing but stick and stones.” 

Heh… Sticks and stones indeed… That is if anyone is left alive to use them… Thank you.


6 Responses to “A Long Lost Speech… :P”

  1. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Okay wow 😛 Its awesome 😛

  2. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Especially the imagination part! awesome XD

  3. *tears in eyes* I’m so proud of u my bro ^^ 😛 xD

  4. lol ty -.-‘

  5. oh and anu its like i told u go against the flow xD everyone was stating the same facts so why not use their facts and get a new result?:P

  6. Olala xP
    Cool man, I can’t believe how can they even protect o.o

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