Another Love Story

Writer’s Note: This story was written by a very bored me and well I am only publishing it as some people asked me to do so. I really don’t like it… but ah well…

His eyes opened in defiance of his will to sleep more. It was early… way too early for him to be awake.  He turned off the alarm before it rang. It was almost months now that he had heard it rang. He needn’t look at the clock for he knew what time it was. It was always the same time when he woke up. All further attempts to sleep were futile and always resulted in horrible nightmares. His name was long forgotten, he was now only known as ice shadow. For the rank he had reached there was no record left of his existence. On papers he had died long ago.

He picked up his uniform and stared at the tag… “Major Ice Shadow” Major indeed. He was in the special black ops division of the country’s military. A handpicked, voluntary shadow squad whose members existence was known only to a selected few. A myth even among the high ranking officials of the military, “The Who’s” as they were known, was the most efficient and ruthless band of assassins which existed in the history of the country. Their name came from the myth that they only asked one question before a mission, “Who?” They were given many other names but all names and stories in the end dubbed them to be nothing more than a myth. Mythical it did seem 6 perfect soldiers, with no emotion, no life, no regrets and only responding to each and every command with “yes sir”. The perfect killing machines… the ones a king ransom was paid to train but no matter how much “the who’s” tried they sometimes did feel, they sometimes did miss their past lives… they were, after all… human.

At a distance a bell rang, It was time for their next mission. It had come up unexpectedly and they were to be briefed en-route towards the destination. “The target is Miss Nena Segal. She must be eliminated today and right now for if you fail today our enemies will have crucial defense information of our country. She is smart as they come so it wouldn’t surprise me if she has a few surprises up his sleeves or is ready for you. Approach with caution! Good luck and God speed men.” A voice said over the intercom as “the who’s” geared up.

Nena Segal… A name he always tried to forget but no matter how much he tried he couldn’t forget her… She was after all the love of his life. The love he had given up for the call of duty. For where he stood the only love he was allowed to have was the love for the country. He was supposed to be dead on the inside but no matter how much he tried, her enchanting eyes had bewitched him. She truly was one of a kind. It had been so long since he had seen her face… He remembered that magical night when she gave a soft enticing kiss on his lips… the kiss that gave wind to an ever burning fire of love that after so much time still burnt strong. He remembered the feel of her warm breath, the taste of her heavenly lips, the touch of her angelic hands, the feel of her soft curved body against his, the silkiness of her hair, the beating of her heart, the smell of her perfume… He remembered it all. How she laughed when he proposed to her, thinking how dumb he looked. How she hugged him saying, “So it took you this long to say this? Idiot… I love you too.” But alas the flowers that bloom in the spring must wither in the autumn. It was a love that was never meant to last. He, the suicide soldier always living the shadows… she the beauty queen always attracting people wherever she went… He knew what he had to do. She deserved better… she deserved someone who didn’t live his life with a sword hanging over his head. Someone who didn’t wake up everyday to the slogan, “kill or be killed.” Someone a little more… human. That was when he was asked to join the secret black ops division. He watched her cry her heart out at his fake funeral and with each tear she dropped, he died a little more inside. How she swore revenge against everyone who was responsible… He never thought she would go this far… But today her picture was  a poignant reminder of how much time had passed and how people change with time…

“Major, ETA in t – 20 minutes. What’s the plan?”

“Huh… Oh yea the plan. Team A under will take position here. Team B will take position here. Nova as always will be my backup sniper. I will personally execute the target; you all will be my backup. The enemy is smart so scope around but don’t give away your positions. You all will remain cold unless it is absolutely necessary!”

“Sir, yes sir!” the group spoke unanimously.

He stared at his trembling hand, the hand that had assassinated every kind of person without any hesitation. The heart that never held any regrets was beating hard today. His 6 million dollar hands were refusing to obey the will of his brain and as they made their way towards their designated points the trembling and the heart rate only increased.

“Ray, you know you don’t have to do this. Allow me.” Nova his only friend who knew of his existence spoke slowly to him so not to attract unwanted attention.

“Huh? You know the person you speak of died long ago,” Ice shadow spoke slowly.

“Really? If that person had died long ago then today his hands wouldn’t be trembling like he had arthritis. The hands which never trembled while killing even a newly born child tremble today for the sake of love. Face it you never could forget her. You never could move on.”

“I loved her with everything I had. She deserved better.”

“BULLSHIT!!! You wanted her… you needed her but your stupid ego got in the way! You my friend are incomplete without her. But I guess it’s too late now. So please don’t commit suicide one more time.”

“Oh no I am not committing suicide my friend. I came in this world as a symbol of love and I intend to go out the same way.”

Nova stood motionless. He knew what was to be done. He silently wiped his tear and took his sniping position.

“Hey Ray… I have one final request… Don’t turn your intercom off from my frequency… I wish to hear it.”

Ray just nodded and silently vanished into the darkness.

“WHAT THE HELL? ICE SHADOW DIED?” A voice boomed over the intercom.

“Yes sir, he had no choice the target was well prepared so he took the only possible way of eliminating the target. He acted as a suicide bomber to distract the attention of the guards so we could make our escape.”

“And the target?”

“Ice Shadow wasn’t the kind to go quietly into the night. He took her with him.”

“Have all traces of any involvement from the military been removed?”

“Sir, yes sir!”

“Good. He was one of the best we ever had. Alright major Nova you are to search for his replacement. Over and out.”

“Over and out General.” Nova replied as he threw the walkie talkie away and smiled. Today he had seen what true happiness looked like. The happiness on both the faces of Ray and Nena as they both embraced each other. “Truly, we are the weakest who ever existed… Perfect assassins, hahaha… love truly is the strongest weapon mankind possesses. The weapon that never was sought or wielded by those with corrupted and power hungry hearts… perhaps its power scared them… the one thing that truly makes us… fearless…” Nova said to himself as he thought about the last moment of his friend… ‘“Hey Nena… You know why am I here… we promised to stay together in this life and the other… this life I couldn’t keep my promise but I will try my best to keep it in the next life…”

“As long as I have you I don’t care whether I am alive or dead…” Nena whispered back as she embraced Ray tightly and imparted a last soft immortal kiss on his lips with a smile…’




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    *gulp* o.o

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    HP ?

  3. wat its stupid i know -.-‘

  4. It’s not. Late reply though xp

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