A Little Presentation on Slang

Writer’s Note: This is a little speech/presentation i wrote for someone. Now I know it ain’t that great but lately I have nothing else to publish so this is just to keep the ball rolling.


Now, 15 years ago if I would had said this phrase it wouldn’t had been long since I would had been forced to enroll in a mental asylum. But today I can stand here and say this with many of you thinking that, “Damn that boy’s got it goin’ on!” This is the topic of my speech today… Slang.

Oxford Dictionary describes slang as very informal words and expressions that are more common in spoken language. Or more comprehensively it’s the art of speaking in such a way that often the person conversing with you has no idea what so ever what you are saying. E.g. what would be the first thing that would come to your mind when a person your talking to at a party suddenly says, “Aw shnap, son. Check out the fine ass sho-tee rockin’ all dat ice.” … Didn’t get that? Well neither did I the first time I heard it. Translated or in dope terms it means, “Hello, my good sir. Take a gander at the beautiful woman wearing the expensive jewels.”

Alright, that sounded more stupid either way I know. But still at least this way the person you’re talking to would think you’re a social outcast instead of thinking you’re a certified WHACKJOB!!!

Now don’t get me wrong I am not an anti slang personality but there should be a limit to everything. For example nowadays the word FUCK is thrown around a lot. You can basically use it to explain anything… For example, man this speech is so fucking boring… FUCK I screwed up… etc etc…

But seriously the time, place and the person being addressed should be considered… I mean what the principal would say if I stand up to his face and say, sorry homie I fucked up… let me off the hook yo… I won’t fuck again… if I can say something about it all I could would be… What the fuck was that…

Getting serious, slang started as the language of the uneducated. That means people with low vocabulary started this language and today it has nearly taken over almost all languages. It has nearly destroyed the English language and the funny thing is that each year the dictionary people add new slang terms to the English language to stop the mutilation of their oh so beautiful language but each year the number of educated morons increase and so does the slang language.

Slang apart from being senseless and stupid at many times is also degrading. Let me tell you addressing women as ho’s, shawtee, bitch etc is NOT hip and cool. If you are a girl and you find this attractive then please I am not sorry to say Please raise your standards… You can do better.

Now, again I am not anti slang… In pro slang I would like to say that yes it does increase the informality between friends and yes I admit that it does kinda sound cool sometimes. I mean seriously… the word WAZZUUUPPP is so much fun to say. Come on just say it with me for the fun of it… WAZZZUUPPP… Slang also does make our point to be understood more easily to the mentally slow. E.g. instead of saying hey your shoe lace’s aglet is broken, if I say the doohookie at the end of your shoe lace is broken would sound more represent able and easy to understand to many of us.

Some slang expressions are euphemisms. Many older people use euphemisms for bodily functions, e.g. spend a penny, powder your nose, visit the bathroom. Some common serious diseases have slang names which are lighter in tone than the formal name, e.g. the big C for cancer. Somebody with a bad heart has a dicky ticker. People use expressions like pass away or pop your clogs to refer to dying. In business, some companies, instead of sacking or firing an employee, may speak of letting them go or dehiring them. Job titles can make a job sound more important than it is. A person who does repair work used to be called a handyman or repairman, but now may be called a facilities technician. So instead of telling a person he is a total asinine and an ignoramus. You can simply say that he is a moronic jackass.

So, all I ask of people is that to use the slang that is more acceptable and do watch the company you speak the slang in. But then again there are many terms which are so commonly used by us that we have forgotten that they are slang terms. Usage of those terms is fine but excessive use of ho, bitch, fuck and other degrading terms is not only offensive but also makes you sound like a total douchebag.

Thank you for your time.

12 Responses to “A Little Presentation on Slang”

  1. *Like on youtube* Yaaaay first comment!! =P
    I totally agree on this one, though I might be a lil’ more anti slang, who cares, YO!

  2. LOL i like it!! especially tht part where gurls lyk bein called bitch, or shawtie, hottie w.e 😛 seriously we both know some girls whu do this 😀 balkay almost sari hi kerti hain o.o

    kher.. the word FUCK is also used like OMFG……. Fuckin waT?? isnt tht bad?
    and LMFAO… u have a fuckin ass?? o.o

  3. interesting… so whom did you writte it for?

  4. lol cool

  5. hassan bhai =P

  6. mahn00r Says:

    @tris: almost all gurls like being called bitch, ho, shawtie. w.e? really? -.- thats lame -.-

    oh n hp i like it 😛 gg xD

  7. uh mano try going to beacon or city or lgs or kgs sometime ^^ girls refer to their friends as bitches etc xD

  8. Anas Shafqat Says:

    oye aisi koi baat nae :p but .. great article nyway 😀

  9. @anu well aesi hi baat hai xD i have seen it xD

  10. Where do you live?

  11. excellent discourse on the subject of general douchonomy 😉

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