A Senseless University Rant

Writer’s Note: Just another totally senseless rant ^^

I am sick of universities… my university to be particular. Now, don’t get the notion that I am one of those pessimistic morons who only go to an educational institute because they are forced to by their parents get in your head. Though I am not far from those people yet I do value education. I do value the effort my parents put in each day just so that I can get my degree.

Now, which university do I go to? Well its name is University of the Punjab or as it is more commonly known in Pakistan, Punjab University. It is one of the oldest and one of the most prestigious institutions in Pakistan and apparently the only good government university near my city. It supposedly has one of the best humanities section in the country which is also accompanied by the science section (non engineering) in rankings a little farther down the list. Not to brag but this institution is told to produce many bright students who go on to be the movers and shakers of our nation.

That was the bright side… Movers and shakers of the nation… sounds good doesn’t it? To be studying in such a university where they take in a normal you, polish your talents and hone your skills to such a level that the whole nation bows before your knowledge and wisdom? WRONG!!! As far as I have experienced my university they don’t embellish normal beings! They do not impart something magical on their students! They just take in a lot of coal and in that coal there are bound to be some jewels. As far as I know and have experienced every university is like that. They do not polish any talent or hidden skills they just work you to what you already have discovered in your own self and try to give some knowledge to you.

Now you may ask why do I use the word try? Well honestly speaking many of the teachers in this oh so prestigious institute can not explain something if their life depended on it. Many of them are so narrow minded that they do not respect or promote creativeness. Many of them are so clung to their own glorious past that they fail to truly appreciate a student. Many of them just teach not to make a difference but to earn and if you at this very moment give them a better job they are bound to leave what they do in an instant without even stopping to say goodbye.

To be quite honest these professors are the nice ones. At least they were good students. Now, there are many who were never good in studies, which always went to class at the end of it for attendance. Who used to pass each examination barely by using almost any means they could. The only reason they are teachers are due to student politics. They were active leaders or active members of some student political parties which as we all know are backed by our politicians. The result? Well thanks to their friends in the right places they were appointed a lecturer. Good no? Well it doesn’t stop there. These morons were never creative enough to write their own thesis or have their own research work published so what did they do? They stole… yes they sucked on the brilliance of the students they had and stole their ideas and their researches from them. Heck, if you know no one is going to say a word to what you do and any complaints against you would be silenced… then honestly would you work long and hard? Would you put in the painstaking hours of research? Sadly most of us won’t.

Apparently this is how this PRESTIGIOUS University is. If not being run by the political parties it is being run by the clerks. Want admission? Pay the clerk some cash under the table and voila you are in the class. Want the cell phone number and email Id of everyone in class? Easy befriend the clerk! Want to get something done? Either beg the clerk or keep on trying for a week before it happens. Or my personal favorite… BECOME A GIRL

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the University of the Punjab! Where apparently being a chick accounts for a lot from getting good grades to getting things done… You can get anyone expelled just by writing an application saying this guy insulted me or at least suspended. Where you can get the teacher to tell you the bloody question paper in advance. Or again my personal favorite… cheat all you like during the examination. Prestigious indeed!

So when would they really wake up and realize that what they are running here is not a university but an effing hellhole filled with hatred and pure corruption? My bet is well almost when hell freezes over. Oh and please do I a favor… the next time someone tells you that you only need to work hard till you get in a university, then everything will be fine and you will keep on passing? Well please tell that person to shut the hell up! Sorry to break your dream but they would work you to death here.  The only difference between them and Hitler is that perhaps Hitler gave time to his troops for a lunch break.

So in the end of this senseless rant all I can say is don’t get your hopes too high just how you hear something is… because the grass is definitely not greener on the other side…


9 Responses to “A Senseless University Rant”

  1. OH MY GOD!!!!… you become a CHICk to get things done at uni waleed… tut tu tut 😛

  2. If that was the case then i would still have my nokia set with me 😛 i was sent out of the class room on the accusation that i was cheating 😛 while the chick sitting behind me was chatting loudly and clearly with her friend sitting 2 rows next to her 😛

  3. lol true.. only if you had something fancy above your belly… things could have been quite interesting 😉

    and how many times do i have to remind you … LINK yourself…

  4. i am commenting on my own blog -.-‘ and lol ya:P

  5. mughees Says:

    is it a crime to comment on ur own blog /O.o

  6. Yo MUK 😛

  7. thn why do u brag about ur uni so much

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