Nostalgic Quips X

Alright, so its pre class hours and we 10 guys are sitting outside our center on benches. A beggar comes by, now this guy is different from the usual beggars as he is deaf and mute. So to convey his message he gives cards on which the usual, “I can’t talk I have kids sisters” etc is written. To give us some time to read he quickly distributed the cards and left to collect cards and hopefully some cash from some guys sitting a little far from us. After 3 minutes the guy returned and using sign language asked us for the cards and some cash. Usually we all are pretty generous but this guy was a regular and seriously none of us felt like giving anything to that guy. After collecting the cards he stood there so to make him go away a classmate took the initiative and took a 5 rupee coin out of his pocket and handed it to him. That guy placed it on his hand and asked for more. We all ignored again and the guy who gave the 5 rupee coin signaled that that’s all you gonna get buddy. The guy signaled in sign language what I believe to be, “Fitta mun tera zaleel insane” slammed the coin on the table and left. O.o Strange ain’t it o.O.


4 Responses to “Nostalgic Quips X”

  1. ROFLLL xD
    Once I saw this beggar outside an eatery, so some generous guy got him a coke and he’s like CHICKEN ROLL NAI MILEGA? xD

  2. Anas Shafqat Says:

    HAHAHA 😀 Not at all weird, walu! I remember giving one rupee to a beggar and he threw it on my face and said “Lakh lanat hoji” 😛 even beggars expect top dollar dese days 😛

  3. hahaha happens all the time 😛

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