My Belongings…

It was a windy night, and out of a good mood and frivolousness of time and mind I decided to watch an Indian movie. Now, in that movie a guy (the hero) lost everything he ever had, or wished he had, in just a couple of days. That included his sanity too. This led me to ask myself a question… what would I have had done if I were in his shoes? Would I had gone insane and decided to take my own life? Or would I had been brave and stood up against the tyrannous hardships with valor and dignity? Sadly enough I never reached the answer to that question for my mind asked me another question… “Do you really own something? Something, that you can call your own?”

The answer after much thought and deliberation was… NO! Ironically here I was thinking of losing something that was never mine to begin with… I owned nothing of what the world or the society dubbed to be mine. Frankly, it isn’t only me. Even you, yes you! If you care to look deep into the deepest darkest corners of your soul, you would see you too own nothing. For what is to own something? It is to be the sole owner and guardian of something. Something, which was, is and always will be yours. Now, look around you. What can you say was, is and forever more shall be yours? Nothing. From the very clothes on your body to the very life you live… you control nothing…

Nothing, some of you may say, I am being too overrated but honestly, at least I, own nothing. The clothes on my body, the shelter over my head, don’t belong to me. For I continuously worry about loosing them. Isn’t that why I work hard? To secure where would my next meal come from. For if the clothes on my back were mine, I wouldn’t worry about buying more… for often I buy more out of fear that the ones I have will cease to exist, or in their case cease to fit my body. Sometimes I buy for the fear that if I don’t I wouldn’t be accepted in this society. Now, I may not be a philosopher but if I truly owned something and was content with it, I wouldn’t have had any reason to care about what others think about…

Of course this is just the trivial stuff… Let’s look at the bigger picture here… Often we come across a special person and call them our own. But are they truly ours? We don’t control them… they live their own lives… we don’t control their life spans. For if we did none of those who were close to us would ever die. We don’t control their emotions, heck we can’t even control our own. So can we truly call them “ours”? No, in my view we can’t. We merely co-exist together and choose to be with one another for the other person gives us happiness and piece of mind.

Our emotions… our life… do we control them? No! We don’t. We don’t own them… for if we did, none would have ever known the wetness of tears. If we had owned our lives we all would had been immortal. But no… every human no matter what his belief, one day ceases to exist. So, we can state that we don’t own our life, our emotions, our material things or our partners… we merely sometimes act as their custodian or sometimes we merely borrow them from this world and one day give it back, with or without our own will being involved in the process.

Custodian, it’s a funny word; no? To be able to know that whatever I have in this world does not truly belong to me. For I may live my life but I can never be able to fully control the course it leads… for if I or anyone who was before me ever did, we would never have had the word fate or luck in our dictionary.

Now, I guess, I truly understand something I once read, “There is no sadder person in this world then the one who knows his own future.” For if everything truly belonged to us, this world would have had been in a sadder state than it already is…

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  1. I like the ending quote ^^

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