My friend once asked me, “What do you think true beauty is?” For a moment I was stunned… What was beauty? I mean fine, I could had just given a bookish definition of what beauty was but something deep inside me kept chanting loudly, “What is true beauty?” I had some idea but never could I summarize it to reach a conclusion.

It was that question that made me open my eyes and look for a definition that satisfied me. To be quite honest I was rather ashamed to see what my race dubbed as beauty. Maybe it was due to the fact that I wasn’t satisfied with their definitions. Or maybe it was due to the fact that I always felt that what they thought of to be beautiful held no sense of attraction to me.

Wait a moment; I was talking about beauty, where did attraction come from? Well, a lot of people defined beauty as, “beauty is attraction.” If this definition was supposed to quench my thirst then frankly there were a lot of things I felt attracted to but I never thought of them as beautiful. There were things and people out there which I always found beautiful at first sight but later found out to be otherwise. No, something was missing. Surely, beauty could not only be attraction, for if it was only attraction then a lot of things that attracted me in the past held no charisma for me now.

You see, even if I was searching for a definition, I had some idea as to what beauty could be. For it was my belief that true beauty should be eternal and ever lasting. For if it wasn’t then anything that had ceased to exist would also have had ceased to be beautiful.

Confused, I looked at my surroundings. Only to bear witness to hypocrisy. What people thought of beautiful at one age or in one group, they dubbed as ugly in the other group or in another age. Imagine, a guy taking a girl out on a date, calling her beautiful. Now imagine that very same guy marrying a different girl just on the fact that his wife should not act like a so called courtesan. Why these double standards? Perhaps it was due to the fact that most of us never bothered looking for inner beauty. It was the outer beauty that always attracted us and made us lament everything we ever held beautiful in the past.

Once again, I yelled out in frustration, once again a new flock of definitions of so called beauty came to me. This time it was dubbed to be something that gives satisfaction to the mind or the senses. It is something that would mesmerize you. Once again I took up the knife of scrutiny and stared at the definition with the eyes of a surgeon. It was once more that I was shot down. Beauty surely enough gave satisfaction but this satisfaction was entirely a new sensation. This feeling not only satisfied me, my mind, my senses but it also satisfied my soul. And it was in this feeling of satisfaction I discovered that what this definition stated was also of temporal beauty. It was not eternal. For the feeling of satisfaction was ever lasting. This time even though I failed, I failed by an inch. I was making progress I believed.

But now another question arose, if beauty is supposed to be eternal shouldn’t it also be universal? For if something didn’t appeal to my mind or my senses did it actually mean that it was not beautiful? What of a mother singing a lullaby to her child so he could sleep? What of a messiah helping my enemies out of pure devastation? Surely, those acts were beautiful, and the people performing them even more so. Did it mean that beauty was not universal? What I held to be beautiful might be actually ugly in some other guy’s mind? But if it were true how come we agreed upon the beauty of many people?

Perhaps it was meant to be different for different people. I might have had stated that beauty is merely showing appreciation of God’s creations but this would have had also made beauty a localized property. For there are people who don’t believe in God.

I have grown a lot since that question was asked from me, and now I hold a fairly different opinion to many of my race. To me, beauty is something eternal. It is something pure, innocent and something that comes from within the soul. It is not how you look from the outside that define your beauty but it is your actions and your personality that truly make others utter the words, “You are beautiful.” Yes, sometimes what may seem beautiful to me may seem ugly to everyone else in this world, but even so I believe that true beauty should always be respected.


5 Responses to “Beauty”

  1. First of all.. The last thing you mentioned, was that the definition of beauty by you or by what it is thought to be :P?
    Seco- oh wait, there’s no second ^^’

  2. its what i think beauty to be

  3. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Nice article :] Gud work!

  4. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

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