“Who are you?” enquired a frail voice of his visitor, who only he was able to see or apparently hear.

“I am known by many names. Azrael, Malik-ul-Maut, Ozryel, The Grim Reaper, Angel of Death and many more.” replied the mysterious creature.

“Ah… So, I see.”

“Now, that the introductions are over. It’s time to relinquish thy soul mortal!” thundered the Angel of Death.

“Oh! Angel of Death, forgive my insolence but nay, I refuse to die.” Replied the man surrounded by his kith and kin, on his deathbed.

“Ashes to ashes;

Dust to dust;

In the name of thy Lord;

Die you must.”

“In the name of thy Lord? The lord who forsook my prayers and left me to rot in disparity? The lord who…”

“Hold your tongue, insolent foolish mortal. For your tongue etches more wrath on your record then your frail mind could ever comprehend. Thy Lord is most merciful and beneficent.”

“Then in the name of his mercy, I His slave call forth for His favor.”

“Your Lord knows what you wisheth even in the deepest darkest corners of your heart. Behold His mercy for, I his messenger of death asks thee, “What death do ye want?”

A victorious smile appeared on the man’s face.

“Oh keeper of life and death, I wisheth for death but not here. I wisheth not for a sordid death even though that is the one I richly deserver for mine insolence. I wisheth not for a death of a hero, but of a clown, one that would make everyone smile. I wisheth for a death surrounded by echoes of my suffering and turmoil not one engulfed in the false care of these hypocrites that call themselves my kith and kin. I wisheth for freedom… freedom from this wretched place forever. Oh Angel, giveth me a death that would free me from the fetters of any and every fool’s nostalgia. I wisheth not for mercy but for the removal of this pain… for the removal of mine soul from this masquerade of lies. Oh Messenger of Lord, heal me… give me freedom forevermore.

The Angel chuckled at the strange request and slowly removed the man’s soul whispering, “I giveth you freedom, right here and right now. Rejoice mortal for today you die here not as a hero but as a clown. You wisheth for freedom forever and more, foolish mortal death is freedom and nothing more. Look around thee, ye is surrounded in nothing more than echoes of empty hearts and souls wishing you away so they may rejoice once again. No one is here to share thy pain. Forsaken mortal, what makes ye think ye shalt be remembered at all? For to remember is to truly love! But they love none. They are just mere puppets with their hearts drowned in the eternal darkened pool of corruption and hatred. They all are as you were and they all shalt be as you are. For only death can cure the darkness that plagues their souls. Mortal, prepare to be purged… purged from the wickedness of your ways. It is time for me to eternally heal thee…”


2 Responses to “Death…”

  1. I like it, don’t want to be harsh here, but frankly, I believe this could have been better. Bravo! 😀

  2. ♥ ThaaNie ♥ Says:

    * GASPS x2 *
    Creeps Me Out!! :||

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