A Dumb Story…

“Hey, how are you?” He asked with his usual blank yet idiotically funny expression.

“Hey… I’m fine… you?” she replied lost somewhere deep in the sands of time.

He realized in an instant something was wrong, for the pain in her voice was eminent yet cleverly disguised in an accent of being lost in thought. It was enough to fool anyone who didn’t know her, but unfortunately for her, he did know her. For how could he not? They had been friends for a very long time and had seen the ups and downs of life together, always being there for each other in a way that the other didn’t realize it. It was actually funny, how much they cared for each other as friends yet none had the guts to actually speak what resided in their hearts.

“Me, well you know me… I am as fine as can be.” He mimicked a happy voice as he pondered over what evil had befallen over his dear friend.

“That’s good.” She replied curtly.

Of course one would think that he would simply ask, “Hey what’s wrong?” but our hero is different from this. He is of the kind that I like to call a tough nut, hard on the outside yet soft on the inside. He is what we call the class clown, and as we all know clowns don’t get emotional before people. Sad little clown, isn’t he folks?

“Um, so listen your birthday is tomorrow. What do you want?” He asked with a stupid, pointless grin on his face.

“Nothing… anything you like…” She replied as though she hadn’t bothered listening at all.

“Would you stop being a jackass and comfort her or at least ask her what is wrong?” his heart thumped angrily at his brain but the brain didn’t respond. An awkward silence followed.

“So…” She said as she stared back at him, breaking the dreaded silence.

It was in this brief moment of time when their eyes met that he saw a unique thirst in her eyes. A thirst that required to be quenched. A thirst, which if left parched would cause nothing but regret.

“Um… what’s wrong?” he finally muttered from the corner of his mouth as though defying his own will to speak.

“Nothing… just lost…”




“Nothing, yet absolutely everything.”

“Feeling alone?”


“But I am here.”

“But for how long? It’s not like you are bound to me.”

“Nope, I am not.”

“Exactly! So, it’s not like you will stay with me as long as I don’t become a burden to you”

“No…” a brief silence followed as he studied her eyes which suddenly showed a grief he wished he had never seen.

He finally spoke again… “I will not stay with you as long as you don’t become a burden on me, for you see, my friend, you will never be a burden in any way to me. You are a gem gifted to me from the heavens above, to be polished, protected and nurtured with nothing but the true essence of love. And what you love can never be a burden on you. True I am not bound to you but I am bound to your soul, for the body may perish but a soul lives on forever. I was a fool to never say this but I guess some things have to be said rather than to be left at the mercy of a mere gaze. I may not look like much and I may be scared of a lot of things but there is one thing I know and hold to be true. That is I am not a coward, for a coward is the one that runs away at the slightest hint of trouble whereas you will find me with you in the midst of the darkest evils you may encounter in your life. I can’t guarantee you my physical form for I may die at any time but my spirit will be with you till my very existence becomes a hindrance in your path towards a bright future. That is when I would leave you, even then your memory would remain engraved in my soul forever, for the time I spent with you was, is and will be the best time I have ever spent. The time spent with a friend is truly one of the most beautiful of God’s gifts and the time spent with you is an ecstasy beyond any other.”

It was then that he saw a little gleam in her eyes. She was smiling; she looked as she had just defeated her inner demon that haunted her being. “My friend, I promise that you” he softly said, “would never be alone as long as you wish me to be there…”

Moral: Not everyday in life you get the chance to tell your friends what they really mean to you. You often take them for granted, but what we do forget is that friends are the part of our life that integrate us with internal and pure happiness, so it is out of the fear of losing them that one should speak up and tell them what they really mean to us, and not be a total eternal jackass. My advice, don’t let it come to the moment mentioned above; your friends should know that you will be there for them.


16 Responses to “A Dumb Story…”

  1. Dumb??? .. is it waleed khalid?

  2. so you really think this is dumb eh???

  3. everything is dumb xD:P

  4. nah! it’s freaking hysterical 😛

  5. Wahabna Says:

    I likes 🙂

  6. Wahabna Says:

    I like 🙂

  7. Wahabna Says:

    sorry abt the 2 posts -.-” they said send nae hui x.x ghaday kaheen ke x.x

  8. LMFAO!!!… like i said.. it’s hysterical.. they way things work..

  9. @waby i can simply delete the wrong ones but too lazy for that:P
    @lvii ya ya so when are we starting our project?:P

  10. hassan gillani Says:

    its good..

  11. Not bad, I can actually relate the exact same words exchanged between them to myself…
    Thanks for inspiring anyways! ^^

  12. TRRIIIXX Says:

    Lol try tellin tht to sm ppl ^^

  13. sala tharki emo xp

  14. ♥ ThaaNie ♥ Says:

    THIS , you call fake?? [O.O]

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