Say No to Porn?

Pornography in Pakistan… Seems like an oh so familiar topic doesn’t it? Well it should be after the records we have broken. I mean being number 1 on the most porn watching country in the world as declared by fox news(even though the news was invalid), that should count for something right? Guess so, I mean there must be some reason that many of us still feel proud of it and contribute generously in making sure that our country achieves that record. After all no publicity is bad publicity.

So, I guess what’s done is done. I mean it’s not like it’s against some Islamic law that we should stand up like we did on the incidents of the insult to our Holy Prophet (SAW). I mean why should we even throw more spotlight on this issue, no one cares right? It’s not like its hurting anyone, right? Let the kids have their fun.

WRONG!!! We are ruining our younger generation by allowing them to freely watch porn at their own will. The result being the younger generation treating members of opposite sex not with respect but only as toys to fulfill their sexual desires. I mean I fail to see any, “Don’t try this at home” at any of the porn sites. Heck, thanks to this regular watching, half of the guys notice a girl’s breasts or posterior (depending upon her direction of travel) when they first set their eyes on her. Its like they are stripping her of her clothes with their eyes and trust me some of them have watched so much porn that for their imagination such a task is not an arduous one. Seems funny, no? Knowing people with x-ray vision just like superman.

So, it’s the guy’s who are at fault? Well frankly no, girls are to be blamed equally. Lately our fashion industry has really modernized the way a woman dresses. The result being that now a day, a kurta shalwar is more revealing than a tight T-shirt wore with a skirt. Honestly, such type of full dresses entices more ill sexual feelings than short ones. But wait why am I putting all the blame on the guys? Its not like girls don’t watch porn. Upon interviewing some of the local cd shop keepers in relatively poor districts, I was shocked to find out that girls rented out pornographic material. (Of course some times they do watch something from their brothers or so collection.) I was pretty shocked to find out many of the girls I knew had not only watched pornography but also had a favorite. I mean seriously this is truly a saddening fact.

So, what does happen when a society starts to look at the other gender with lust and nothing else? Well, the rape rate goes up for one. As can it be seen here. With the exception of Baluchistan the Zina/Rape rate in all of our provinces has slowly but surely risen up (If you count the increase of more than a 1000 cases slow that is.) Of course these are only the number of cases that were reported. In our country almost half of such cases go unreported to the Police or anybody else for that matter (As to protect the girl’s future or the fact that it was mutual). Now, I would like to go on the record here by saying that these cases are of women raped and not of the number of men raped. WAIT WAIT, what the heck am I saying? A man raped? How can a man be raped? I mean he is a sexual machine, always ready to take his clothes off and have sexual intercourse with a girl, right? It’s not like he has any feelings or something, right? WRONG, please correct your misconception people, men can and are also raped. Cases of men being raped have also been reported in our country. Often its men raping each other but in the past few cases of GIRLS raping men have also come up (As shown in the cutting below).

So the rape rate goes up? That’s it? NO! Not only does porn watching conflict with our religious norms and laws but also it destroys the respect we have for the other gender. A society where both of its wheels looking at each other with nothing but lust is soon to crash. A society where one sex only wants pleasure out of the other sex and takes any means to get it is well at least in my view condemned to fall (Especially one undeveloped like ours). Not to mention how the addiction of it damages the productivity of our younger generation, but hey whose complaining right? It’s not like we are a developing country, with more than 35% of its population under the age of 14. Oh wait we are, how utterly amazing.

Now, I won’t go on rapping about how strong the pornography has grown in Pakistan. As it can be very well be determined from this article here. Major highlights of this article are that we have our very own porn studios in Pakistan along with our very own porn stars. Some voluntary and some acquired through the means of blackmailing. How do they do that? Well, that is another long story.

Another good example would be the rampaging advent in the sexcapade industry. Don’t know what I am talking about? Well just type Urdu Kahani (or even Urdu Stories) in Google and open your eyes to different pages containing sex stories. And to think Urdu is our mother language? If we don’t wake up now when will we?

Question is what can we do to stop it? Well, I know what we can do. Let’s just blame it all on the government again. It’s their headache not ours right? Seriously, when would we realize that no nation can change themselves until and unless that nation decides to bring a change upon themselves? As said in the Holy Quran, which by chance we say we follow to the letter as Muslims (though I have serious doubts about that as well now)

“Verily Allah does not change a people’s condition unless they change their inner selves.” (Al Quran 13:11)

So, is it not time that WE the people take a stand? I mean where are the people who made sites to crash the “Draw Muhammed Day”. Where are the sites to crash the major porn sites? Where is the ban on porn sites? Nowhere! Utterly pathetic. I mean fine if they aren’t doing anything why are you stopping? Where is the restriction of major porn sites on your home pc? Why is your safe search turned off when you search Google? Why is there no one to supervise the kids when they are on the internet or watching a movie? Does getting the kids a computer and internet a parent’s only responsibility? Where is the part of teaching how to use it for your betterment? Truth be told, no where. For we all do it. We all enjoy it and we all are not afraid to say it loud and proud. So, my advice would be either stop watching porn today and contribute in some way by sharing your concern or please set your home page as redtube or pornhub etc and invite all your family to join in on the fun.

Writer’s Note: This is a fairly old post which was supposed to be published way back but due to some happenings it just couldn’t go on the blog it was intended for so, here you go a very old post.


4 Responses to “Say No to Porn?”

  1. Porn is addictive, though there are exceptions, I might be bragging about mentioning myself here, but yeah I did come across porn sites years ago, clicked on them out of curiosity, then got addicted, atleast I am proud to say that I did, really quit it. When I say ‘years’ half of you would be WTF?? 😛 Yeah well, back when I was twelve so I didn’t really have a solid concept of rights and wrongs. I agree how it does change the way someone looks at life, definitely it can ruin innocent minds and pleasure the corrupt ones.
    Now I don’t think this all can be blamed on sex industry, IMO even the music industry has a part in it, these days half the songs you hear are nothing but artists complimenting the ‘chick’s booty’ and how they want it down ‘low’.
    Though I kinda’ LOL’ed at the three aunties raping the guy, but that amusement is also summed with sympathy for him, very unusual, rather the first time I heard male rape case by a female, though gay rape happens at higher rates usually in prison ^^
    Summing it up, well written, a truly thought provoking comeback. Nice job, Dev!l!

  2. […] Note: The article was intended to be published on  Aug 27, 2010. _____________________________________________________________________ Research and discussion credits shared with : Waleed Khalid […]

  3. Gon kill me, then she gon kill me that’s so amazing

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