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Going Back…

Posted in Articles on September 28, 2010 by Dev!l

Its time to go back… Back to the same old building designed identical to a prison… Back to bunking classes just ‘cuz you didn’t feel like studying… Back to the exhilarating experience of playing soccer bare footed in the scorching heat… Back to being pushed down to the ground and getting up with a unique feeling of vengeance… Back to walking bare footed on the road towards the water cooler… Back to walking to the canteen with the whole class… Back to fighting over who didn’t pay his share in the bill… Back to the same old sarcastic comments to people who ask stupid questions… Back to the same old class rooms where they imparted your brains with knowledge… Back to agreeing nonchalantly and loudly with everything the teacher says just to make him end the lecture… Back to “bitching” about how bad the teachers are… Back to class politics of girls versus boys versus teachers… Back to writing applications for everything that doesn’t go your way… Back to sitting care freely under the shed and joking with everyone… Back to finding every lame excuse you can for getting treats… Back to the tension of starting an assignment only 1 day ahead of the deadline… Back to sleeping halfway through the lecture and taking notes in some language that even you can’t understand later… Back to your last stop before your chucked out in the cold cruel world… Its time for me to go back to university… But I can’t stop and wonder how long it will be that I would be able to enjoy these simple pleasures… One can’t help but think, “What will be my future?”… The answer … well it can never be known for certain so why not enjoy what you have… Here is to Uni Life… Thanks for the wonderful memories that came and that are to come.


A True Story

Posted in Articles on September 8, 2010 by Dev!l

Writer’s Note: The following is a true short story and from it I think we can truly contempolate our voilentic nature.

As advertised by a Traveling Salesman, holding metal detectors in one hand and knives in the other, on Hall Road, Lahore.

“Knives for Sale; Undetectable by Metal Detectors. Free Demonstration”