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And The Pointless Rant Continues…

Posted in Rants on October 24, 2010 by Dev!l

Saturday, October 23rd 2010. I just realized I have lost something. I have lost almost all respect for teenagers of our glorious nation. Why? Well, let me ask you what would you think of a guy who brags about saying, “On the third date I ask the girl to have sex with me or get lost.” Hmm, what charm, what chivalry. I must say I would hold him up very high in my books and have a statue made for him. Or a girl who openly brags about how she gave her virginity and how great it felt to her friends. Of course they are not minors so they should be able to do that. Oh yes, it’s their life. But you see the trouble here is the girl and the guy, are only in their high schools. So whose fault is it? Theirs? Or the place where they got their education?

Let me narrate another example through some other guy’s words, “Ok, so see there is this party at school and this guy is giving oral sex to his girl friend in the washroom when the teacher catches them and suspends them etc. I mean what is the teachers problem, it’s not like that is his business.” These are the words of an O level student studying in a prestigious school. Now, call me old fashioned but where I was brought up, school taught me a lot. That included respecting the other sex. It also included instilling many Islamic and moral values in me. Of course at that time it seemed like a drag but now that I look back I am glad I was taught those values.

So, I am great; is this, the topic of this pointless rant? NO! The topic is what values do these prestigious private schools are instilling in our younger generation? Half of them don’t know even where we come from. What are our origins and what many days we celebrate really stand for? E.g.

Go to the 45th second and then 2:50th. That is what our private scholars are like now a day. Of course the rest of the video just shows pure pathetic-ness but frankly I couldn’t find two more such exposes by dawn news, in both of them such “modernized” scholars were asked about the national anthem and the difference between the 3 different Holy Nights. The answers at first made you laugh but in the end just made you sad on the fact that this is where we stand with our youngsters. They care more about getting laid or scoring now a days then to really learn anything under the section marked as ethical and moral behavior.

Sorry to digress from the topic but these are some examples that we must take into serious consideration. I mean if they don’t know the original values of our culture, if they don’t learn how to behave ethically, how do you expect them to differentiate between right and wrong? How do you stop them from carrying condoms in their bags and looking for a quickie every time they see a member of the opposite sex? No offence to anyone but last time I bothered checking wasn’t it at least frowned upon by social peers on having sexual intercourse before marriage? I mean now it’s considered to be an ordinary event to have lost your virginity in many posh public schools. It’s considered oh so cool, and by some statistics I collected from different ‘people’ more than half of the students in the private schools aren’t virgins by the time they reach the university.

Now, don’t get on my case that I am ranting against all private schools, no I am ranting against the oh so posh private schools where the supposedly elite and the rich study. I mean is teaching only the curriculum the only thing that these schools should do and the only thing parents should consider before having their kids take admission into that school? Shouldn’t the real value of education be considered as well? Or have we lost the true perspective of what getting educated really means? Well, looking at our generation of literate uneducated kids, I must say that none of this should come as a surprise. But I guess it is high time that we take a look at what is being taught to our kids and what should really be taught to them.