2010… An Overview

The end of 2010… Another year gone to the ashes, leaving nothing but mere memories and reflections in its wake. So, as usual here I am again to contemplate on the happening of the previous year and share with the general audience some of the non controversial and shareable events of my year. Frankly, it’s been quite some time since I wrote anything so I guess I am a bit rusty but ah well here goes.

Just like 2009, 2010 started with a fight with some people who were close to me. I can’t help but smile at the mere childishness of my behavior back then but in my defense the feeling of euphoria I get when I know I am right and if that feeling is taken away by lying to me, well then of course I would react… Anyhow amidst this chaotic start I was able to enjoy a memorable get together with my friends over a bbq.

I met some new people in 2010, usually friends from my gaming circle. Frankly, speaking ‘friend’ would be too much of an overstatement for them I would prefer the term acquaintances but ah well society dictates I must use the politically correct term ‘friend’. But nonetheless it was fun meeting them. Especially going out for pizza with one of the most decent persons I have met, totally unexpectedly.

As we are on the topic of friends well I am happy to say that I grew closer to some of my close friends and sadly grew farther apart from some. As is the norm of time. I found some new people that I know I can trust but as usual I would take my time in trusting them. It’s kind of funny, the people I usually fight with a lot are the ones that I grew closer too and the ones I grew apart from well they just drifted apart in silence. In all this anarchy I also experienced some unknown feelings of growing accustomed to the presence of some people, experiencing joy in the little tidbits of life and actually bothering to really listen to someone’s complaints.

Academically the year 2010 was a real joy ride. I saw both the top of my class along with getting a supplementary in a subject everyone easily passes. Speaking of academics I enjoyed a lot with my class this year as time progresses the unity of our class got stronger thus making the year much more of a memorable one. From playing soccer to class politics everything seemed a whole lot more fun this year. The trip with my class to Khanaspur would be one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Speaking of trips, I went to Kashmir in 2010’s summer vacations with two of my friends. The amazing journey accompanied by the songs of Akram Rahi to the cold water being thrown at me for being an introvert person all was real fun. Though it was sad to see that I have some breathing problems along with some intestinal issues now =D.

It was a quiet year from my family’s side with the occasional visit from family members and or me going to visit them for holidays. My nephew grew one year old and sadly enough I didn’t get him anything. Hey why should I get him something when he is too young to even remember what he broke when he was one year old, right? I seriously sometimes don’t get the norms of the society we, Homosapiens, have defined over the centuries.

I did give some gifts to some friends however, the most memorable of those being a scrapbook I made for one of them. Honestly, making it wasn’t a big deal but the joy of sending it was. I also learned something new in origami over all this ordeal (just a joke though, wasn’t an ordeal :P). I must say I can’t help but smile at an angry little girl who must be holding a teddy bear right now and strangling it and saying where the mention of my gift is.

I also avoided giving gift to a friend’s sister at her wedding. But well then again I wasn’t alone. I had my accomplices. The gathering with my school friends were few and far between but nonetheless fun as always. Its funny how busy we are becoming with our lives.

More over I did enjoy a lot of khuwari’s I did with my friends, including that amazing conference I attended just because of one friend along with many long walks which had no fruitful result. There were many unfinished projects I started this year but never saw them get finished. Hopefully I would get them reach a conclusion this year. I also entered a photography contest this year, with a friend, which we didn’t win but nonetheless I was proud of our work and the effort we put into it.

My father also got promoted this year as well so I guess this was a good year for him but then again it gives me nothing to be proud of as this is his achievement and not mine.

2010 in an overview was a great year; I enjoyed a lot and learned a lot more than I originally bargained for. I learned how hypocritical people actually can be and how some people lie to protect their interests. I learnt many aspects of human nature I had often ignored in my melancholy. Sadly enough not one of them made me feel any respect or love for our race. I learnt how sometimes your only true friend to wipe your tears is your own self and how sometimes someone can be so angel-istic that their one word of comfort is enough to make you smile in even the gloomiest of days.

Ah well but this is getting way too personal, I am not here to rant about how people are and how they should be for believe I am no saint either and personally now I believe that I have as much faults as any other human walking alive on this planet. So why criticize others when I have not even tried to correct myself yet? Quite honestly speaking many events of 2010 made me feel a little sad and I wouldn’t blame myself for not wanting to remember much of the year as I remember the rest of them. In the end all I can say that no matter how I spent my year, I have no regrets over anything as life continues without stopping and so should I. However, I do wish that this year, everyone around me has a greater year than mine.


12 Responses to “2010… An Overview”

  1. Poop Poop Papa Says:

    I lub u melay poop 😀

  2. Wahabna Says:

    poop poop ullu 😛 loved it 😀

  3. Poop poop Dev!l 😛

    Anyways the same garbage I read in every last year analysis of anyone, same stuff same everything why should you bother writing it down here anyways? 😛 Go get a diary and write all the personal stuff and the.. Real things in it and see the magic 😛

  4. Hmm you are rusty, true but this time you’ve mostly hinted to the happenings unlike before. I only wonder why? 😛

  5. Anas Shafqat Says:

    But why the hints? 😛 Why not write the full accounts for the general benefit of the ignorant public? 😛

  6. Anas Shafqat Says:

    The public likes full accounts 😛 So please, next time take care 😛

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