Ramblings of an Entangled Mind

It’s been so long since I have picked up a pen to write about how I feel or what I think. Lately, I have been absorbed so much by the world of gaming that the only times I pick up a pen or open up MS Word is when I have to prepare an assignment or take notes during a lecture. But no matter how much absorbed I have became my mind still works the same if not better.

There is so much that has changed lately, and as I look at the time when I first came to the world of blogging a lot has changed, in both me and the world of blogging. I for one have gotten more mature over time and now have a serious perspective of life and everything around me. I have started to think upon things I never had thought about and frankly they intrigue me and entice my mental juices. Topics which I used to find boring and repetitive such as, the meaning of life, love etc., now seems more pleasurous than ever before. Instead of accepting everything as it is with little questioning, my mind has began to question the very thread that intertwines the fabric of being and the society we live in.

No, I am not praising myself I am just asking for the world to do the same. I want the people to stop following and saying yes. Its time we stand up and ask why? For, it was the objection of the laws of society and nature that led to a deeper and greater understanding of things around us. I mean if Galileo hadn’t questioned the church, our sun would still be revolving around the earth.

Well, ever since I have been away I have gotten a little more philosophical in nature. Little things have started to interest me more. From getting an adrenaline rush while riding a joyride to getting extreme happiness from the smiles of people I have came a long way. But there are still parts of me that are stuck with the past, for one I still like to whine and cry when things don’t go my way. I still like to get deeply absorbed in my work and get short tempered. I still have very little control over my mind in general but have a deeper understanding of its wants. I still have the impulsive need to cling to my present ways and not to see any change. but I am glad that on a social interaction scale I am still the same old introvert I was before, though there are some certain aspects of emotions that I have started to feel that I didn’t know could exist in me.

Over the years as I have changed so has the world of blogging, from people generally talking about their daily life in blogs a lot of them have started to take a deeper interest in the political issues of their countries. This is a very good thing but I am still concerned with the lack of articles on socially taboo topics, articles of philosophy etc. I know there are many blogs which are dedicated solely for that purpose but in my general observation I have realized that like society, the world of blogging is also fame crazy. Most bloggers write about whatever current issue gets the most readers even if they have little or no knowledge of the subject. I have seen bloggers write about soccer during the FIFA WC when they don’t even watch it. I have seen bloggers write about religion and passing judgment through their pen at some victim for either being right or wrong when they still need to get a better understanding of religion itself. I have seen rants about zodiac signs and how would they affect the writers, when prior to the whole controversy they had and still have no idea about how it really would affect the people. I have seen people write about love on Valentines Day when they haven’t truly loved at all. I have seen people rant about love and its craziness when they don’t even know the stages of love and can’t even differentiate between true love and mere trade.

So, I guess I have no idea what I am saying but I just wanted to write for the heck of it… so here it was, hope you enjoyed reading the ramblings of an entangled mind.


4 Responses to “Ramblings of an Entangled Mind”

  1. Wh4n you say you Joyride. Do you mean a stolen car. If so I’m smiling with you.

  2. Anas Shafqat Says:

    This is beautiful. Especially the second last paragraph. You should open MS Word more often.

    Keep updating 🙂

  3. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Yeah, writing is good way to vent out otherwise bottled-up emotions 🙂

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