Another Senesless, Pointless Rant about Women

As the topic suggests this is another rant about women and their ways. And before you ask, no I am not a homosexual male or a guy burnt in love or Barney doing drugs. So please don’t ask me such type of shitty questions. What I say I have found from experience by observing the girls around me (thankfully many of the girls I know are not like this but still some are), if you are different then please have my heartfelt congratulations… NOW PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!

Now the question arises, what can I possibly rant about women that I haven’t ranted about before? Apparently, there is nothing new but I must share for the sake of some person who actually has a life and was cool enough to miss my earlier rants :D.

So, here goes… I am tired of the way girls act so selfish and self absorbed. How their feelings are more important and we, the opposite gender is supposedly a freaking android with the nucleons for emotions replaced by lustful wishes. I am so tired of the fact how when we go up to a girl and unfortunately smile, it is “understood” that we are hitting on her. Well I am sorry, I didn’t know you were the prettiest thing ever to walk the very face of this planet. Yes, there is nothing to look in your direction but your, oh so radiant face, vibrant smile and blithe personality… Honestly, stop being so self-absorbed, no one gives a damn (Well mostly I don’t and since it’s my blog I would state how I feel and how I ACT! If I cared how other guys treated you I would be called Mother Teresa. Got a problem? Well please go to wordpress or blogger or live and make a blog and write about it and stop nagging me.)

Wait, I am sorry that was so rude. Tch Tch Tch where are my manners? What can possibly make me deduce that girls are self-absorbed? Lets see, oh oh I know I know, how about the story that a girl hits on me (Yes, I also think she must be blind or mentally retarded or even both to do so) and I just ignore her, it’s considered rude and suddenly your declared as the oh so “proud and arrogant” guy in your class. (This case is stated if you are lucky, otherwise they would just dub you as “gay”.) But if I just as so point out to a girl that she dropped some cash on the street with a smile (just because I am having a good day and not that she is the current model for playboy), it’s considered rude of me as I am hitting on her and apparently I have no mother and sister in my home. (No, didn’t happen to me but someone I know so too bad you can’t jest on me for that, I feel so sad for you… Oh wait its not that I am sad about, I am sad about your pathetic-ness actually.)

I am not saying every girl is self-absorbed, I have seen girls who suffer from inferiority complex too. For those girls if you smile in any direction while they are in the vicinity, it’s understood by them that you are laughing at them. Yes, way to go human evolution and the super powers to hear conversations from 6 to 10 yards away. No offense but if I wanted to laugh I would find bozo the clown funnier than you. Now the next example I am about to state can almost be related to by almost every guy. Notice how wrong it is for you to have feelings for a girl and how right it is for a girl to have feelings for you. Many girls would look at you in disgust if you walk up to them and say, “Hey I find you attractive.” But they find it oh so very cute if they come up to you and say, “Hey, you cute.” Yes, way to go Shakespeare for teaching us, such complicated anagrammatic English. Also notice how it is wrong for you to tell your girlfriend how you feel about her if she doesn’t feel like it and apparently your just a sex monkey who has an on and off button. And the last thing to notice is how a girl can get rude with you and it’s awesomely ok and how even if you get a little rude you have to apologize your ass off. Like I said an android with no feelings… *robotic voice* yes mistress, state your order please.

My last topic of rant is well something that I really hate. Notice how powerful women are in our society and yet they feel they are the ones who are being treated wrong. Wait… Have I lost my mind? Lets see, a girl slaps you in public, people come up from every freaking corner of a one mile radius and kick your ass all over the bloody place. A girl tears up her sleeves and just say you assaulted her… well enjoy, your all expenses paid vacation to the central jail along with special “spa” treatments to make blood ooze out of every hole imaginable. Still not powerful enough… No, wait… did you know a woman can legally have bail for almost any offense committed by her apart from the big crimes? Wait what? I mean to say that a woman can commit a 420 offense, rob someone of his money from her brains and pay bail from that cash and be free whereas a male has to suffer prison for that? What the hell am I saying… Oh wait it’s the law here, sorry. Seriously should I go on? (I am skipping the laws about religion here and how ngo’s stand up to protect only women and not men from them but if you really want to add or delete them yourselves because I don’t wish to argue with close minded people.)

No offense to any lady out there but you people are freaking powerful, you just don’t know it. Yes yes give me the crap how a girl’s self respect matters to her so much and how men are born pigs. Yes I agree the world has been unfair to women in the past and is still unfair to them in many ways but does it really have to end up with you exercising every power that you do have to kill any silent ally along with enemies? Fine, men are jerks. Men are assholes, they don’t think etc etc. but if you say you can and you do then please tell me why do you hate equality this much yet preach to get it? Please enlighten me why do you love to play with people and yet not have people play with you? Please enlighten me how you can generalize men by meeting one group and have the shear atrocity to say we are complex and different. Please mistress of emotions, tell me why is it wrong for us to not consider your emotions when you don’t consider ours? (All girls have turned down a guy by not talking to them yet when I do it no matter what girl I tell it to she quickly says, oh my God that is so RUDE!!!) Seriously speaking I can go all night but I do realize I have more important things to do with my time…


16 Responses to “Another Senesless, Pointless Rant about Women”

  1. Precisely what I had on mind, brilliantly expressed. 😛

  2. Awesome. Very well said. In fact I doubt their are exceptions. 99 percent of the women race is like that in all fairness. You keep mentioning how their might be exceptions but I doubt it.

  3. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Wow. Marvelously expressed!

  4. Farjad Ikram Says:

    Are u gay? 😛 Ok, no shitty questions…Got it… 😉

    I must say that you expressed your views very well…except for the fact that most of it was a generalization despite you said that most women around you wern’t like this…No and yeah, most guys ARE actually trying to hit a girl…Any a good pointless rant…enjoyed it…post more stuff…

  5. lol i told u that this is how i am treated. No, many women who aren’t around me aren’t like this too but some majority which i have encountered is like this, and yea its true that guys hit on a girl alot but sometimes its just a common sincere smile with no strings attached

  6. Most of your post was generalization but even then it was true esp the self absorbant point….. My sis says “sary mard kaminey hotay hein” and I always tell her “mard kaminey tab hotay hein jab aurat kamini hoti hai”. Guess I was right!!

  7. Lol OMG a girl agreeing with me o.o Historic moment 😛

  8. Arggghhh! This is one reason why girls don’t agree with guys cuz you people just come up with words like historical moment and unbelievable etc:)…I mean it’s not about me being a girl and agreeing with a guys point of view, it’s about a girl being sensible enough to differentiate b/w what’s right and what’s not…simple as that!!

  9. lol and what i said is something that is known to the English language as a JOKE -.-” hence the “:P” sign -.-” To be quite honest I’m glad you agree but its not like I would celebrate it or something, you are entitled to your own free will and opinion so you have a full right to think whatever you want

  10. hmmm and I knew you were joking am not blind lol

  11. oh goody 😛

  12. ♥ ThaaNie ♥ Says:

    of course gurls r self-absorbed.. and self-obsessed..
    i mean, we’re girls, for godsake!
    Do you guys expect us to say, i hate me? , cause that wont happen!
    All the girls dream is to be the centre of attention, and to do that, other ppl shud luv her.. and 4 that , she should luv herself..
    And yes, guys are the ppl who dnt giv a sh*t abt us girls and hurt us.. well, girls hav a weaker heart, and we are DRAMA QUEENS!
    Unlike you guys, who say “hi” oh.. “things arent right, im off” and breaks her heart..
    its all your fault! :((

  13. Uh seriously not a guy’s fault we are humans and last time i checked we have no psychic abilities to read minds and this may come as a surprise but we have feelings too 😀

  14. Phhahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhah!
    Even though I’m a girl, but this was correct, absolutely.
    I have friends like that roaming around me….
    You did it beautifully..Hilarious, mind-blowing post.

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