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The Last Goodbye

Posted in Uncategorized on February 17, 2011 by Dev!l

“It’s over…”

“Nothing is over till you want it to be.”

“Well I am tired…”

“Ah, so you wish to leave?”


“For how long?”

“That I don’t know”

“Then why are you here?”

“To tell you before I go.”

“But what’s the point of telling if you don’t know when you would be back.”

“I thought I owed you this much… at least.”

“No, you don’t owe me anything. The only thing owed to me was paid by you long ago.”

“Still playing around with words, even at this time…”

“Why should this be any different?”

“No reason just thought I mattered.”

“No, you don’t”

“… funny how I lived in that delusion for so long.”

“Funny how you still can’t tell when I lie to you.”

“And I thought someone said they never lie to me.”

“Hahaha, well whatever works to make you feel better before you go.”

“Won’t you ask me why am I leaving?”



“Because it’s how life is. People come; people go the only one who would always stick around with you is your own self and no one else.”

“So it won’t affect you whether I stay or go?”

“Never said that. People come; people go but some voids left can never be fulfilled”

“Am I giving you that void?”

“Aren’t you getting late?”

“For what?”

“For leaving?”

“So keen on pushing me away, aren’t we?”

“No, but I don’t see how lengthy explanations will help.”

“Ah, still running from your emotions I see.”

“Don’t we all run?”

“Wish you wouldn’t.”

“We make a lot of wishes but none of them come true.”

“Pessimistic as ever, I see”

“No, its called reality.”

“Grow up.”

“I rather stay the way I am.”

“You know you are hopeless.”

“But our friendship isn’t.”

“You know that is not why I am going.”

“I do… sadly.”

“Well, I think I should go, since you have nothing to say to me.”

“Reckon you should.”

“Any final words?”

“Yea, thank you for the wonderful memories and I am truly sorry for everything wrong I did.”

“A rather curt reply don’t you think?”

“Well just saving both our time.”


“Because I think your leaving for the sake of happiness and from where I come from standing in the way of someone’s happiness is the most gruesome and lowest deed you can do.”


“Oh yea I know I am very funny.”


“Before you go I am sorry for one more thing… Never being able to truly stand by you.”

“Well I am sorry too if my leave would hurt you.”

“I am stone, nothing hurts me.”


“Well, ok I think you should go. Take care; be happy in all your future endeavors. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good luck and finally good night.”

“Same to you, bye.”

He silently turned and left without bothering to reply. As he walked away he silently mumbled, “Would miss you a lot. Hope you are successful with whatever you do and hope you know you would always have a friend in me who would leave everything to aid you. Have fun with your life. Thank you for all your love and nourishment my friend. Sorry I never was able to take a stand for you, hope the future would be so graceful to allow me to take one last stand for you just so you know that all you needed to know was to show that you needed me to stand by you. Sorry I suck so badly at emotions. Sorry I never could fight in public for you without being asked directly. Sorry I didn’t stop you but it’s only because it would be the wrong and the most selfish thing to do. Hope you know that I loved you more than you think and always will.” With that he wiped the trickle of a tear on his cheek and smiled happily knowing that his friend was heading down a better road.