Rant About Men

Writer’s Note: Ok, I know this piece is kinda loose and it has a lot of digression from the original topic but um in my defense it was put together over a very long period so I kept forgetting what I wanted to write and what I have already written. So, just save my time and skip the ooo’s, boo’s and bah’s. Thank you.

Alright, unfortunately I am back. But as many of you would have a hard time believing this time I am not here to rant about girls and their habit of being all girly and majorly stupid. (All pun intended, so don’t really care if offense was taken by anyone.) Anyhow today’s topic is the behavior of men especially boys towards the other gender.

Now many of you might ask why the sudden change of heart? Could it be that I have fallen pray to the charm of some evil girl who has bewitched me with her enticing smile and heart throbbing tears? or could it be that I have finally realized the err of my ways and have decided to make amends to the general wrong… or maybe chee, I don’t know I actually like to analyze both the sides of the story and point the error in both cases? Oh wait of course how can I be so obvious? It must be something else… seriously stop over analyzing things people, with your brain cell power I am surprised you are able to think at all so why waste some precious neuron impulses on over analyzing stuff?

Anyhow coming back to the topic, as many of you remember I recently ranted about how girls preach equality and whine how they have no rights what so ever while they abuse power beyond that of any man! (if you don’t remember or actually had something called a life to not care, well I recommend you to stop reading this crap right here and go outside to play hop scotch or smoking joints or whatever is that you kids do now a days). This rant is on the analysis of male behavior towards their oh so luscious and beautiful soul mates/reproductive mates/sex partners (or whatever term you like to use.)

So what are men doing wrong? In my view, the general population of men is doing almost everything wrong! Wait what? Now before you get your might horse and start commenting your little fingers off let me explain myself; Men in the case of women are doing everything wrong because if they were doing something right, women wouldn’t be oh so mighty. A tyrant only remains at the throne as long as the people are too scared to rise up against him or in our case her. So women are tyrants? Well they aren’t born tyrants they are made by the special germs of bias-ism and general desperateness in men.

Oh yes, I am as a man calling each and every one of my race a desperate person, of course with some exceptions. But mostly almost all men are after one thing when they see a girl, the first thing they bother noticing in a girl are the sexual organs rather than her body language which may describe her personality.

I mean surely you would see that almost every guy would walk in a room and at once notice any girl sitting in the room that might arouse his fancy and just ogle at her like she is a marvelous painting in the Guggenheim museum. Wait did I just compare a living breathing object with a non living one? Shit, I must be out of my mind. Sorry to shatter your dreams but that is how we treat girls now a days, like objects. We treat them like playable games, either you score or you fail miserably and insert another coin in your system and you are ready to go on a chick hunt again.

Fine, its your choice treat them whatever way you want to but the thing is we treat them like an object of great value and that is what annoys me. Most of teenager boys’ life’s conversations start with the word, “Bachi” and frankly end at it too. Much too my annoyance, the main objective of many teenagers after getting good grades is getting a girlfriend. Its like they are candy obsessed children in a room full of all you can eat candy. But I don’t blame them entirely, media is equally to blame in their behavior as most of the songs now a days are those in which the guy is singing his heart out to a girl. Now if he found his first love when he was thirteen, doesn’t mean you have to go out and sing/rap about it to ruin the minds of our youth. And the sad part is girls are getting used to this “objectification”. You would see girls dancing to songs like, “Tonight I am Fucking you” to “Sexy Bitch” and be happy about it. I mean if those songs were any more degrading to women they would only contain the words bitch and fuck you on repeat. But who cares lets shake our booty, right?

But ah well, what can I say, our generation is obsessed with girls. Recently I had the privileges on going on a class trip with my buddies, and the only thing they ever talked about was “girls” I mean seriously dudes; there are so many more interesting things out there than girls. But no why bother about other things right? In the end everything has only one origin right? Yep you guessed it, GIRLS! To our generation a girl is something they must have in order to be “cool”. She is more of a status symbol than a friend. To them, every girl just wants them but just doesn’t know it yet. They would keep trying on a girl again and again and still won’t be smart enough to pick up a dictionary and actually look up the word, “NO” along with its synonyms.

I mean seriously it’s thanks to people like that platonic relations are practically non existent now a days. I mean go hang out with a friend of yours of the opposite sex, more than half the people would say, “Aw, look at the dating couple.” I mean seriously get a life people. Just because they are hanging out doesn’t mean that they are on a date or that guy has GOT her.

I mean all things aside, what the eff is with this language we use for girls? Where were the women rights people when this language was being put in the minds of the younger generation through the media? If they only stopped being so arrogant and stop sucking on to the media for yellow journalism, half of their problems would be solved.

You know one might think that as men grow older they tend to get more mature and get over the whole girl phenomenon, but it is my observation that as they grow older they grow more desperate. They start giving girls special privileges. This behavior is something that is observed everywhere, from teachers to the cleaning guy. They all would treat all other males as crap and would go all ga ga over the bat of an eyelash by a girl.

So, what was the point of this stupid rant? Well, it was meant to be a wake up call for people. If you people would stop treating girls all special then maybe, just maybe they would stop taking advantage of their femininity and maybe I won’t have to sit and listen to the word “bachi” over and over again. So please I beg all of you males out there, please stop being a big douche bag and treat girls with respect thank you.


4 Responses to “Rant About Men”

  1. awwww…but people enjoy the sweet nectar of the media’s teet. A side note, Chris Rock had an amusing and similarly pointed comedy act about rap music. Skeet Skeet! x.x

  2. lol perhaps 😛

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