Note: DO NOT GOOGLE/SEARCH THE ANSWERS PLEASE OR LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE ANSWERS OR COMMENT ON THEM! The object of this quiz is not to degrade you in any way. Please fill it sincerely and if you find any question you don’t want to answer just put N/A. Keep your answers as short as possible. Your identity would remain anonymous and you can use either English or Urdu, whatever you are more comfortable expressing your view in. Please answer as anonymous, put a fake name and a false email ID. You can answer with your real name if you want but in that case I would prefer if you email me your answers on either my email or Facebook, so that to ensure your views don’t fall into anyone’s hands. If you do not wish to pursue it please don’t waste your and more importantly my time because I really don’t find you funny. Oh and in advance yes I know I suck. Thank you.


25 Responses to “Survey”

  1. Comments have been stored and deleted for security reasons 🙂
    tj, Asma and blackink

  2. Noted Muhammed Ahsan Akhter

  3. Go die -_-‘ itna lamba hai ye

  4. Can I know what this is about? 😛 I filled it out so I was expecting some kinda post on this or something… Was it just for personal use, or can we expect a rant or maybe some kind of result regarding it? 😀

  5. usama Says:

    bohat lamba hai sala

  6. Tariq Says:

    Love you jan teray liye kuch bhi

  7. great post!!!

  8. am sure its the same as on anas’s blog.. right??

  9. ahan!!!..k ..u mean to say the one on Anas’s blog is like “do-number” or something… anas ko bataun?? 😛 😛

  10. Lol, marzi hai xD woh 2 teen batain sunain ga aur phir maan jaye ga 😛

  11. sounds so much like devil 🙂

  12. seedhay sadhay masoom logon ko yun treat karna devilsh he to hai.. bechara mera bhai :/

  13. n why not ?? o.O

  14. HANHHHH??? *stares with a shocked glance on the LCD*

  15. @devil.. seeeeeeee.. anas is so seedha sadha shweet bro, kuch bhe nahe kaha us becahrey nei ap ko..
    conclusion: u r the DEVIL 😛

  16. *cough cough* han han woh bohat shareef aur naik hai… woh tou sharafat ka majasma hai -.-
    and its Dev!l… ! makes a difference xD

  17. totally makes a difference yeah 🙂 lol

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