Screw Everyone!

Writer’s Note: Due to the usage of strong language, discretion is advised. Though I did try to control my language and not use any excessive swears but still couldn’t help myself. Thank you. Oh and if I missed someone then I am truly sorry 😀

Alright this rant is frankly to say screw everyone. I am tired, tired of all the haters, all the lovers, in short of every thing and everyone. Screw all the trolls who will barf here saying crap about me or my post or any other persons’ posts, if I cared I would had cried myself to sleep you freaking moron. Screw the idiotic people who try to shove their likes and dislikes down your throats. Other people have a life too, and if they don’t like a sport you like go bitch about it to someone who gives a damn. Screw the people who say if you don’t follow a sport you are not patriotic, WAKE UP! IT’S A SPORT, SUPPORTING YOUR COUNTRY IN THINGS THAT MATTER COUNT! IT DOESN’T COUNT IN A FREAKING GAME WHERE A BUNCH OF GROWN ASS MEN GET PAID TO PLAY WITH A BALL SO YOU CAN SHOUT YOUR ASS OUT TO THEM.

Screw the people who take games too seriously; people play games to have fun and not to win so they can like you sleep contently thinking OMG I WON! Other people have a thing known as a LIFE, GET ONE you fags! Screw the people who brag about how they own in some online world. No one likes to hear how you have no life, you freaking LOSER! Screw the people who bow down in front of God and pray their heart out for a match and not for humans suffering due to a natural disaster. GET YOUR FREAKING PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!

Screw the boys who treat girls like objects, just because you were taught not to respect a girl doesn’t mean you can’t learn. IT’S NOT THAT HARD YOU MORON! Screw the girls who play with boys feelings just because it’s a good time pass, there are better hobbies FIND THEM! Screw the girls who wear scarves in public yet either wear half sleeved shirts or upload their bare head photos on face book. PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK ARE THE SAME MORONS ON THE STREET, YOU IDIOTS! Either don’t pretend to be all Islamic or if you are then GO ALL THE WAY! Screw the people who think looking thin is sexy. Counting your bones in the mirror is not in any way sexy, you look like a freaking chemo patient.

Screw the people who think being emo is all the shit! NO ONE GIVES A DAMN WHAT YOU FEEL HOW IT IS, WE ALL HAVE EVOLVED INTO CARING MORE ABOUT OUR OWN PLEASURE THAN OTHER HUMAN’S EMOTIONS! HENCE WE LIKE TO PRAY FOR A MATCH AND NOT FOR HUMAN LIVES! SO STOP OVER EXAGGERATING THINGS! Screw the people who love to act like Goths. Goths were originally warriors and scholars not SADISTIC BASTARDS LIKE YOU! Screw the people who think hurting themselves is oh so satisfying. Just because you’re a weak willed asshole doesn’t mean you have to go around the people who actually are deranged enough to give a damn about you suffer too!

Screw the people for being so selfish and self centered. The world doesn’t revolve around you, understand this! Screw the people who go on writing about stuff just so they can get traffic, writing is supposed to be about expressing how you feel and not about what the people want! Screw the people who think their music choice is the BOMB and everyone else who doesn’t agree with them suck. It’s called an opinion, look it up you dumbfuck.

Screw the people who blame everyone else for something that go wrong. Sometimes it is your own God Damned fault! Screw the people who would comment on everyone else’s work, here is a news flash no one cares what you think! Screw all the hypocrites and all the assholes who do almost anything to be self righteous. Screw all the people who would go on commenting on other people lives just to get attention, these people piss me off the most!

Screw all the people who treat everything as a game, screw all the nerds who yap to teachers like their lap dogs. Screw all the students who start class politics, if you are here to waste your time and cash do so but don’t drag other into your shit you self centered assholes! Screw all the students who put status symbols on others! BEING COOL IS NOT BEING TRUE TO YOUR OWN SELF, YOU MORON! Screw all the teachers who are biased towards students on the basis of their gender. Screw all the teachers who go on hating on some students just because they are smarter than they were as students and have a better GPA than them! Just because you were a mindless moron as a student doesn’t mean you have to go out and take it out on others. Screw all the teachers who can’t teach and get the job thanks to bribery or recommendations! THESE PEOPLE DON’T EVEN DESERVE THE TITLE “TEACHER”! Screw the education system for destroying the creativity of the students!

Screw all the would be wannabe’s. If you are too weak willed to be yourself then stop pretending because frankly you look like a freaking asshat! Screw all the criminals. No not the ones that were wrongly convicted but the guilty ones, really FUCK YOU! Screw the justice system for being nothing more than a puppet of the rich! Screw the law keepers who for some ounces of cash turn a blind eye to crime! Screw the lawyers who would save a rapist or a serial killer and have innocent men hanged! Screw all the people who go quite and do nothing whilst an innocent man gets punished! Screw all the freaking assholes who blame America for everything that goes wrong in their own country!

Screw all the corrupted politicians for sucking the country dry. Screw all the dolts who reelect the same losers on the basis of the same lame old promises they never fulfilled in the first term! Screw all the fucking politicians who rule for the sake of their family and not the general public, go to hell and burn seriously! Screw all the morons who are willing to die for these self centered bastards! Screw all the fanatics who loot and rob in the name of a protest and also the people who go on a robbing spree whenever a natural disaster strikes, May the devil put his burning pitch fork in your ass and forget to take it out!

Screw all the news channels who commercialize human death! Screw them for yellow journalism and creating sensationalism. Screw all the journalists who make things sound worse than they already are, if you have a gift don’t fuck people with it! Screw all the idiots who in the time of a natural disaster bother the police and other rescue agencies with their idiotic questions! STOP WASTING THEIR TIME THEY ARE ACTUALLY HELPING PEOPLE UNLIKE YOU, YOU WEAKWILLED FAT BASTARD! PUT DOWN THE GOD DAMNED MIKE AND HELP SOME PEOPLE! May God smite these rating hungry assholes with lightning! Screw the people for actually enjoying this mindless sensationalism. Screw the people for not caring about other people’s suffering!

Screw all the religious heads who manipulate religion to find means to satisfy their own gains! Screw them for playing with people and treating them like mindless drones. Screw all the religious heads whose solution to every problem is violence! Screw all the church leaders who think everything that goes wrong has a Muslim behind it. Screw all the blamers and the ones who accept these accusations without proof.

Screw all the doctors who are in the profession for making cash and not helping people! Screw all the assholic doctors who would protest for their pays whilst patients die. Screw all the people who think they are smarter than doctors in treating diseases. Screw the doctors who pass med school by memorizing and not learning a single thing.

Damn screw this article for getting so long and still I am not done. Ah well, why the hell I am even wasting my time on a bunch of morons who would not simply care. So in the end… Screw me too…


35 Responses to “Screw Everyone!”

  1. Anas Shafqat Says:


    Though, I don’t agree with this –>(Screw all the assholic doctors who would protest for their pays whilst patients die.)<— but it doesn't matter.

    Congratulations, your outrage has successfully drained into me. I'm angry too now!

  2. Okay, screw you. Reading this screwed up piece of your mind is so satisfying. 😛 Brilliant !

  3. Lol, uh ty and anas not everyone has to agree with everything mate

  4. pehla para parha.. phir neend aa gayi 😛

  5. lol, it’s the emos that cut themselves, not the goths. 😛 I’d rather you go all out and say “fuck” than use it’s euphemism “screw” which really gets tedious after a while. Haha, good post though. 😛

  6. Oh yeah, and I think you meant to call them “MASOCHISTIC BASTARDS”, rather than “SADISTIC BASTARDS”. xD

  7. Oh yea that i do admit xD and lol my original post was fuck everyone xD:P but then i thought maybe it would be better if i use screw, you know pg ratings xD

  8. Brilliant and true…but itna ghusa sehat k liay acha nahi hota….

  9. lol meri sehat kay liye sahi hai xD

  10. 😀 acha tou phir screw her, her , him and all those Pakistanis esp my neighbours who supported Pakistan on 30th march wihile their sound systems blasted…badnaam munni, zor ka jhatka, shiela, aween aween and I can’t remeber the last song:/

  11. wow o.O funky neighbors with bad music choice 😛 congratz an awesome combo xD

  12. Screw all the assholic doctors who would protest for their pays whilst patients die.

    Don’t agree with that but who cares 😛

  13. WHOA HO… okay…u know for a while everything around me seemed so screwed even my own language :/ still i m sure u didnt leave any… n well i belong to the deranged category.. woh to becharay waisay he challenged hotey hain.. dont need to be screwed any more lol 🙂

  14. lol deranged people are the best tbh xD They are different and different is always good to observe

  15. oh ohhhkaaayyyy.. gracias, merci, then, if u like deranged 😛

  16. uh ur welcome or something :S 😛

  17. No hay de qué! 😛

  18. ohhh….ex-koo-zay mwah then 😛

    p.s. i m making every effort here to make u feel my derangeness or something 😛

  19. ohhhh… then i m screwed too… [all puns intended] 😛

  20. fitting myself to the screwed category?? if yes it proves then how deranged i am.. if in ur opinion however i m fitting myself ‘forcefully’ to the deranged category then u dont know me as yet 😛
    aisa sochney per ap per tauba krna wajib hai.. cz normal log bura maan jaein gay 😛

  21. If i really cared what the normal people think then I would have a bigger social circle or something 😛

  22. *likes* 🙂

  23. YESH YESH! SCREW the bad guys (n girls)
    agreed boy!

  24. Lol o.O please don’t call me “boy”

  25. uh -.-” not a girl either and def not transsexual -.-

  26. i have only one question… did you feel better after this rant?

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