Another Senseless Rant on Society

Where are we heading? No, I don’t mean it literally, I mean where we, as a society heading? I believe it was Darwin who said that the process of evolution is not complete. So, if we take it as a standard, the question still begs an answer, where are we heading? If the answer is towards a better and a brighter future and/or evolving, then I must seriously contest your answer. Look around you and tell me how have we evolved?

From the increase in the pollution to the destruction of our once beautiful eco-system to the destruction of the tall and majestic rainforests, wherever the eye can take a gander, I for one see no evolution and/or a bright future. Now don’t give me all that jazz about its all in the name of progress. I really don’t see how do we wish to progress by crushing the weak links and just going rampant over what ever arouses our lust or fury. True sacrifices must be made in order to win a war but if the number of sacrifices is far greater than those killed than chances are that you will lose.

No, before you ask I haven’t gone all green (though I do support the causes against global warming, environmental pollution etc.) I am just saying that as a society on every front we are constantly deteriorating (Today however I would only be covering our bases of respect and how much do we value knowledge). How? Well chee I don’t know, look around for once. When was the last time you actually saw someone caring about another human being just for the sake of humanity? When was the actual lasts time you saw someone giving without expecting a reward in return? When was the last time you saw people actually bothered to respect someone on the bases of his knowledge and not his pocket? Now, before you start to answer these questions please I implore you to look up the term “rhetorical questions”. It would save a lot of my time.

Now, you may not believe it but in the times of your father and grandfather people were respected on their knowledge. People who actually had knowledge, no matter how poor, were considered precious and respected in the society. It didn’t matter if the one respecting was rich or poor either. But today just look around, the ones who actually have wealth walk around as they rule everything and everyone should bow down to them. The ones stepping down from a Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover etc are automatically considered respectful and people walk around them ready to kiss any posterior they can to get in their good graces. Now, I am not saying that those people are always not respectable; they might be but seriously is monetary value of someone’s assets really the best criterion for judging if the person should be a holder of your attention and time?

It’s really sad to see that money has become the goal of our society. Education is now sold, prime example being tuition centers (half of them can’t even spell the word tuition correctly) popping up everywhere and teachers actually supporting them more than institutions. I could rant endlessly on this but I digress. People actually rate others on the amount of cash in their pocket or the power they possess and not the knowledge nor the other person’s sincerity and loyalty. If you wish to test this, just go anywhere (where you are not known) in tattered clothes on a cycle and then to the same place in branded clothes on a luxurious ride, the difference would be evident. And the saddest part is that people actually have come to accept these rules of judgment and pass these rules subconsciously to their children.

Still convinced that society hasn’t lost its morals? Well let me narrate a story I heard just the other day. “I am a grade 20 government officer of Pakistan Atomic Energy. Now, one day as we (him and his co-workers) sat in the absence of light, we couldn’t help but discuss what have we accomplished in our life. Frankly, after looking at today’s society, almost all of us reached one conclusion that we had accomplished nothing. We have neither gained any respect from anyone nor any monetary assets. We would have been better off working in some private firm or in outer countries. Now, I would like to add that my coworkers were all grade 20 and 21 government officers who are all highly educated in their respected divisions. Where is our retribution? Our job designates as “Scientists” but society dubs as useless/respect less individuals. Even our wives taunt us that we have achieved nothing in this lifetime.”

Of course half of you would be like that hey dude, I know this guy/girl and he is a grade 18 officer and he has blah blah blah… Firstly, not all divisions of government are on the same pay scale and benefits secondly the word power comes in. A grade 18 officer of Police is simply more respected and considered useful in our today’s society than a grade 20 scientist. And please don’t give me examples of Dr. A Q Khan or Dr. Samarmand Mubarik (heck half of you won’t even know any other scientist than Dr. A Q Khan and honestly I don’t blame you), sometimes exception occur even in our dumb and money hungry society.

Still not convinced? Seriously, look at this society where money matters more than any amount of knowledge or manners. Where at the end of the day it all comes down to who has more. A society where the only moral is either you eat or you get eaten. A society where each day and out people are slaughtered in one way or the other just because they are poor. A society which only knows how to follow the laws of the Jungle. Honestly, we are nothing more than animals.


14 Responses to “Another Senseless Rant on Society”

  1. hmm but the thing is we cant do good even if we want to…not bcoz theres no oppurtunity but bcoz theres not enogh willpower and even if someone has enough will power to initiate a good project or whatsoever…then guess what??people are not steadfast and give up easily……except a few:(so seriously where are we heading???

  2. that is what i asked, frankly I pity humans more than anything now

  3. Well, a revolution can not be brought by one person can it now? Especially when half of the new generation has accepted to get along with the world’s system. We’re not talking about a city, country, even an empire. It’s the world, Waleed. Who knows maybe after next 20 years the system will change again and we can all live happily ever next 20 years after.

    My advice: The rant isn’t senseless. Show it to more people albeit it wouldn’t change the ones walking on the ‘wrong’ path, since you didn’t show them how to do so. This post sounds more like complains then a to-do-list on how to solve those complains, though yes that’s what the title suggests. When you complain about something, you should find a way to tackle that something.

    and when you do.. squelch me xD jk lol.

    • lol I write to let the frustration out not for showing 😛 and frankly the point you raised was excellent and a friend of mine pointed it out to me earlier too, so I am going to work on that and give solutions to the things i find wrong as well… you just have to wait a little longer than i originally thought due to an asshole who won’t do a thing i asked 😛

  4. humans are supposed to evolve better than animals, cz they have souls too. animals also have intelligence and they condition themselves accordingly. so what have we evolved as thinking, living humans on two legs is a multi million dollar question.. my answer to all ur rhetorical questions 🙂 wd be that we havent evolved spiritually, we are a race consumed with our intellectual quest for material gains and not knowledge of our own selves. we dont have a clue that getting to know our spiritual potential is supposed to be the single worthwhile or atleast most important goal to be achieved. had we evolved as such we wd have been kind to the only place to live, earth that is, n the respectable survival of human kind.

  5. I won’t use the term intellectual quest for material gains… as there is nothing intellectual about that as for the rest I couldn’t agree more. And as for the sad part we take everything told to us from childhood for granted and don’t think it over…

  6. wat i meant by the intellectual quest i meant watsoever we wana become in life we just gain knowledge for that single purpose, to become someone big n earn money.. that is as far as our intellectual quest ranges.. may it be some doctor, scientist, even the ones who do researches who make documentaries .. every where lots n lots of money is involved n hence a decline in knowledge n wisdom.. just crammed bookish words, n vested interests..

  7. Lol, a scientist earning a lot of money that would be the day… Its really funny a scientist spends all his life studying and at the end of the day he still would earn lesser than people who spent way much time learning and working hard earning more… A true scientist isn’t in it for the love of the money he is in it for the love of knowledge unfortunately we don’t find many of those now a days

  8. my point exactly :/ n the word of a scientist was used metaphorically on the behalf of all such other professions, even the teachers 😦

  9. lol oh ok xD

  10. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. I applaud you. I am 16, and already the society of this world dissapoints me.

    It seems that is has become acceptable for females to lower themselves to the realms of prostitution for the next high, or for a gain of status. It doesn’t even register to people as ‘prostitution’ as it happens amongst people of my age group, but really, sleeping around for a gain is prostitution of a nature, no?

    Furthermore, it is commonly broadcast in media that the youth of today are uncouth and unruly. Perhaps that is true of a percentage, but not of the rest. But I believe that if we truly are to progress and to evolve, then we have to almost step back in time.

    The predescessors of this generation are hanging their heads in shame, truly the more intelligent and forward thinking people were from by gone eras.

    Perhaps, if people were to gain a good education, rather than to get high, we might actually get somewhere.

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