Random Dialogue# 3

“So had fun today?”

 “Uh dude I went to a funeral not the circus.”

“Oh come on funerals are so fun”

“Fun? You find someone’s death fun?”

“No, idiot it’s the way people behave that’s funny”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh come on, have you never been to a funeral before?”

“Not many but the last time I was I never saw anyone wearing a clown costume and dancing around the dead body”

“Oh seriously stop it with the lame sarcastic puns, they suck.”

“ya ya, anyhow do tell me how do you find funerals funny?”

“oh come on, don’t you find it funny that everyone who comes has have to ask the person who was the closest to the deceased how he died… and everyone just wants to hear it in private and they must really know every last detail like it’s a matter of national security.”

“Its common courtesy”

“Yes, it’s a common courtesy to put salt on the recent wound of a person. I mean he is suffering from the loss of his beloved and there you are asking how did the deceased DIE?”

“You are a sadistic bastard you know that?”

“Like you people aren’t? No one cares about the dead, half of them are there to eat free food, the other half are there because they just have to be. They go in groups of jokers laughing and giggling to the home of the deceased, shed a few fake water drops or make a frowny face and return with their bellies filled and a smile on their faces. It’s not a funeral its just a party with a dead guy in it”

“Uhhh…. Bu…..”

 “Hahahaha, yea yea go on I’m listening”

“At least I didn’t ask.”

“Ah yes, going and sitting silently in the corner is SOOO MUCH better than putting salt on someone’s wounds. Oh btw when’s your birthday I wanna gift you a dictionary”

“What the… why?”

“So you can look up the phrase ‘to comfort someone’.”

“… At least I’m better than the people you were blabbering about”

“Oh only by an inch… only by an ”

“Hey, would you stop staring at the mirror and come here? God, for someone who doesn’t even brush his hair you sure do spend a lot of time in front of a mirror mumbling.”

“Oh shut the hell up Shah, I’m coming.”


64 Responses to “Random Dialogue# 3”

  1. Haha, I find funerals funnyyyyyyy, the way people behave sometimes is really amusing.

  2. hmmmmmm… i think it really depends whose funeral you are attending.. i avoid them at all costs… only have been to funerals of close family memebers…

    but yeah some people do behave in the weirdest ways… i agree with the food thing… belly full!!! indeed 😛

  3. come and sign my geustbook 😛

  4. ohkay.. yes to some extent i wd agree with it but not fully. n well the doctors wash the wounds with saline water to avoid infection, so this proverb is pretty not based on reality 😛

  5. frozenicequeen Says:

    well in a way funerals are funny…
    though I’ve never been to a single one …..
    I realllyy like your dialogues :))

  6. frozenicequeen Says:

    and MAHLAQA … good point 😉

  7. @mahlaqa yea i hate so many things 😛 and lol actually i read that but wasn’t an authentic source xD but still hate bio and to think i m becoming a physicist xD

  8. Lol, not really my Tao is a physicist too and he deals with lasers 😛 and lol Abdus Salam was a physicist and he made no bomb xD
    btw you mean the single and double slit experiments of light showing its wave and particle nature?

  9. i dont find funerals funny… i just feel weird and confused….

  10. isi liye tou unhein koi janta nahe.. lol, jk.
    yes exactly the same one i guess. saw it on utube..

    • Oh sure whenever your free i’ll teach np 😛 btw just to make sure do send me a link to that vid if possible xD and Abdul Qadeer khan wasn’t a physicist xD he is a metallurgical engineer xD thats more chemistry than physics xD

      • oh wow hez even difficult than a physicist then lol. k i will send u the link n thanks for the tuition in advance 😛

  11. @Asma your talking about bio?:S

      • Its ratta -.- 😛 Computers is the only science which rocks!!! =P

      • it is ratta, i agree 🙂 bt thats only coz it has been proved…in chemistry physics and maths you mostly have to suppose things and consider the ideal conditions -.- physicists are unaware that we live in a real world not in a world devoid of friction, tension, air drag etc etc…and as for chemists…poor souls they’re still stuck with the atomic raii and bla bla -.-
        yea computer science is good but it makes me feel you’re living in some alien world where void main void is something important (and i dont know what that means…just picked it up from some SE book) -.-

  12. Lol no thanks required 😛 and ur welcome anytime =D

  13. Careful there 😛 you’re insulting me I am a physicist xD and we don’t ignore reality, we suppose the ideal conditions and from there we start adding the reality one step at a time. If we didn’t account for friction, tension, air drag etc then you probably would be walking around and not even have the luxury of cars etc 😀 and its void main not void main void -.- 😛 void main means that the output type of this main program is null and would not be transferred to any other program xD

    • im not imsulting….just making a point…aur waisy bhi such krwa hi hota hy:P
      anyhow i dont know where the physicists are actually adding the reality…escape velocity, shm, simple pendulums etc etc are still based on ideal situations and yeah another thing that physicists usuallly do that irritates me the most is that they neglect the angle take sin0 equal to 0 (by 0 , i mean theta)

      • for very small angles sin theta is equal to theta 😛 You can even check it out on a calculator o.O:P and lol if we were able to land on the moon it was due to the real time calculations not ideal ones just saying and lol well both comp and phy are my majors so thats why i was just telling 😛

      • well no matter how small anything is..it should not be considered negligible, physicists dont understand this one thing-.- and yes physics is quite an interesting subject even more interesting than bio as long as it is confined to the portion of electronics and electricity..the rest is plain boring:/ ans the real time calculations you talked about…i can bet they didnt ignore any small value…hope you’ve read deception point:P

  14. and i told you that id ont know what void main void or whatever is…only hacking cracking interests me….and i liked that too when i watched die hard4.0

  15. Well in a birthday party you can remain silent but in a funeral you have to cry….and for someone not related close enough NOT shedding tears stands out. If close family is silent people call them brave, but if someone not closely related starts looking happy….not sure what he will be called

    • Totally man! I mean seriously, fine we liked the guy but not everyone can cry… And I just hate the people with alligator tears seriously -.-

  16. i avoid funerals… i dont know why i get hell lot scared when someone dies… I cant see a dead body..
    I really dont find it funny at all 😦

    • Death is a reality of life you should learn to accept it..

      • yeah accept it and then giggle you head off while you are there… and just poke fun at people and forget why you are all there .. the fact that someone has died and someone might be genuinely uspet… you know some people attend funerals of not very close friends and family but do get upset because it reminds them of something that they have been through..

  17. No one said you have to laugh -.- or giggle. I have nothing against people who are genuinely upset as they should be all I am saying is people who are there to show off or are there for their own sake shouldn’t be allowed.

  18. so what will you do .. ban them? filter out the selfish ones?

  19. Just ignore me… I’m not in a good mood today 😦

  20. very very true, i have some experience at funerals, they are nothing but gossip parties. ever noted the way people crash at food?

  21. Exactly and they are measuring how much food did the deceased’s relatives make, how much chicken etc -.-

  22. no new post??

  23. @Asma Lol novels are one thing entirely and reality is another thing. Dan Brown talked on and on about anti matter bombs but frankly to accumulate that much anti matter at our current colliders state would take many great long years. Fine physicists make mistakes but they do calculate even the smallest of the details for if they don’t well then more than half of the accurate missiles would be bombarding an entirely non meant for continent…
    @ mahlaqa ty 😛 though I read it after the exam so um really duno what else ot say 😛

  24. I’ve never done this sort of thing before and it seems lame.nevertheless im in dire need of prayers and good luck.tomorrows my result so im counting on you(not on my hard work:P)
    and now we’re even:P

  25. XD sorry i m not good at all these motivational stuff 😛

  26. Where you hiding these days janab?

  27. this is one of my faves. 🙂

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