Unnamed Post

Writer’s Note: Just a muse to myself to keep my thoughts rolling, sorry for the essence of incompleteness and roughness.

He silently sat and stared upward at the raining heavens. How it was a blessing to everyone, everyone but him apparently. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of a God watching and loving from the heavens above as he shivered with cold. It wasn’t any colder than usual but the holes in his clothes made it worse. He pulled his knees towards his chest more tightly in a vain attempt to raise his body temperature. He didn’t know whether he would make it through this night or not. ‘Better take my mind off the cold’, he thought as he started to stare at the people rushing by in their cars towards an unknown destination. That is when he saw him; he was a young kid with a smile on his face. Their eyes crossed and the smile vanished. There in his eyes he saw a tinge of care as the kid tightened the grip around his ice-cream cone more tightly. He was walking towards him with a group of people.

“Kinda sucks, doesn’t it?” what seemed like one of the kid’s mate asked him.

“Yea, kind of does…”

“Well, don’t feel bad about it. Come on let’s get out of here.”

He stared at the kid as he passed him and slowly vanished into the rain. “At least some people still have a heart…” he smiled at his thought and put his head against the wall of the bridge as he slowly closed his eyes hoping to somehow manage to open them one more time.

10 Responses to “Unnamed Post”

  1. I was so touched by this one..
    Its written so beautifully..!!! Loved the optimism of the kid “At least some people still have a heart…”
    I totally loved it..!!!

  2. You wrote so little and yet it said so much… i have in my head my own image of what this man looked like and why he was there… well done..


  3. good work buddy 🙂

  4. Thank you ma’am 😛

  5. See I came up with the perfect word 😛

  6. traffic hai bhai traffic. 😀

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