The Whining Never Stops…

Before this article or w.e it is starts there is something you should know about me (No, I am not coming out of the closet and saying I am gay). The fact is I am a skinny guy and this somehow bothers my father a lot. So, to fix this problem (as he sees it) he forced me to join a gym. Now, recently my brother has grown fat specially… wait ONLY around the stomach area so it was a double deal: he gets thin and I get a little fatter and put some muscle into my scrawny (as dad puts it) arms. Sounds’ amazing doesn’t it? Maybe for you, definitely not for me.  I am the type of guy who prefers brain power over brawn power. To put it shortly, my philosophy is: “No pain, please no pain.”

But alas, my philosophy was something dad didn’t quite understand. So, in a matter of days I was “admitted” into the local gym with my brother. Now, the first impression of gym that comes to people’s minds is physically fit guys with 6 packs working out. However, that was not the case, there were guys but physically fit? Don’t know how. Almost many of them had huge muscles, a broad chest and a belly popping out of their body. Apparently summer time is their “weight gaining” time whatever that means. Now, the real funny part was that these muscle men would lift weights with ease but would start wincing at the slightest of aerobic exercises. I mean seriously, I saw guys taking every shortcut/wrong less hurtful routine when it came to aerobics and basic PT. Seriously, WTF is up with that? I mean that’s the only exercise I don’t mind doing or actually like.

However the torture began and each day against my will I am tortured. Yes you heard me! TORTURE!!! It is my theory that the place known as the “gym” was actually a torture chamber invented by Mussolini and Hitler to torture the people who dared to speak against them! The only side effect was that those poor, tortured souls that survived somehow got stronger… SCREW YOU GYM MAKER! You fascist Nazi!

Oh you think I would be done? But of course not! Not only that place is a torture chamber but they just have to make absolutely sure that you are suffering to the max by playing songs like “Baby – Justin Beiber”, “Amplifier – Imran” and “Barbie Girl – Aqua” etc. If by chance any good song sneaks past their “worst songs in the history of music” software by then the ears are too numb to recognize it and the brain categorizes it as a bad song. Perhaps this explains why I don’t like the new Rahat Fateh Ali Khan of the movie “Bodyguard”.

And the attitude on the people there? Don’t get me started, just because they have muscles they think that they own the world. Now I get the stereotype that why all douche bags are muscled people who just go around showcasing classic asinine behavior. Well perhaps I am being too harsh, some of the people are nice don’t get me wrong but still if you dislike a place you dislike anything that is remotely linked with it so yea, DOWN WITH YOU, YOU MUSCULAR PEOPLE!!!

Damn it feels so good to whine and let it all out!

P.S. This was just to let my anger out but still I HATE GYM but curiously I still love aerobics and PT o.O


30 Responses to “The Whining Never Stops…”

  1. hahaahah like honestly 😛
    okay a lil gym wont hurt u much.. grow up 🙂 u might start loving it as well at the end of the day 🙂

    • I don’t wanna grow up x.x And i forgot to mention the inspiration you get from sheela ki jawani or razia ka ghundo mein phansna or dance pay chance mar lay cuz ofc u need to build muscles to rescue razia, woo sheela or dance -.- I HATE THOSE SONGS!

  2. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Oh, poor you. I hope you manage.
    And, whining always helps 🙂

  3. Girls love guys who go to the gym, hope that helps haha.

  4. TO ALL THOSE WHO DOUBTED MY WHINING POWER: They changed the playlist and now its finally the songs i like!!! Damn i think i should have whined about something better T.T

  5. my philosophy is: “No pain, please no pain.” /the words rock. I enjoyed reading the secrets of the torture chamber. 😀

  6. @scrambled7 oh yea u have 😛 you changed your gravatar pic x.x 😛 LOL

  7. @khanum touche… touche…

  8. lol…the comment was for the previous post

  9. @Asma either way its my name so I choose how do people address me 🙂 and m proud to be a nerd you remain cool

  10. Dev!l That was a nice read cuz it compelled me to stretch my cheeks..hehe
    First of all i am not a muscular …….. and i only went to gym for table tennis 🙂 anyways i can’t stop myself from giving you a Mufta Mashwara…

    if you can do 25 push ups and 5 chin ups you don’t need any gym and if you can’t do these..hmm you can try them in your home or any nearby park….

    and ROL @ just because they have muscles they think that they own the world

  11. Lol don’t get me wrong… m not those computer geeks -.- I play soccer regularly in uni -.- used to play table tennis but it was difficult to find partners to play with so left that -.- and for me leg muscles count more =P anyhow glad it made u smile 😛

  12. Ahan , tough guy 😉 🙂

  13. Uh @asma dunno never really bothered to notice

  14. Stupid =.= I like you skinny :p

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